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Street races. Brinley shook her head. She couldn't believe she was actually attending another street race. Obviously, Toretto was more appealing than she'd let herself believe. Well, she was there now so she might as well enjoy it.

Team Toretto was already there, parked in their vee formation. The way all of the attendees were acting, it was obvious they were favorites. B dismounted her bike and removed her helmet. Spades, Nomi, and Mouse had accompanied her to the races, and B could see that Mouse was fascinated by all of the people and machines.

"Well, if it isn't Ms. B." she heard the low growl and turned with a smile on her face.

"Wow, the Dominic Toretto. Talking to little ol' me in public." she teased.

He laughed deep in his chest. "Consider yourself honored." he teased back. Dom looked at her group. "This all that came with you?"

"For tonight. Jemma had work or she'd of come. Frannie and Tia are meeting up with us at Heat later."

"Heat? The nightclub?"

"Yep. You gonna come with when you're done here?"

"That an invite?"

She grinned at him. "Yeah, it is."

"Count me in."

Spades wasted no time at all and moved towards Jesse with purpose. Currently a little Latina girl was flirting up at him. Spades moved to him and saw his eyes brighten when they fixed on her. This pleased her to no end and she kissed him without further ado.

Jesse forgot the girl in front of him immediately. The blonde in front of him had his full attention. When she finally pulled away he grinned dazedly. "Hey." he murmured.

"Hey Baby." she grinned. She turned to the frowning Latina girl and snarled. "Piss off." The girl huffed once and flounced away. "Didn't interrupt anything did I?"

He shrugged. "She was just talking. Nothing for you to worry about."

"That's good." Spades winked. "Didn't want to interfere."

"You can interfere anytime."

"Look at all these cars Nomes. Can you believe them? I'm not even sure my Civic would stand up to half of these." Mouse babbled with wide eyes.

"So that's the blonde Spades has been ogling? Jesse?" Nomi was stumped. Didn't seem like Shawn's normal type. "She'll eat him up and spit him out before breakfast."

"Oh. I don't know." Mouse shrugged. "She seems like massively taken with him. Stranger things have happened."

It was Nomi's turn to shrug. "Yeah, I guess."

"Hey ladies." a smooth voice came from behind them. They turned to see a man with bleached blonde hair that spiked up crazily. "Welcome to the races. Ain't seen you girls around before."

Nomi's eyes became shuttered. Mouse smiled slightly. "Ain't never been before."

"Well, let me be the first to welcome two such fine ladies such as yourselves." he smiled.

"You the welcome wagon?" Nomi asked with a touch of sarcasm.

The man laughed. "I'm Roland. The others call me Rolls. I just like to make sure everyone feels welcome."

"Oh, we were invited by Dom. So we know we're welcome." Mouse smiled. She didn't like this man.

Neither woman missed the small sneer that flit across Rolls face. "Toretto invited ya huh? Not a big surprise. He always has good taste in women. Not surprisingly yall are here with him then. Didn't look like normal chasers." He looked Nomi and Mouse up and down. Mouse had worn black leather shorts and her corona tank top. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a high ponytail. Nomi was in low riding, torn jeans and a black vest that molded her torso. She wore a thick beaded choker and her strawberry blonde hair hung loose and flowing.

"Fuck off Rolls." Vince said acidly as he, Brian, and Leon approached.

"You getting Dom's leftovers Vince?"

"Go bother someone else you little bitch." Leon sneered. "These ladies wouldn't give you the time of day."

"You fuckers think you're so fucking cool." the blonde man snorted. "One day you'll get what's coming, and ain't nobody out here's gonna care." He went to leave and sneered at Brian. "Officer."

Brian paled considerably. Vince tapped Brian's shoulder. "Ignore him Bri. Just blow him off." Brian didn't move as the others began walking away.

"What was that about?"

Brian looked at Nomi. "I was a cop. Up until a year ago, I was a cop. That's how I met Dom and the others. I was sent in undercover to find out some information."

Nomi digested this information. "Why aren't you a cop now?"

"I had some hard decisions to make. In the end, being a cop came second to saving people I'd grown to love."

"So…you gave up being a cop for Toretto?" Suddenly the picture of Brian and their new neighbors was starting to fill in slightly.

"Sort of." he shrugged. "I gave up being a cop for family."

She nodded slowly. "Sometimes family is more important than anything else. Something acquired family is better than the real thing."

"No argument there."

"So, Toretto, and his crew. They were doing illegal things. That's why you were sent in." she figured out loud.

"Whatever they might of done, or didn't do, doesn't really matter. It isn't who they are, or what they're worth." Brian defended. "Everyone fucks up."

Nomi blinked at him. "I'm not judging them. Not everyone follows the rules all the time."

"I just know that B has issues with her old partner because of his illegal activities… Dom and those guys aren't like that."

Nomi shook her head. "You got B all wrong. The problems she had with Claire are because of many different things. His illegal activities could have taken everyone down with him…and we weren't doing that shit. Claire was gonna get himself or one of us killed. B wasn't gonna stand by, hell, none of us would. But B, she's what brought us together. She's what keeps us sane. Sort of like an anchor. I don't know, maybe that makes us all weak."

It was Brian's turn to shake his head. "No. I know what you mean." A shout rang out. "Shit cops!"

"Go to the club. Heat." Nomi told him and raced away to her bike.

They could hear the music as soon as they pulled into the parking area of Heat. When Dom saw the line waiting to get into the club he considered turning around and leaving, but he stopped when he saw B leaning against the wall near the entry talking to a big man…an extremely big man. A man that Dom recognized. "What's an ugly SOB like you doin' in a place like this?" Dom asked as they came up to the two.

B turned with a frown and looked like she was going to rip into him, until Moffs face split into a huge grin and he grabbed Dom into a bear hug. "Toretto! How you doin' man?"

"I'm doin' real good Angelo. How about you?"

"Livin' good man, livin' good."

B pursed her lips and crossed her arms over her chest. Dom grinned at her and winked at Moffs. "I think I was gonna get into trouble there."

Moffs looked at Brinley and chuckled. "You're here with Ms. B and her folks? That's great! Good people with good people."

The rest of the crew had joined them and Moffs showed them in. B walked ahead of the group leading them back to some tables which had been pushed together. Frannie and Tia were already sitting down. It didn't take long for the tables to fill up with B's crew and Team Toretto. They'd been there maybe fifteen minutes when a tall brunette man joined them. He wasn't muscular like Dom or Vince, but he had a wiry build to him. He was dressed in expensive slacks and a dark button down shirt. His dark hair was spiked up in front and he reminded Dom of an actor; a pretty boy and the man had his eyes completely focused on Brinley. B on the other hand was listening to something Frannie was saying.

Dom knew it was probably stupid, but he didn't like Pretty Boy looking at B. He snaked his arm around her waist since she was standing next to him. His hand rested lightly on her hip and it sent a small thrill through him. Brinley looked at him through her intelligent golden eyes and quirked an eyebrow, "Getting comfy?"

He rubbed his thumb along her hip bone and she gave a little shudder. "Very."

She smirked. "Watch where that hand goes."

Dom leaned in and whispered so that only she could hear him, "Trust me B, when they're on you I'll be watching where both of my hands go."

Her smile broadened. "Promises, promises."

Pretty Boy obviously didn't like being ignored. "How were the races Brin? Everything go okay?" He managed to be heard over the music.

B didn't move away from Toretto's arm. She kind of liked the way it felt pressed along her body. "Went fine, what little of it we got to see before it was busted up. I'll go again." The man frowned when she said this, but kept silent. "Micah, this is Dominic Toretto. Dom this is Micah Crawford. Micah is co-owner of Heat."

The two men shook hands. "Toretto? I've heard of you. A lot of racers come in. You're like their idol."

Dom shrugged. "Just a guy, Man. Let me introduce my crew."

Letty was feeling a fairly comfortable buzz when Mouse handed her another beer. "Thanks Chica."

"No problemo!" Mouse grinned. "I owed you for helping Tia with that sasquatch Brillo!"

Letty waved her off. "You owe me nothing, but I'll take the beer. I don't like bullies, well, unless I'm the bully."

"Hello ladies." Josh joined the two women at the table. Letty blinked. He looked good. He'd looked good the other night, but tonight he looked even better. He wore black leather pants, a dark red button down dress shirt, and his dark brown hair was pulled back into a short ponytail. "Letty, it's nice to see you again. How'd you like the races Mousy?"

The petite girl smiled at her brother. "What I got to see was cool! But then it got busted up because cops showed."

"That sucks, but it happens with bikes too." He shrugged. "You'll get to go again."

"Has it been packed in here all night?" she asked.

Letty watched the two talk. It was obvious they were close. She was starting to wonder what Josh did for the club. It didn't seem to be much of anything, well, besides sit around and look good. He did that very well.

Nomi sat in the corner and watched the two groups merging. It was interesting watching the varied personalities as they blended. If she'd finished high school, gone on to college, she'd have probably studied something like sociology; watching people was interesting. Not as interesting as fixing bikes, but then a girl couldn't have more than one great love in her life could she?

The little guy, the one Spades was all into, sat down and looked at her. "So, um, Mouse was saying how you do some of the detailing on the bikes?"

"Sure do." Jesse…that was the guy's name. She turned her attention to him as he proceeded to talk about the finer aspects of detailing cars.

Jemma made her way to the tables and she was tired. She'd almost just gone directly home to crash, but at the last minute she'd remembered B saying Team Toretto was going to be there. So here she was. Everyone at the tables seemed to be having a great time. Josh, Letty, and Mouse were talking; Nomi and Jesse were talking and it looked like Spades and Vince were making their way towards them. Frannie, Tia, Leon, and Brian seemed in deep conversation, and surprisingly enough Brinley, Dom, and Micah were speaking. Jemma smiled as she noticed Dom's arm around her best friend. She knew immediately when Vince saw her because something raw entered his eyes. It brought a blush to her face and she was glad for the darkness of the club. Jemma had almost reached the tables when someone brushed past her and knocked her on her ass. She looked up stunned, and saw Scotty reaching Spades. Uh oh.

"Who the hell is he?"

Spades looked up into Scotty's angry face. "Why are you doing this? We had a good time. It's done. Time to move on."

"I want to know who the Bugger is?" he snarled. "Donnie was at the races and saw you kissing the bloody Git!"

Spades stood up with narrowed eyes. "And I say we're done, so it's really none of your business."

"Shit." Josh murmured.

Letty and Mouse looked over at the confrontation brewing. "That don't look good." Letty murmured.

"I'll be back." He sighed. "I do NOT need this shit in my club." He left them quickly.

"You're club?" Letty's mouth popped open in surprise.

Vince was up and over to Jemma almost immediately. "You okay?" he asked with a scowl.

"Sure. Plenty of padding down there." She grinned sheepishly.

"Looks good from here." He told her.

She nodded towards Scotty and Spades. "That's gonna turn ugly real quick."

"I'd definitely say it's my business Shawn. You were fucking me!"

"Past tense Scotty." She smirked. "You knew we weren't anything that was gonna last. You're just pissed because I ended it first."

"Who is he Shawn?" the man was practically trembling with rage. The whole group had closed in around them.

"Me." Jesse said and stood up never taking his eyes off the other man.