Title: The Best Reason

Author: Sunset Miko

Rating: G

Genre: General

Word Count: 250

She loved it when it rained, loved the way the drops hit her face as she gazed at the cloudy sky. She loved the puddles the rain formed. She loved how the rain made everything smell so fresh and new, like the whole world was reborn, and the rainbows that lent color to the sky after a storm. She loved the rain.

Rin hopped from puddle to puddle, laughing as the water splashed up her legs, soaking the bottom of her kimono.

"Rin, it is time to come in," Sesshoumaru said in his emotionless voice. The little girl smiled and skipped to the entrance of the cave they had found specifically to shelter her from the weather during the night. She ignored Jaken's complaints as he built the fire neither demon needed.

"Yes, Lord Sesshoumaru!" Rin went to the back of the cave and changed into a new dry kimono before moving closer to the fire. She looked at her Lord, the demon who had given back her life and cared for her since, and he gave a small nod.

At his sign of approval she took her place in his lap, Mokomoko wrapping around her for warmth, and he began to run his clawed fingers through her hair, removing the snags that had formed while she played. It wasn't often he allowed such a thing, but always when it rained.

Rin loved the rain for lots of reasons but this… this was her favorite, and it always would be.