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Flair of lust

Summery: Tsunade's horny, and who better to release her sexually tension on then our beautiful Hyuga.

Rating: M

Paring: Tsunade X Hinata.


Ever since she had slept with her Hokage Hinata began to notice big changers in herself. One- she no longer looked at guys as the passed her on the streets but girls instead. Girls with long hair and big breast and short skirts and tight tops. Two- when she would wash herself in the shower her hands would linger longer then necessary on her boobs and fanny. Three- she was dyeing to see Tsunade-sama again.

Ever since they'd said good-bye with along passionate kiss almost a month ago Hinata hadn't had the fortune of meeting with Tsunade. Both women were kept very busy, Hinata with her mission's and Tsunade with taking care of the hole of Konoha. So there paths hadn't crossed and Hinata was getting easily frustrated, the sannin had awoken something inside of her, something that need to be tamed and nurtured but only by Tsunade. A despite need to be touched, kissed, nipped fucked and that glories sensation of final realise. That one bliss moment was nothing in the world mattered except yourself and lover.

However things were never simple. Hinata couldn't just go and ask the Hokage to fuck her, because what if Tsunade didn't want a second round. What if one was enough and then Hinata would be tossed aside and replaced. That thought made Hinata's heart, but it wasn't unusual for ninjas' to not have normal relationships'. Hinata could name many of her friends who would just have sex with no strings attached. Hinata however had never desired a simple fuck, she would always wasn't to be committed to the person she was giving herself to. She just hoped Tsunade felt the same way.


It was a late Saturday night, there were storm clouds quickly approaching and Hinata, Kiba and Shino were in a rush to make it back into the village before the rain started and they got soaking wet. The three of them were just returning from a b-rank week long mission in the snow country and were all excite to get back to the warmth of there homes.

When they were level with the gates, the trio slowed down to a stop. Since there houses were all in different directions this was the place they would normally part. Kiba and Hinata would head home while she would always go and handle the mission report. This time however was different.

"Would one of you please deliver this scroll to Hokage-sama, I have to go the hospital and check that my bugs weren't infected by that beetroot spray?" Shino asked polity, taking the scroll from his inside pocket.

The scroll was a personal message from the emporia of snow and had o be delivered directly to the Hokage herself. This was Hinata chance to see Tsunade again with a reason to be there.

"I'll go" Hinata quickly took the scroll form Shino's hand and made a dash towards the Hokage tower. She was excited and nervous about seeing the blond again, and the familiar lustful need began to grow inside of her again.

Once she had made it to and inside the Hokage's building Hinata noticed that again like last month there was no-one here. No Iruka-sensei working to hard or no Shizune nagging about deadlines. But the light shone through the Hokage's closed door signalling that the blond was defiantly inside.

Taking a deep breath Hinata knocked lightly on the door, she waited until she'd heard the familiar 'come in' before opening the door and stepping over the fresh hold.

She froze however when she saw that Tsunade was bending down and remerging in one of her bottom filing cabinet draws. Her big rounded ass clearly in Hinata's gaze causing Hinata's stomach to flutter and her head to lighten.

"How can I he…." Tsunade trailed off as she turned around and faced Hinata, her eyes widening before they slacked down into a grin. "Hinata what a lovely surprise, how can I help you?" Tsunade sat back down behind her desk facing Hinata, cleavage on display.

Flushing Hinata walked closer to the desk and laying the scroll down. "A message form the emperor of snow."

Tsunade's smile fell from her face, her eyes taking on a hint of sadness. "Is that all?" she asked.

Hinata hesitated but decided to be honest. "No, I wanted to see you. I've missed you." Her face had heated up as she spoke those words but Hinata pushed it aside and stared into Tsunade's eyes.

The Hokage was silent as she moved from her seat and stood facing Hinata, cupping her cheek with one hand. "I'm sorry we haven't been able to see more of each other." Tsunade gave Hinata a chaste kiss before pulling back and smirking.

Leaning forward the blond wisped into her ear, hot breath trickling Hinata's neck. "But I've been bad so why don't you punish me." Tsunade's hand slowly moved down Hinata's cheek brushing her breast before settling on her ass. Giving a squeeze she said. "And that's an order."

Hinata blushed fiercely and felt her self getting turned on, but being one to never deny and order said. "How should I punish you?"

In reply Tsunade moved back round the desk and pulled out a box from her bottom draw. "I was hoping these might come in handy some day."

Taking the box that was offered to her, Hinata almost fainted when she saw the content. Sex toys and a lot of them. Dildo's, whips, charka binding chuffs, gags, some strange length of balls and many things she didn't recognize.

Hinata looked up at her Hokage only to see her smirking back at her with lust filled eyes. Obviously waiting for Hinata to make a move.

Gathering up her courage Hinata walked round the desk so she was standing in front of Tsunade. "Sit down." She ordered, not really noticing what she herself was saying. Since her lust was too strong to ignore now and was mostly taking over.

Tsunade followed Hinata's order and sat down in her seat. The Hyuga moved behind her and bound her hands together with the chukka binding cuffs. Not even the slug-hime could break those.

Walking back around and facing her, Hinata smiled down at the Sannin. Since her hands were behind her back her chest was pushed out further, her breasts almost cascading out of her robe. The sight and thought of Tsunade helpless and bound fuelled Hinata's lust further so pulling out one of the blind folds Hinata wrapped in over Tsunade's eyes. Temporally blinding the older women. She also felt more confident with out Tsunade's constant gaze and began getting to work on the 'punishment.'

Taking out a kunai Hinata quickly slashed off the Sannin's robe and throwing it off to one side. Never had she been so glad that the blond women insisted wearing no bra. Tsunade's full breasts bounced from the movement, her had nipples' picked looking very tasty. Instead of taking one into her mouth, like she usually would have liked, Hinata moved to remove the Hokage of her trousers and shoes leaving her only wearing a small thong. Next Hinata quickly removed her own clothes until she was left in her birth suit.

Since the temptation of seeing the had nipples was now over baring Hinata leaned down and grasped one in between her teeth, rubbing the point with her tongue. Tsunade moaned and arched trying to make more contact, but having no such luck since she was restrained.

Hinata took Tsunade's other breast in her had, massaging it and tweaking the nipples. She was excited now and all her earlier fear was long gone. Lowering her free hand Hinata began spreading open Tsunade's legs till there stretched as far as they could. Her now wet pussy arching up. Seeing Tsunade's pussy all wet made Hinata excited and she wanted more then just touching it this time. Lowering her head down Hinata quickly removed Tsunade's blindfold, deciding this would be much hotter with an audience.

Tsunade's eyes were gazing at Hinata's with lust and need as she moved further south, until she came to a halt in front of the dripping cunt. Her face inches away she could feel the heat radiating off it. Eyes still locked with Tsunade's Hinata let her tongue peak out and lick the throbbing clit. Tsunade gasped causing Hinata to do it again. Hinata decided this was one of the hottest things alive as she slowly began licking faster watching Tsunade's pleasured face. The noise's she was making were also divine.

Wanting more Hinata leaned forward grasping Tsunade's butt and burying her mouth against her Hokage's lower lips. Making the older shot out in pleasure.

"Oh Hinata oh yes more, more."

Slowly moving her tongue Hinata found Tsunade's hole and barged in, felling the place her finger had felt so much better now in this position. Grasping Tsunade's butt harder Hinata began to fuck the blond with her mouth, it was an addictive feeling.

"Oh oh oh OH GOD HINATA FASTER MORE HARDER" Tsunade's inner walls began to contract around her and Hinata quickly dived out causing Tsunade to almost scream in protest.

"Tut, Tut" Hinata stood up. "We don't want you to cum to fast, do we?" she moved and sat on Tsunade's desk spreading her own legs so her Hokage got a clear view of her want for her. In any other situation Hinata would have fainted from embarrassment at what she was doing but with Tsunade's hungry gaze on her it only made the Hyuga hot.

Taking out a large dildo from the box Hinata began licking the top, coating it in her silver while her other hand caressed her nipples. Tsunade watched her movements like a hawk.

When she felt it was wet enough Hinata slowly slid the dildo down her body and making sure she was in a nice position for Tsunade to see before slowly moving it into her own dripping pussy.

"Oh Tsunade, so good." She moaned watching Tsunade's womanhood contract at the sight she was displaying. After getting comfortable to the unusual felling Hinata picked up the speed of her trust. Moaning and whimpering.
Not after long she decided she had done enough teasing and slowly took the dildo out of her.

After she had put it down Hinata picked up a longer one. It was double sided and could vibrate. Sliding off the desk Hinata made her way in between the Hokage's knees positing the dildo at her opening.

"Hurry up Hinata I can't wait any longer." Tsunade panted trying to trust onto the dildo. With a smirk Hinata pushed the dildo in fast. The Sannin gasped and whimpering.

Straddling Tsunade's thighs Hinata lowed herself onto the other end, gasping when there cunts brushed.

"Oh god Hinata moves." Tsunade panted.

Lowering her hand Hinata found a button and flick it one causing the dildo to come alive, vibrating inside them both. Both women were panting and moaning. There body's glowing with sweet, there full tits bouncing up and down and grinding together with each movement. Hinata moved lower so there clits touched and quickly engaged Tsunade in a hungry kiss.

She could hardly concentrate, the pleasure was so intense and alive at every spot there were connected. There voices echoed around the room.

"Oh h-Hinata I'm so close."

"Tsunade fuck yes more."

And with one last hard trust on Hinata's side both women were thrown over the edge.



Hinata collapsed against Tsunade's chest. Her exhausted body still vibrating.

"Hinata you going to have to get off." Tsunade's sleepy voice said next to her ear. Lovingly nipping the lobe.

Grumbling the younger of the pair slowly moved herself off the dildo before pulling in out of Tsunade. Quickly discarding it on the floor she moved round to untie the Sannin. Once the cuffs were off Hinata was pulled back into Tsunade's lap, lips meeting in a soft kiss.

"I think I should get punished more often." Tsunade remarked after awhile. "Or how about I punish you?" Hinata didn't reply just kissed her Hokage's nipple. Yes I'd very much like to be punished.


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