AN: This is the last chapter. This was a very fun piece to write, as I am not used to writing Het. I hope you all enjoyed reading it, and thank you for all the reviews and support. They were very really encouraging. You are the reason I keep writing.
Pairing: Rude/Tifa

Five years later

"Rook…" Tifa laughed, chasing her son upstairs to get ready for his first day of school. Rook squealed and ran away, dodging under her arm and running faster than the speed of light, only to find his way blocked by his father.

"Daddy, mummy's trying to get me to go to school…" Rude laughed, ruffling the dark shock of hair and smiling into his son's bright green eyes.
"Well, your tie needs straightening." Rude laughed, handing the blanketed bundle to Tifa as he crouched to fix the boy's uniform. "It's your first day at Shin-Ra preparatory, and your uncle Rufus wants you to look good." He smiled again. The past five years had gone by so fast, and Rufus had never challenged their family unit. In a way it had worked out as beneficial for him, as he didn't need to destroy one of the heroes of meteor, and yet she and her son had always been under Turk supervision. "There, all done." He stood up, admiring the young boy. He looked so smart, ready to take on the challenges of the classroom. So different from the helpless bundle a few years ago, awaiting the adults to decide its fate.

The place of helpless bundle had been usurped now. Rude ruffled Rook's hair, standing to kiss Tifa on the cheek, arm wrapping around her waist as he nuzzled down against Kika. She blinked, giggling and gurgling as she reached up for her father's embrace. Rude laughed slightly, picking up the dark skinned child and holding her to his chest.

"She's got your eyes" he murmured, leaning over to kiss his wife gently on the lips. Tifa's face darkened slightly as she kissed back, unaware of Rook's dislike of his parent's show of affections.

"Mummy! Icky!" Rook called out in protest, laughing as his parent's moved apart. "You'll squish Kika!" Tifa giggled, trying to flatten her son's hair, unsurprised when the short spikes remained as gravity defying as ever. That and the eyes were the only signs of the cruel man who had created him. Rook need never know that Loz was his genetic father, even though he would one day realise that Rude wasn't. Tifa held Kika gently in her arms, grinning as Rude picked up Rook's bag, and the four of them headed out for Rook's first day of school.

The scene took place in a small house under the shadow of the Shin-Ra headquarters. Rufus had gladly provided the accommodation, in exchange for being allowed to arrange the boy's education. The president watched the security camera feedback, nodding slightly at the open show of love within the family. That had been what was missing, what Hojo had forgotten to factor in for. Children needed love. Though Sephiroth had been highly trained and an exceptional SOLDIER, he eventually turned against them simply because he had never been shown affection or humanity. Rufus refused to make his father's mistakes. Instead, he was ensuring that this boy, the last remaining of Jenova's heirs, would grow up safe in the knowledge that he was cared about. Then, when he was ready, he would be willing to fight for his family and for Shin-Ra.

Today, the boy would start school, and he would learn the basics of how to fight. He would learn what to say and how to gain people's trust, before, like a venomous snake, striking them. Sephiroth had known all that as well, but this boy, this 'Rook' would not make the same mistakes he had. He would be loyal. He would allow Shin-Ra to become great again.