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Author's Note: This is just a one-shot that I wrote a while ago. Constructive crit. is welcomed. Lennon Drop


Chicago, 1935

She panted and gasped for air as she ran from her pursuer. She hitched up her skirts and sprinted into the nearest alley, desperately searching for an escape.

Her pursuer stopped momentarily to catch his breath, knowing that his prey could not escape.

"She's finally mine!" Came his evil thoughts to my ears. I had merely been passing by when I had heard his evil intentions; seen her pretty face in my mind.

The pursuer continued on his chase, but with a pursuer of his own. I followed him, searching his mind for something that I could use to tell where he was. Then I heard him think the name of the alley where the girl was hiding.

The man's perverted thoughts entered my mind again: "Rosebud Way, how perfect!"

The girl was at the end of the alley with her back to a brick wall. "Now, Anna," came the girl's thoughts, she was reasoning with herself. "All you have to do is kick him. Just kick him." I smiled at Anna's courage, even though it wouldn't help her.

I heard Anna scream, and I ran for all I was worth toward Rosebud Way. When I arrived the scene that met my eyes was not good.

The evil man was threatening Anna with a four-inch-long knife. She was trying to kick it out of his hand.

"Excuse me," I said, tapping the man on the shoulder. "I would like to know what you are doing." The man was speechless. "Well, if you have no excuse—"

I heard Anna's thoughts: "He looks like an angel, but he's fighting like a demon!" Within a minute the man was dead and Anna was free. After he died she ran away through the puddles of blood. I had saved another girl and felt very good about myself.

I then heard an exasperated sigh and saw Carlisle standing at the edge of the alley. "I expected better from you, Edward," he said with a hurt expression. He sighed again and walked away.


Forks, 2005

Bella clung to the edge of the couch. "Did you really do that?"

I gave her a small smile. "Yes; and to think that I justified doing it by saying that I had 'saved a life.' Which I did, but by taking another."

Her eyes grew wide and I sensed that she was afraid of me. Had I ruined our relationship? But the moment of fear passed and she smiled at me. "I love you, Edward. And I always will, no matter what."

I smiled at her and took her face in my hands. I could hear her heart beating faster and I gently kissed her lips. "I love you."

Author's Note: I'm not really good at sappy romance, so forgive the ending