Fly Away – Part 1

"Hinata! You don't have to do this!" Naruto cried.

She turned her head slightly so that they could see her faint sad smile. Her lips moved softly, "Gomen, I have to."

"Hinata-sama! You can't leave! Let me go instead!" Neji yelled desperately.

Hinata shook her head. "Your blood is stronger. It would be better if you stayed."

Kiba clenched his fists and said, "Hinata…what's the point if they are going to destroy Konoha anyway?"

Hinata was silent for a moment, trying to fight back the tears coming out. "Sayonara…"

Before any of them could move, she had faded into the night sky.


"So you have come, Hyuuga Hinata," a deep voice said.

Hinata kneeled and bowed her head. "I am forever in your service."

"No regrets?"

She couldn't speak. She didn't want to leave her once peaceful life, but she was doing this for everyone.

"I see…Hinata. Come forward."

Hinata forced herself to walk steadily without waver. She stood before the dark figure, her eyes lowered.

"Look forward."

She did and her eyes met eyes that were so consumed with pain and menace, she almost stumbled back. But she bit her tongue and kept ground.

The figure reached out a hand and rested the palm against her forehead.

"I strip you of your human emotions of love, pity, regret and mercy."

There was a flash, and Hinata collided onto the ground like a rag doll. She felt warmth leave her and get replaced by cold empty feelings. She reminded herself of why she was doing this. To protect those she loved.

Shakily, Hinata got back on her feet, and the figure acknowledged her determination and said, "We will keep our end of the bargain. We are hunting Orochimaru anyway, but we will not destroy Konoha. But you must break all bonds you have with that village. You are part of the Akatsuki now."

Hinata raised her head to meet those eyes. "Hai."


(1 year later)

Kisame smirked. "Your sword skills are getting better. Maybe it's because you fight Itachi so much."

Hinata remained emotionless making Kisame sigh, thinking, I wish the Leader would've given her more life instead of taking away practically everything. She doesn't show love for killing or for fighting.


"Oh, sorry, just spacing off. What is it?"

"Pein-sama is summoning me."

"Oh? Go ahead and go then."

Kisame watched her disappeared thinking, She's one of the only people the Leader is really trusting. Maybe because it's her lack of heart.




Pein gazed intently at her looking for any emotion. When not finding any, he continued, "Konoha and Suna have sent some nin to check out one of our hideouts. I want you to accompany Deidara and Sasori to get rid of them."

Hinata swiftly bowed in respect, accepting the task.

When she walked out of the building, Deidara and Sasori were waiting.

"About time. I was going to go in there and hunt you down," Sasori grumbled.

Hinata bowed again and apologized.

"Let's go now. We haven't had fun in a while," Deidara said cheerfully.

Hinata didn't wear an Akatsuki cloak like the others did. She was more than a faithful servant, but wasn't a full member. Her cloak was a simple black and she wore a black battle suit equipped with many weapons.

They arrived at the hideout that was deserted, but it was a guarded by two statues with seals on them. Once the seal was removed and then replaced, the three walked into a place with a waterfall. The rock and ground were damp, and Hinata breathed in the damp air.

"We wait for them here then?" Deidara said.

Sasori grunted. "I wish they would hurry."

Hinata stepped toward the waterfall, and dipped her slender hand beneath the cool surface. She could feel power surge through her like an electrifying jolt. The water reached out like an arm and wrapped itself around her arm, sinking beneath the cloth and into her skin.

There was a loud explosion, and Deidara smiled. "They're here."

Sasori muttered, "Finally."

Hinata should have been surprised, but for some reason she wasn't when Kakashi and Jiraiya came in.

"This is the party they sent?" Sasori said with disappointment.

"Hmm…they don't look like they expected to see us here. What a mistake…" Deidara said shaking his head.

The other three nin's eyes fell upon Hinata. Kakashi spoke angrily, "Hinata! Think about what you're doing!"

Sasori smirked beneath the cloth. "There's no point. A year ago, the Leader took regret from her heart and she has broken all bonds with Konoha."

Kakashi pulled out a kunai and was about to lunge but Hinata was too quick.

She unsheathed her blade, and plunged the tip into the earth they stood on. Cracks formed, and sharp ice plunged out. Kakashi was able to avoid them, and Jiraiya released a toad, and attacked Hinata.

But she jumped over the attacker and whipped her katana around embedding a deep gash into the toad's side. The frog disappeared in a cloud of smoke, and Kakashi appeared, but was thrown off by a sudden explosion of Deidara.

Sasori whipped his tail out and went into a deep battle with Kakashi.

Hinata swung a kick at Jiraiya who dodged and tried to use Rasengan. But Hinata had seen the jutsu before, and had grabbed his wrist and twisted it until it snapped.

Jiraiya roared in pain, and swung a punch, but Hinata jumped over his shoulder.

"You should retreat. It would be the wisest," Hinata said with a warning tone.

Jiraiya, frustrated, drew a kunai and dug it into her back. He expected her to cry out, but she didn't move. Horrified by her nonreaction, Jiraiya decided that it would be best to retreat. He didn't want to find out what this changed girl could do if she couldn't feel pain.

"Kakashi! Let's go!"

Deidara was about to go after them, but Sasori held him back.

"We'll meet them again, I'm sure of it," he said with a dangerous tone.

Kakashi and Jiraiya sped through the forest. Kakashi questioned, "Jiraiya, you look freaked out. What is it?"

"It was a good thing that we retreated. I'm afraid that our old friend, Hinata, is no more. She's not human anymore. She's a monster."