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Flair of lust

Summery:Tsunade's horny, and who better to release her sexually tension on then our beautiful Hyuga.


Paring:Tsunade X Hinata.


She had finally lost it. Her lust was growing with every passing day and no matter how much she pleasured herself she still needed something more. It wasn't like she could just walk into a bar and shag a random man, or woman, she was the Hokage and that would be inappropriate.

Ever since Dan had died she had had a lot of sex. The gender didn't matter as long as they got the job done, although she had began to realise that she had a kink for women with big breasts like herself.

However since she had become the Hokage she had not had sex once, confiding in dildos and her own hands. But it was not although now not after almost five years, Tsunade needed sex and she new exactly who she wanted it with. Hinata Hyuga was her new object of affection. Before she had not noticed her, she had been just another ninja, that was until three months ago when Tsunade had decided to take a bath at the local bath house.

It was early in the morning at the time so Tsunade presumed that there would be no one there and at the beginning there wasn't. Tsunade had washed and bathed for a while before deciding that it was best to leave since she had some important documents to attend to.

As she had made her way to the changing area Tsunade stopped when she heard someone in the shower room. Curiosity getting the better of her, Tsunade had careful and quietly peaked round the door. Inside Hinata was sitting on a stool under one of the many shower heads. Her long purple hair cascaded down her back her eyes shut tightly, lathering herself. That was the first time that the Godaima had recognised how much of a women the young Hyuga had become, her body was the perfected rounded hour glass shape. The side of her breast she could see were full and round, only slightly smaller than her own.

Her body became hot as Tsunade watched Hinata wash herself. Legs, stomach, neck, breast all were a major turn on. How had she overlooked this girl before, it must be because she was always drowned in that hideous boy-like jacket.

That was the moment Tsunade had first wanted Hinata, and now three months later Tsunade was still hot and desperate for the Hyuga body. She needed the newly appointed jonin under her

withering calling out her name during climax. Unknowingly to Tsunade her chance at claiming the girl came sooner than she would have believed.


It was late evening on Friday night and Tsunade was sitting at her desk working on some paper work about something she couldn't care less about. Shizure was off on a mission so she could slack off whenever she wanted without her constant annoying nagging.

There was a knock at her office door before her favourite chunin entered. "All of the missions reports have been filed Tsunade-sama is there anything I can help you with before I leave?"

"Ma Iruka you work to hard, beside aren't you meeting you boyfriend for a late dinner?"

Iruka blushed, tanned skin darkening. "Yes I'm meet Naruto at ten."

Tsunade chuckled; the damned chunin was just too cute sometimes. "Then go and get washed up. I can handle these reports. Go have fun."

"Thank you Tsunade-sama I'll see you Monday." He bowed and left.

Deciding she was well due a break, Tsunade got up from her desk and moved to get her secret stack of sake she keep hidden from Shizune. Opening a bottle Tsunade was about to move back to her seat before there was another knock at the door. Heaving a sigh Tsunade made her way to the door and pulled it open. Only to come face to face with the object of her lust.

"Good evening Tsunade-sama." Hinata said with a slight bow. Her head coming deliciously close to Tsunade's cleavage.

"Good evening Hinata, what brings you here?" Tsunade asked stepping aside to allow Hinata into her office.

The young girl slipped into the chair opposite the one Tsunade had moved back into before replying. "I have just come back from my mission and decide to hand in my report now. But if it's too much trouble I'll come back latter?"

Tsunade pondered her thoughts for a moment before deciding that this was a good excuse to try and seduce the jonin. "I don't mind doing it now, but since I still have some paperwork left will you help me out?"

"Of Corse Tsunade-sama, I'd be very honoured to help you out." Hinata removed her jacket and placed it on the back of her chair. "What would you like me to do?"

Trying hard to ignore the growing need inside of her Tsunade quickly replied handing Hinata a stack of paper. "If you could just look over these that would be perfect."

Hinata nodded taking the papers form Tsunade, there fingers brushing slightly, and set about to work reading the papers.

Tsunade watched Hinata, not bothering to file the report that could wait until tomorrow, now she just wanted to study the Hyuga. Her pale lavender eyes moving from left to right bangs, hanging slightly over her eye brows, which were frowning in concentration.

The fifth Hokage was trying hard not to pitcher that expression on Hinata's face in other positions, most of which she was naked and panting, but realised that there was no point in trying to deny it. Deciding that tonight was the night she would bed Hinata, Tsunade began thinking of a plan. It didn't take her long to remember the last Christmas party were Hinata had gotten slightly tipsy. At the time Hinata had seamed like a completely different person. If that was the best way to get Hinata to becomes hers than Tsunade was willing to do it. They'd only been in that room for ten minutes together and already Tsunade was horny as hell.

Getting up and moving back to her stash Tsunade called over her shoulder. "Would you like a drink Hinata, I'm afraid all I have is sake?"

Obviously not wanting o deny her Hokage Hinata just gave a small yes in reply.

Tsunade uncorked too new bottles of sake and moved back to her desk placing one in front of Hinata. "Here you go." She didn't bother to hide the lust in her voice or eyes when Hinata looked at her. Said girl blushed before taking a big swig of her sake bottle, eyes never leaving Tsunade's.

Leaning forward Tsunade placed her hand under Hinata's chin bringing the younger woman's face closer to hers, there eye contact never breaking. Hinata's blush worsened when there nose's brushed her lips parting.

"T-Tsunade-sama" she said in a breathless whisper. Which caused to be the end of Tsunade's waiting. Closing the distance between then Tsunade connected there lips in a fierce kiss. Hinata's eyes widened and stared in shock into Tsunade's own.

Breaking from the kiss, Tsunade moved round the desk and with ease pulled Hinata from her chair onto the desk. Hinata's face was a burning red of embarrassment, but in her eyes she held a hint of lust.

"W-we shou-dn't be doin—ng this." She stammered shifting on the desk. Her eyes still never leaving Tsunade's. "WH-at if s—some one com-es in?"

Tsunade smirked, moving in-between Hinata's legs placing her hands on either side of the girl's waist. "So you want it then?" Hinata blushed, if possible, harder but nodded nether the less. Tsunade's smirk widened as she moved closer to the jonin on her desk. There lips locked in another kiss, more passionate and eager than the first, tongues', teeth and lips trying to claim the others. Tsunade moved her hands under Hinata's top, feeling the creamy flawless skin. Desperate for more skin contact, the blond ripped off Hinata's tank top letting the shreds scatter on the floor. Pulling back from the kiss Tsunade gazed at the sight of Hinata's topless body. Hinata wore a pale blue bra that was slightly too small, her breast overflowing the edges.

"Tsunade-sama" Hinata whimpered her big bosom's rising and falling in time with her panting breath. Grinning Tsunade moved Hinata back on the desk lowering the girl into a laying position and crawling directly above her.

"What is It you want Hinata?" the Godaima asked moving down and sucking on the Hyuga's pale neck. She spoke again word muffled against Hinata's neck. "Tell me what you want and I'll do it. Anything you want."

"I-I-I…" Hinata stuttered. Tsunade leaned back looking down at Hinata's incredibly flushed face. Since words seamed to fail her Hinata slowly moved her hand up and brushed the Hokage's shoulder sliding the fabric of her robe down. Smirking Tsunade slowly leaned back further seductively undoing her robe.

Tsunade watched as Hinata gazed at her in fascination as Tsunade's large full breasts were reviled. The youngest of the pair moaned as she grasped a breast into her had, massaging it.

Returning to the Hyuga's neck Tsunade moved her hand down and pulled off Hinata's bra, grasping one of her breast and massaged it in time with Hinata causing the younger to mew in delight. Moving her other hand further down Tsunade fingered the Hyuga pants before quickly yanking them off. Next came the underwear, leaving Hinata lying in her full glory.

"Tsunade-sama" she groaned, bucking her hips.

"Tell me what you want Hinata." The Hokage replied moving her hand down and brushing Hinata's upper tights.

"I-I wan-t you to to …" she trailed of moaning as Tsunade took one of her rose erect nipples in her mouth. Rolling the bud between her teeth.

"I didn't catch that." Tsunade teased slowly moving her hand closer to Hinata's dripping women hood.

"Tou... tou... touch me. Pl-lease, I want you to f-f-finger me." Hinata's word went straight to Tsunade's crotch and she quickly moved her hands and brushed it against Hinata's throbbing clit extracting a heated moan from the other women.

Tsunade smirked as Hinata's moans grew louder and more desperate the more she played with her. Quickly sitting up Tsunade ripped off her own pants and underwear throwing then off with Hinata's. Slowly she slipped one of her fingers into Hinata's tight opening causing said girl to gasp.

"Is this you first time being touched here?" Tsunade asked, her other hand moving down her own body and slipping into her own pussy, watching Hinata with hungry eyes.

The Hyuga was flushed one arm over her mouth trying to block out her moans, while the other was still stretched up, creasing the blond's breast. Her pussy was wet and looking extremely delicious, whiles her back arched and her hips bucked.

"yee-s" she gasped as Tsunade entered another finger into both of them.

Tsunade removed her hand from her own cunt as she pulled Hinata on top of her so she was being straddled, he two fingers moving deeper into Hinata's pussy.

"Tsunade-sama" Hinata moaned bucking down on her Hokage fingers, crying out when Tsunade took her left nipple into her mouth.

"Faster harder, I-I need..." Hinata broke off in a cry of delight as Tsunade moved another finger into her, hitting her sensitive spot.

Tsunade smirked against Hinata's breast, but was shocked into a moan when she felt a little hand brush her own clit then fingers prod her own hole.

"Hinata oh-oh Hinata" Tsunade gasped feeling her orgasm coming.

"Tsunade more oh err more, yeah there oh TSUNADE." Hinata cried as she came hard and fast fucking herself against the Godaima's hand, who followed close behind panting Hinata's name.

Both women slumped back onto the desk, Hinata nestle on top of Tsunade her head tucked nicely into her Hokage boobs.

After a long while of trying to catch her breath Tsunade said. "Hinata?" stroking the jonin hair

"Mm" came a sleepy reply as the Hyuga nuzzled the sannin's breast.

"I think you going to have to write a new mission report."

Hinata however didn't seam to hear since she had already fallen asleep. Tsunade smirked down at the sleeping figure; she truly was a sight of beauty. Maybe Tsunade mused to her self silently this girl will satisfy me for a while longer. And silently the fifth Hokage of the leaf village fell into a deep comfortable sleep picturing the many naught things she could do to the Hyuga.


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