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Emma POV.

The door a few steps away from me burst open. I could sense who it was – my family – but I made no move towards them, didn't even look up as they gasped, horrified at the sight before their eyes. Then people moved into place; shedding light on what was about to be an operating room, getting supplies, going after Victoria. I felt a body kneel on the other side of my brother, but I didn't stop crying. I don't think I could've, even if I wanted to. Carlisle's voice almost knocked me out of my trance – almost.

"Emma," he murmured. His voice was calm, and not falsely like when the doctor tells you you're really sick, but is thinking in his mind you're seriously fucked. He really wanted to help me. He cared about me. I don't remember ever really caring about anyone all that much in my life – I was a spoiled brat, and I knew it – except for Ethan. Ethan, who was lying on the floor, maybe (probably) dead. He whispered my name again, and pulled my chin up so that he could meet my eyes. "Emma. Can you tell me what happened here?"

I broke into a fit of sobs again, and comforting arms wrapped around me, but I couldn't get the strength to turn to them. I started to try to speak, but my father's gasp alerted me that he'd seen – or rather, heard – what had gone on here. "Victoria took Emma hostage as bait for Ethan, and when he got here, she drained him. Something happened; Victoria was…thrown off him?" His voice was confused, and that irritated him, I knew.

Carlisle was already checking him. "No heartbeat," he noted, grumbling. He turned my brother's head to the side, to examine the bite mark. I clung to my mother, lip trembling, waiting for the next words out of Carlisle's mouth. He murmured a few more things that I couldn't even hear, before glancing up. I took in his eyes. They were blank – I could detect a sense of sadness, but a smaller sense of hope. Hope. If Carlisle was hopeful, I was hopeful. "He's lost a lot of blood," he announced, as all the eyes in the room turned towards him. His gaze was fixed on Ethan, but flickered to me quickly, as if to measure my reaction, before back down. "But he – he'll survive." A collective, relieved sigh echoed throughout the room, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He was going to live. My brother was going to live.

But with another glance towards Carlisle, then to Ethan – who was still unconscious – I realized it wasn't going to be easy. It wasn't going to be easy for Carlisle to save him, and it wasn't going to be easy for me to watch. But I owed him that much. Hell, I owed him my life, after almost killing him. I sat up straight, pushing my shoulders back. "What do you need from me, Carlisle. I'll do anything." Carlisle nodded, understanding my need to help my brother. He checked the rest of his body while I held Ethan's head still, under strict orders to not move it at all. I brushed his hair away from his eyes, ignoring the sickening pop that came from his leg, I thought. Carlisle moved back opposite to me, probing the large gash again. "He needs blood," he murmured absentmindedly. I was already rolling up my sleeve. Carlisle didn't make any move to stop me, but a hand on my shoulder made me freeze. My father. "Emma. Don't."

Carlisle looked at me for the first time in almost ten minutes. "I think she's already decided," was all he spoke. He handed me a knife, and, with a quick slit of my wrist, a horrified stare from my father, and an encouraging nod from Carlisle, I knew I was ready.

Ethan POV.


That was all there was, all there was ever going to be, all that there had been.

It was comforting, almost. No pain I felt. Just total numbness.

What was happening? Was I high? Was I changing?

Pain struck through my body, and I let out a loud groan.

It hurt, so bad. Who was putting me through torture like this? Though the pain was overwhelming, blood was filling me. I tasted it – drinking it. I'd never tasted human blood before…but it was amazing. I didn't want to drain the angel that was feeding me – I wasn't a monster, and probably not fully enough of a vampire. Slowly, my strength was returning. I pushed the hand away when I was ready, and the taste of blood became somewhat disgusting. I spit out what was left in my mouth, wiping off my chin with my hand and taking a quick look around the room.

Shocked, astonished, careful gazes stared back. The body beside me didn't move as I turned to glance at whoever had given me blood – Emma. Emma?! I was almost horrified at what I'd done, and started to apologize when I noticed her quirked brow, her eyes fixed on mine. "E-Emma? What… what are you staring at?" Her head tilted, still staring at my eyes.

A footstep – it seemed to echo throughout the room, loudly, and I turned to look at my mother as she stepped forward, followed by Carlisle who put a hand on her shoulder. The latter spoke first. "It's your eyes, Ethan… they're…changing?" He was confused – I could tell that much

He knelt beside me. "Does anything hurt…?" I shook my head. I felt perfect…indestructible. Born anew. "Ethan… I think you may have changed into a vampire." I tried to not let the shock register on my face, and nodded, understanding this.

I spoke slowly, choosing my words as not to alarm them. "I can…hear better… Sight hasn't changed too much – the blood bothered me towards the end, though." I grimaced at the thought of the blood, sending my sister an apologetic glance over my shoulder. She shrugged, as if it was no big deal. She looked fine to me, at least. "So…I'm fully changed, now?" I asked anxiously. It wasn't as if I wanted to be a full vampire; I liked being human, liked breathing and liked my heartbeat. I just needed to get over it as quickly as possible.

Carlisle looked like he didn't want to answer, but with a reluctant look at me, his shoulders slumped, and he nodded slightly. I smiled, but I wasn't all that happy. I tried to not let my mother see my slight sadness as Emma squealed, hugging me from behind. I stood up, pulling her with me and pecking her cheek as I hugged her. I tugged her outside as we all shifted towards the woods once more. She kept apologizing, even though I had no clue what for. When she finally slowed down enough to speak in rational sentences, I brushed it off. "I'm alive, you didn't kill me. I wouldn't have held you responsible if you had, and I don't hold you responsible now." I smiled as she attacked me, whispering it once more before she let go.

Everyone smiled at me as we walked back towards the house, and my gaze lifted up to the moon. Bright and white, it looked spectacular in my newly acquired vision. This was what life was about – moments where you could be so close to losing everything, then have your family pull you through. This was my purpose on earth – to be in this family. This was my life. They were my story, a story I'd carry with me forever.

I was wrong, though. My story was just beginning…

The end.

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