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Love and Babysitting

Ch 10: "Trust me."


"At least the nuisance is asleep." James said as he sat back in his chair.

He and Gary were sitting in one of Gary's many conference rooms, making up plans to get their revenge.

"This is perfect. I always wanted to get back at Ash, and this is just gold!"

"What are we going to do with the kid?"

"For now just leave her in that room. When those fools eventually show up we'll have my wonderful new pet locked up in a room with windows. If Ash Ketchum doesn't agree to lose the next tournament to me, then we'll set him loose." He grinned evilly before taking a swig of the bottle in his hand.

"Gary, why don't we just give the kid back? You know how much trouble the can cause. Besides you could always kidnap Misty and do the same thing." Jessie spoke when she walked into the room. She had been listening outside and figured this was the only opportunity she'd get with this maniac.

"Hm, you do have a point." Jessie almost sighed with relief before composing herself again. "I could kidnap the bitch AND keep the brat, two bargaining chips!"

"That's not what I meant!"

"Fellas, take her out back. I knew you were still hung up on that whore, too bad for you that she likes men huh?" James sneered. This was his own revenge; the one he knew would happen. Jessie was to never be trusted, and James and Gary waited patiently for her to slip and she did just that. "Next time I suggest you don't open that big mouth of yours, ever."

Jessie struggled against the men that held her captive. "You won't win Gary. You never will."


Jessie sat up slowly, with help from Misty and Lily. She shook her head, trying to clear her jumbled mind. "Well that's what happened." Leaning back, she closed her eyes and sighed. "There's good news and bad news though." Pausing, Jessie took hold of glass of water in Lily's hand and took a small sip. "It's incredibly easy to get by most of the security where Gary's staying; at least the first few floors. The last three, which just happen to be the basement area, are more difficult to get through."

"Where exactly is Gary planning all this?" Suzie questioned from her seat on the floor.

The battered woman grinned, "That idiot set up his little 'company' right between Pallet and Viridian. You'll miss it of course if you go on a straight path to Viridian. This is probably why he thinks he's so hidden. There's no reason to veer from the main path." Jessie stood up, albeit wobbly, shaking her head at the prospect of help from the others. "It looks like an abandoned building, but if you get within twenty feet of that thing, it will take 5 seconds before someone attacks you."

"So then, how do we get in?" Ash asked.

"Unknown to everyone, I'd always planned on there being at least one way in for me, if on the chance that I got kicked out." The red head smirked. "The cave nearby, has an underground area, an extremely dangerous place to be in fact. This is exactly why I chose it."

Getting annoyed, Ash sarcastically said "For…?"

"My secret entrance."


Duplica and Lily sat, pouting on the couch. They both had pleaded and begged to go. Ash and the rest of the men, along with Jessie and Misty, had forbid the rest of the group to tag along. Jessie for her part only wanted Ash and Misty for ease of moving around. Later she reluctantly agreed that Brock's Pokemon would undoubtedly be used in their advantage, if not only for distraction purposes.

After the long and grueling arguing the four headed off. The others preparing themselves to come to their aid.

Standing in front of an oversized hole, Ash glanced back at Jessie. "This doesn't exactly look 'secret'."

Jessie, grinning, stopped to look at the opening that loomed over the quartet, towering just below the tree tops, wide enough for two Snorlax's to rest comfortably. "It is not what's on the outside." She laughed and walked into the darkened cave without another word.

Ash looked at Brock curiously, the tanned man just shrugged and started after Jessie. Ash soon followed, Misty close behind, her mind set on only her daughter.


"Golem, Rock Throw!" Brock panted as the four ran from the oncoming train of Zubats and Golbats.

"This isn't working!" Ash yelled, calling back his Flareon. They had been walking deeper into the dark dwelling when Ash had stumbled upon a small gathering of the flying creatures. Jessie, knowing first hand the consequences, had shushed the group quickly and motioned for them to hurry out of the way. In their haste, they'd forgotten about being careful, Brock stumbled across a sleeping Kingler, awakening it and causing it to let out a screech that caused panic in the flying pocket monsters. Thus leading them to take off as fast as they could, trying to outrun the mob chasing them.

"I have an idea." Misty stopped suddenly and turned to face the oncoming horde. "Jessie, is there another way out?"

"No, we already passed the real exit. Why?" Her words coming out in a rush, as she watched the live wave coming closer to them.

"What are you two doing!? We need to keep going!" Brock yelled back at them, recalling his golem. He started to pull out his Onyx when Misty stopped him.

"Wait!" Misty glanced at Jessie, before grabbing a Pokeball from her belt. "You better be one-hundred percent sure of yourself that we are going the right way." She grumbled before taking a few more steps toward the raging fury ahead. Taking a shuddering breath, Misty closed her eyes and tightened her grip on the small ball for a split second before tapping the button on it lightly to enlarge it.

Ash started after her, panicked. "Misty!"

"Don't!" She shouted, "Trust me." Ash hesitated, he started after her when Jessie grabbed him and pulled him after her. "Golduck GO!" As the blue duck emerged he glanced back at his master, knowing he could not stop all the oncoming force in front of him. The ex-Gym Leader motioned her Pokemon over to her, bending down a bit to be eye level with him. She whispered into his ear and the water monster nodded, turning once again to the foreseeable doom heading their way.

Ash struggled from Jessie's grip and tried to go after Misty.


"But she's in trouble! We can't jus-"

"No she isn't. Watch." Jessie pointed towards her friend.

"Let's do this quickly Golduck!" Misty yelled. "Psybeam!"

Golduck closed his eyes for a few moments before opening them quickly as a huge beam of light emerged from the jewel on his forehead. The beam hit the wall, continuing in an arced path causing the cave to rumble in protest as giant pieces of rock fell to the ground. His attack continued, the blue partial water Pokemon making it so it caved in completely.

As the remaining part of the ceiling tumbled to the ground around Golduck, Misty called him back just as a large boulder smashed down, just inches from where he had just been. Tucking the ball safely onto her belt, Misty jogged back to the three waiting for her.

"You could have just said you were going to cause a cave-in." Brock nudged the slightly shaken girl in jest.

"If I had, would you two have honestly let me do it, or do it yourselves?" She replied somewhat icily.

Feeling somewhat chastised, Brock shrugged and looked over at Ash as they followed behind the irate woman.

"That's what I thought. Some of my Pokemon, if you recall," Misty said sarcastically, "have psychic abilities. They were the only ones who could have caused that mess of rocks and help keep the damn mob we had chasing us at bay if needed." Her voice held a tone of finality and Brock just nodded his understanding.


It had grown colder, the four of them rubbing their hands up and down their arms every so often to get some sort of heat. The tunnels grew narrow and the ceiling came down some, enough to where no one could stand up completely straight. Every now and then they would come across a small wide opened room, but continue on, not paying attention to the dripping of water around them or the cold eerie sounds of creatures they weren't to sure about.

Jessie stopped suddenly causing Ash to bump into her. "What did you stop for?" His annoyance carried through the cave.

Jessie glared at him and shushed the Pokemon master as she pressed an ear to the cold, jagged rock covered cavern wall.

"What are you listening for?" Came the whispered voice of Brock.

"Water." She stated, as if it were obvious.

"Couldn't you have just marked it?" Ash said. His patience had worn thin from all the walking. Misty shook her head at their questions. All she wanted was to find her daughter and do it quickly, in fear that waiting longer could possibly cause harm to come to her daughter, if it hadn't already. She grew impatient as Jessie fumbled around, searching for something, growing agitated at the questions thrown her way.

"Why would I mark a secret?" Annoyed, Jessie punched a barely noticeable just of rock that rested slightly above her eye level. There was a groan and a small rumbling as the wall parted slightly for them, a small ledge and a stream of water became visible. "Come on, it isn't much farther." They continued on, trudging in the water, shortly arriving at a small, nature made stairway.

Jessie made her way up the short stairway and laid her hand on the small knob that rested off to the side. Putting a finger to her lips for silence, she slowly pushed the knob in, watching as a small opening appeared in front of them. Sticking her head out, looking for any signs of life, she gestured the three behind her to slowly follow her. They followed her closely, not knowing where they were going, unable to see through the pitch blackness that seemed to loom around them. The red head stopped sometime later and turned to the group.

"If everything is still the same your daughter should be close. We need to be extremely careful. There are a few things Gary has been," she paused, searching for words. "Experimenting with, things no one should ever think about." She put her hand up, stopping Misty from speaking, the panic evident in her eyes. "Just be on guard."

Turning the corner Misty let out a muffled gasp. Through a clear window she could see her daughter sleeping peacefully, just out of reach from a ravage Pokemon; at least she thought it was a Pokémon. The giant beast stood, slightly hunched, on its hind legs. Its skin partly covered in coarse fur was a dark crimson with black stripes donning its back. The tail, bushy and thick was a pale purple. It had a snout like a dog with horns running from the bridge of its nose, down its back, stopping just before the tail. The over grown teeth were sticking out in all directions, lathered with saliva. The hideous creature struggled against its remaining bindings around its neck and hind legs. The two that had previously been attached to its front legs lay in pieces on the ground.

"Well, well, well. Finally decided to show up I see." Gary appeared from the darkness of the halls. Misty turned, enraged at the man.

"Gary!" She roared as she started after him.

"Uh, uh, uh." Gary tsked and pointed to his left. Jessie and Brock were struggling against Gary's goons, they're warnings muffled by the gags over their mouths.

"Gary, let them go!" Ash yelled as he grabbed a pokéball from his belt.

Laughing, he responded, "Why? I need someone to test out my new Pokémon." He sneered, waving his hand towards his men. They opened up the door leading to the room Aurora was in, tossed the two inside and bolted the door.

"Th...that's a Pokémon!?" Misty stuttered out. Panic had set in as her innocent daughter slept, oblivious to the danger around her. It was a relief, yet at the same time it terrified her, not knowing if there was something wrong with Aurora.

The grin on Gary's face made Ash and Misty step back. "Oh yes, but it's actually two Pokémon. You see, spending time in this secret are with my Gramps' technology easily attainable, I decided to experiment." He turned towards the cage, Brock and Jessie stood in front of the small girl, protecting her from the rabid beast. "Satoshi, Kasumi, and yes I know your given name, I'd like you to meet my Arcanine and Nidoking." He grinned evilly, "Arcnido! Fire Whip!" Confusion at this attack clouded everyone's mind, the tail of the combined Pokémon twirled in fast circles, glowing once it got fast enough, causing enough friction that it lit on fire. Roaring loudly the Arcnido twisted its body, whipping its tail towards the three defenseless people, setting a whip of fire at them.

Brock, quickly getting over his shock of what was in front of him, called out his Zubat, "Used gust and steer it clear!" Zubat managed to do so, but the two adults could feel the scorching sting of the fire. Jessie called out Arbok, helping Brock keep the beast at bay.

Gary turned and stared at the battle ready Ash. "A rematch, just what I wanted. Too bad I can't use him." Not needing to be told that 'He' was the Arcnido, Ash pushed the button on the Pokéball to enlarge it.

"If I win you let them go."

Gary shrugged and pulled out his own ball. "Sure." Gary called out his second Arcanine while Ash called out a relieved Pikachu.

"Sorry my friend." He whispered to the yellow electric mouse. Pikachu nuzzled his cheek in understanding before putting on a braze face and prepared for battle.

Misty watched in horror as Jessie and Brock's Pokémon, and themselves, started to wear down. The two humans were getting the brunt end of attacks that slipped through their Pokémon, trying to save the small girl behind them from any injury.

"No." Whimpered Misty when she saw Aurora start to stir.

"Mommy?" The child said groggily when she sat up, her eyes blurry with sleep.

"Aurora, sweetie, come here!" Misty shouted frantically, seeing the Arcnido had stopped short when he noticed the little girl had stirred. It took off, barreling towards the child, just as Brock ran towards Aurora as well.

Aurora, not quite awake, teared up. "Mommy?" she whimpered when she heard a high pitched scream that resembled her own name. She let out a startled cry of pain when she was roughly shoved aside into Jessie just before Brock was rammed into the wall by Arcnido.

As Misty frantically tried to formulate a plan to help her friends and child Gary and Ash were near the end of their battle. But unlike the Pokémon tournament, Ash's Pikachu was strong and still agile, while Gary's Arcanine was sluggish and hurt. Ash felt confident in his victory and could see Gary knew as well. That is, until Gary stopped all together.

"Giving up?" Ash questioned, leery of the man's actions.

"No, just biding my time."

"For what?"

"This." Came a voice from behind. Ash turned to look, but was cut short by the two by four that came crashing down on the side of his skull.

James appeared from the shadows, dropping the piece of wood next to the unconscious figure. "Let's go." He said quickly to Gary, and the two took off down the darkened halls.

After she calmed slightly, Misty called out her Golduck and had him use his Telekinetic powers to rip the door open. Golduck then held the Arcnido in place as Misty ran in to pick up her crying daughter as Jessie quickly half carried half dragged, a seriously injured, Brock out of the room. The blue Pokémon struggled to keep the experiment in place as he blocked off the door before collapsing to the ground in exhaustion.

"Thank you, my friend." Misty whispered affectionately before calling him back. They all jumped when they heard a horrific roar and a loud crash in the room they were just in. Tensing, in fear that the Arcnido was after them, they all held their breath. After a few seconds of quiet the let out a sigh of relief.

Ash, finally awake, staggered to a standing position and before Misty could stop him, he took off after James and Gary. Blindly running, Ash ended up a few floors down where he saw the two men trying to escape into dimly lit passageways.

"Gary!" He shouted angrily.

"The only way you're going to get rid of us, is by killing us." The man stated simply. "And quite frankly, Satoshi," the name came out in a sneer, "I know you won't, but I, on the other hand, would do something exactly so." Gary pulled out a small handgun from his inside jacket pocket and pointed it at Ash.

Before Ash could utter a sound a loud crash drew their attention.

Charging angrily towards Gary and James was an enraged Arcnido. Panicking, Gary fired off three shots, all on target. Much to his chagrin the bullets only made the beast angrier. With a deafening roar the Arcnido charged faster. Ash, knowing he could not stop it, turned with a heavy sigh and walked away, trying to drown out the ear piercing screams and the sickening cracks that followed.

When he returned to the group, he helped Jessie carry Brock while Misty and her daughter clung to each other. Ash ruffled the child's hair affectionately before heading out.

"What happened?" Jessie asked.

"They got what they deserved."

"Ash..." Misty trailed off, worried.

"It was his Pokémon." Ash shook his head, "How could he do that? Pokémon are real, living creatures, they have feelings! Why would anyone want to do something so disturbing and wrong!?" He shouted angrily, knowing he would not get the answers.

Deciding it best, the three watched as the medium building fell to the ground with the aid of Pokémon and an Officer Jenny.



Brock was in the hospital for three weeks recovering from his injuries. When he was released, he and Susie returned to Japan and started looking for their own place to live.

Duplica and Todd married a few weeks after Brocks release. They now live in the cabin Duplica still owns in the Pokeworld, and started a Pokémon Photo Studio.

Misty's sisters, Daisy and Violet, left the Gym to start their own Pokémon journey.

"To meet cute guys." Violet stated before they left.

"And we're tired of staying here." Daisy murmured, needing a new change of scenery.

Lily stayed behind to help Misty and Jessie run the newly 're-vamped' Cerulean Gym.

Misty gave Aurora her first Pokémon, as a "pet", a small 5 week old Eevee. Stating that when she was old enough for her own Pokémon journey, that her Pokémon would be perfect because she had a wide variety to choose if or when Aurora wanted to evolve him.

As for Ash and Misty...

"Hey Misty?"

"Yes?" Misty was bathing her Pokémon after a long rough day of Gym battles.

"Well," Ash shifted nervously, "I was wondering if maybe, I dunno, you and Aurora, would like too..." He cleared his throat, and fidgeted.

"Like to...?" Misty prompted, standing up and drying her hands.

"Like to move in with me? And then maybe one day, be a family?"

Misty grinned. "We'd love to move in with you Ash. And yes, I will readily marry you when you get the nerve to ask me." She kissed him; Ash's only response was a slack-jawed, shocked expression. Giggling, she kissed his nose. "Which better be soon." Trying to sound serious, but her grin said other wise.

"Uh..." Ash stated dumbly.

"I love you." She whispered before kissing him again, this time taking her time and savoring his warmth. Pulling away wit ha goofy grin on her face, one that matched the grin on Ash's face.

"I love you too, Misty."

The End.

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