My eyes were streaming with tears as I left the party. Like it wasn't enough he had to dump me, he had to kiss another girl like that. My mind replayed it over and over again, Mitchell with his arms round that tall blonde who was everything I wasn't. Pretty, popular, dressed in designer clothes. It made sense. Mitchell had gone up in the high school world of popularity, and he had left me behind.

There was a clattering noise as my foot hit an empty beer can. I glanced down, a reflex action, and when I looked up, a boy was standing in front of me. I hadn't seen of heard him approach, but there he was.

He moved into the area of flashing light coming from the door of the party, and I couldn't suppress a gasp. This boy was gorgeous! He was tall, maybe seventeen, and muscular, with thick blond hair. He had shockingly pale skin, which looked weird under the coloured disco lights. For some reason, his eyes were covered by dark sunglasses, even though it must have been past midnight.

"Hi" He said, his voice quiet and seductive. "What's your name?"

"Bree" I breathed. I couldn't take my eyes off this beautiful boy.

"I'm Riley" He walked towards me slowly, and put his arms round me. They were ice cold. He must have been standing outside for ages. He bent his head, and my mind raced. What should I do? But then I decided. After all, I was single, as of tonight, and this had to be the hottest guy I'd ever seen. Riley's lips touched slowly against mine, and I shivered. They were as cold as his arms. I wrapped my fingers round the bridge of his sunglasses, I wanted to see his eyes. Just as I was about to lift them off gently, the boy moved his lips.

They brushed my neck once, and I felt myself going limp. What was happening?

Riley let go off me, and I fell back onto the pavement. As I fell, I pulled off his sunglasses, and saw his eyes. They were glowing red.

The pain started about then. And I can't remember anymore.