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Ash: 21

Misty: 22

Aurora: 3

Brock: 28

Suzie: 27

Love and Babysitting

Chapter 1: "Can I have your candy?"

"Man, I can't believe I got fired again." Ash said as he unlocked the door to his and Brock's apartment. He grumbled about how he could never keep a job. "Hey Bro- AAHH! I… uh… sorry, I didn't know you'd be here. I'll, uh, come back later." Ash couldn't believe it; he had just walked in on Brock making out with his girlfriend, Suzie. And it looked as if it was going somewhere else, fast.

"Well Ash we didn't expect you to be home so soon." The couple was blushing furiously, embarrassed by the young man's sudden entrance.

"Yeah well..." Ash replied, taking sudden interest in the pale grey carpet

"You got fired again didn't you?" Questioned Suzie.

Ash simply nodded.

"Ash, that's the sixth time this month!" Brock stated.

"I know, I know." He sighed and set his keys on the table next to him.

"Well since you're home early, would you mind going to the store to pick up a couple of things for dinner tonight?" Suzie asked.

"Yeah, sure."

"Thanks! Here the list and here's some money." She gave both items to Ash before sitting back down and leaning on her boyfriend's shoulder, starting to doze off.

"She falls asleep quickly." Ash lifted an eyebrow in amazement.

"Yeah..." Brock said in a wistful voice. He just continued to stare at her with a glazed look in his eyes.

Maybe one day I'll get someone like that. Ash thought as he walked out the door to fetch the items on the list.

Misty walked down the cereal isle with her three year old daughter, Aurora, holding her left hand and pushing the shopping cart with her right.

"Aurora, stay here next to the cart while mommy goes to get a box of cereal, ok?" She glanced down at her daughter, letting go of the cart handle.

"Ok mommy!" Aurora nodded, answering in her sweet, innocent voice, making her mother smile. Sometimes she couldn't believe that a horrible mistake would give her such a beautiful child. Ruffling her daughter's hair, she walked to the other side of the isle and bent down to check out the cereal boxes.

Aurora looked around, fidgeting. She spotted a young man at the end of the isle noticing he held a candy bar in his hand and one in his back pocket as well. She smiled, walking after him, as her mother turned around to barely see the young girl wander into the next isle.

"Aurora! Where are you going?" The woman yelled, trying to catch her daughter's attention. Noticing it wasn't going to work, she chased after her daughter, forgetting about the cart and the cereal. Misty stepped over a few new obstacles on the floor-- rolls of paper towels, broken jars of pickles and scattered cans of tuna. She groaned, wondering how her daughter managed to destroy so much in less than a few seconds.

"Man, I hope I don't have to pay for any of this." She growled to herself, still in pursuit of the three-year-old walking disaster.

"Hmm…Basil leaves? What the heck are those? Oh well..." Ash looked down at his list, resisting the urge to crumple it up. I don't even know what half this stuff is! He squinted, trying to read the small print on the small containers in front of him. "Aha! Found it." A tug on his pants stopped him from grabbing the bottle of spice he was after. "What the…?" Looking down he noticed a cute little girl with big green eyes and orange hair. He smiled at the little girl. "Hi, what's your name?"

"Awowa." She spoke, scrunching up her nose before she grinned, her tough task finally accomplished.

"Aurora? Cute name. How old are you?" He said bending down to be at level with her.

"Free." She said holding up three fingers.

"Free?" He chuckled at her innocence.

"Can I have your candy?" She asked.

"Candy? Oh that, uh, well… Where's your mommy? Don't you think you should ask her first?"

"Uh huh," The small child looked around, her smile dropping when she realized she was lost. "but I don know whew see is." Aurora said sadly.

Noticing the girl's eyes starting to water, he held out his hand. "Well come on, I'll help you find her." Instead of taking his hand, Aurora held her arms up indicating she wanted to be held. Ash chuckled a bit before picking her up.

"Excuse me sir, is that your daughter?" A young teenager said as he held a broken jar of pickles.

Sir? I'm not that old. "Um, uh, yes it is, is there a problem?"

"Well maybe you should keep an eye on her she just knocked down three display cases."

"She did? I'm sorry, I promise to keep her with me at all times. Would you like any help?"

"No that's all right just be careful." The boy said.

"I will." Ash said. Then as soon as the boy left he looked at the girl in his arms smiling innocently. "You knocked down all that stuff just for a candy bar?" The girl smiled and nodded. Ash shook his head and moved the small child to his shoulders. "Well what does your mommy look like?"

"See has long owange hair like mine, and see has a b, a bu, bwu sirt on."


"Excuse me sir, thank you for finding my daughter for me." Misty said as she walked up to him.

Why is everyone calling me sir?

Ash looked up, suddenly forgetting how to breathe. "Oh um…you're welcome… She just wanted the candy in my pocket." He smiled and handed Aurora back.

"Aurora, don't ever do that again! I was so worried."

"Ok mommy."

"Thanks again. My name's Misty." She said while putting out her free hand.

"It was no problem. I'm Ash." He said shaking her hand. They looked into each other's eyes and smiled, still holding hands. Aurora giggled and they jumped a little.


"Yes sweetie?"

"Can he come over for dinner?"

Misty smiled at her daughter. "I don't know sweetie, we just met him and you want him over for dinner?" Aurora nodded furiously. She looked at Ash and smiled. "Well I guess if he wants pizza." I am inviting a man over to dinner, who I just met not 30 seconds ago. I'm insane. You'd think I'd learn but he's definitely too gorgeous to pass up.

"Sure I'd love some. But I have to find this stuff and give it to my roommate and his girlfriend so they can have dinner. Of course I have no idea what half this stuff is." He laughed nervously.

"Here let me see." Misty said as she took the list from him. "Oh I know where all this stuff is. Would you mind holding Aurora for me? So I can get my shopping done and yours."

"Yeah sure, but you don't have to find my stuff." He said.

"Oh no, it's no problem. Let's just say its thanks for finding my daughter."

"More like she found me." He smiled, amused. The redhead smiled back and then handed him Aurora, who giggled in his arms.

"Can I sit on your shoders?" Aurora asked.

"You sure can." Ash chuckled as he did as she requested.

"Yay! Look mommy, I'm tall! Oh can I weaw youw hat too?" She asked with big eyes. Ash nodded, putting his hat on her head and making the girl giggle loudly as it fell over her eyes and part of her nose.

Misty laughed at her daughter. "Come on, I left my cart in the cereal isle. Hopefully no one took it."

Ash walked Misty to her car with Aurora still in his arms. When they got there, Ash help put Aurora in her car seat, then went to help Misty put her groceries in the trunk.

"Thank you for your help today, I think it would have taken me at least another hour if you hadn't helped me." Misty said to Ash.

"Don't worry, it was no problem. It's easy to watch such a cute kid."

"Yeah, it is. So are you still going to come over for dinner?" She asked.

"Yep, can I get your address though? You know since I have to go back to my place to drop this stuff off." He said lifting up the bag with his groceries.

"Oh yeah sure." She found a pen in the car, writing her address down on a scrap of paper and handing it to him. "Does seven sound ok?" She asked

"Sure does." He replied, helping her get into the car. He then turned to Aurora, waving to her sweetly. "Bye Aurora."

"Bye Ass." She smiled brightly and waved to him.

Ash blushed, prompting a giggle from Misty. "Guess you might want her to call you something different." She said trying to suppress her laughter.

"Yeah, maybe I'll think of something."

"Can I call you daddy?" Aurora asked. Both Ash and Misty went quiet, quite shocked at her question.

"Uh… I guess I'll see you at seven?" Misty questioned, changing the subject quickly. Ash nodded still shocked at the young girl's question before saying a quick goodbye and leaving.

Ash knocked on the door and shouted, "Just a little warning so I don't walk in on you two again." He waited a few seconds before opening the door and stepping inside. Brock and Suzie were sitting on the couch together watching TV. "Thanks for the warning, but we weren't doing anything." Brock said.

"What took you so long? It should have only taken you a half hour." Suzie said sounding slightly annoyed. The young man had taken four times as long as she had expected.

"Oh um… well you see I was sorta babysitting." He replied.

"What do you mean 'sorta babysitting'?" Brock asked.

"Well…" He explained what happened at the store with Misty, leaving out the part in the parking lot. "And I'm going over there for pizza at seven."

"That's so cute!" Squealed Suzie. "So the little girl still has your hat?"

"Heh, yeah." He shuffled around nervously. "Well, I better get something a little bit nicer on. I don't think she'll want me to come over in a tank and shorts." Ash said as he walked towards his room to change.

"With a body like that, Ash, I'm sure she would." Suzie replied, giggling to herself, causing Ash to blush, Brock glaring at her in turn.

"Hey, I can comment on how someone looks. It's better than your bad habit of asking out every girl you see. It's a wonder I'm still going out with you." She rolled her eyes in mock annoyance.

"Um, uh…" Brock was left speechless.