I don't remember anything after that

I don't remember anything after that. I don't know if it was because I had simply given myself over to the newly discovered animal within me, or whether I had just become numb. This I know. I killed my parents. Me, Bree Roberts, I was a murderer. The tears wouldn't come, I guess Vampires couldn't cry. I just sat inside, beside the dry white corpses of my mother and father, staring at them. Suddenly, the brief memory of what their blood had tasted like washed over me, and I licked my lips, then almost threw up. How could I have just thought that? But it had been delicious, so sweet and… shut up Bree! You monster!

Suddenly I became aware that Riley was standing behind me. He smirked as I turned to look at him. I launched myself at him.

"You monster!" I screeched. "You knew that was going to happen!"

He held my struggling hands of him easily.


"They were my parents!"

One of my frenzied punches landed on him, but he didn't even flinch.

"Bree, they were your prey. You have to accept that. They were like animals compared to us. It's like eating a chicken or something. You ate meat before, didn't you? It's just like that. Your just a little upset because you started off with someone you used to care for, like eating a chicken that was your pet or something. But really, what does it matter? It's called the food chain, predator and prey."

He spoke in this ridiculously calm voice, his words penetrating my brain.

"Just think about it." He tugged my hand. "Let's go" (AN back to the evil lair mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha aaargh randomness moment now back to the story)

I sat in the car, staring out at the night. And then I suddenly realised that what Riley had said could be true. What were the humans, anyway? Just a reflection of what I had once been. Nothing to me now. And what more of a monster could I become anyway? I had already slaughtered my own parents, I might as well give in to the monster Riley's bite had awakened within myself. I could do nothing to cleanse my conscience now, so why not just have fun? The blood had tasted so good. For the first time, I allowed myself to remember the delicious taste of the sticky substance down my throat, and I felt a pooling of venom in my mouth, an aching longing in my stomach for more.

Bree Roberts was dead. The monster was here now.