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Pairings: RudexTifa, ElenaxReno, RufusxTseng.

Turks were allowed to keep their lovers within the Shinra building, in the rooms provided for themselves if it was necessary.

For Elena and Reno, who were both Turks, it caused no problem. As they were a couple, the rules changed nothing about how they lived. This was true for the vast majority of the Turks. Few could love people who did the job they did, and it was safer to stick to their own kind.

For Tseng, it was obvious his lover was going to stay in the Shinra building. After all, he owned it. The rule was actually been brought in for Rude's sake, as well as that of some of the younger Turks. The only Turk Rude had ever got really close to was Reno, and he was unavailable.

Out of mercy, as an unusual sign of compassion, Rufus had done this, giving him permission to give his heart to a civilian without having to fear what could be done to them by those who had a grudge against the Turks. Three months after the Remnant Incident, when the scars from torture and the Stigma were finally beginning to heal, Rude filled in the forms requesting a room change.

He asked for two rooms connected by a private door. Though this was a slightly more unusual request than a room with a double bed, there was nothing particularly strange about it. There were five suites set out in this way, as it merely implied the relationship was still casual, and so demanded slightly higher security to check the partner wasn't a spy or terrorist. That was just a precaution though, Turks were trusted to only get involved with people who were suitable.

When Rufus and Tseng received news Rude was going to bring someone into the building, they went to visit the happy couple. The rooms were available to move in less than half an hour after the forms were signed. The blonde hobbled in, leaning against Tseng and the black and silver cane he relied on, a smug look on his face. He was prepared to give his usual rules and regulations speech, supported by his dark-haired lover.

As the door opened and the horrifying sight within the room was revealed his mind went blank, except for a single thought. He looked at the heavily pregnant and sobbing Tifa Lockheart, cradled in Rude's arms, and decided that kindness to employees had no place within his rules.