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That being said: LET'S RAWK!

42nd period.

"WHERE IN THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?" Koenma roared, his head actually enlarging to fill the room, a little trick he'd picked up from his sire actually, as he bellowed at the haggard, completely drained form of Botan as the bluenette staggered into his office, a terrified George having been sent flying into the wall from the force of the yell.

"S-sorry…Koenma-sama…" the usually bubbly ferrywoman managed to get out, leaning against a concerned Ayame for support, as her knees wouldn't stop trembling long enough to support her "I…tried to escape sooner but…"

"Escape?" Koenma repeated, suddenly switching to alert as he took in his subordinate's appearance with greater focus. 'Hair out of shape, kimono in obvious need of a wash and ironing, signs of exhaustion and…are those CUFF-MARKS?'

"Tell me everything that happened to you Botan." The toddler deity ordered, his tone stern and to the letter "I won't have my subordinates handled in such a manner, and if they were able to keep you off the radar as long as they have, we might have another real problem on our hands.

"N-No sir! That's not what I meant!" Botan insisted, her face turning the same shade of pink as her kimono as she tried to assure the toddler god that he'd made a mistake "It wasn't an enemy! Shizuru-san just-!"

"Shizuru?" Koenma repeated, blinking at the uderstandably flustered bluenette in confusion, wondering if his ears were playing tricks "You mean Kuwabara Shizuru? SHE did this to you?"

"Well…yes?" Botan admitted, twiddling her fingers in a manner reminiscent of a certain Hyuuga heiress, a healthy blush on her face "I tried to tell her we were swamped with work, but she just wouldn't stop! And then she pulled out the hand-cuffs…and the toys…and if Kurama hadn't shown up when he did to divert her attention I'd-!"

"Thank you Botan…" Koenma muttered, palming his face in mortification, making a note to have his agents attempt a rescue of the redheaded thief after leaving him with the elder Kuwabara sibling for a while. Even before he and Ayame had gotten together, he hadn't been so desperate for a date he'd take being Shizuru's toy for days on end…for one thing he doubted he'd have the stamina, and Shizuru didn't strike him as the gentle type "Ayame, take her to lie down and then notify one of the other ferry girls to take up the slack for a few days."

"At once, Koenma-sama." The black-clad ferry-woman offered, bowing respectfully as she helped her staggering kohai out the door, offering her arm as support "She really did a number on you, didn't she?"

"Don't…want…to talk…about it…" Botan offered between gasps, trembling at the mere memory of her captivity. Not that it hadn't been enjoyable, in its own way, it was just there was such a thing as having a choice, and Botan wasn't into the whole bondage thing "If Kurama-kun hadn't turned up when he had…" she shivered as she recalled the fox's howls as she escaped "I just want to forget it ever happened...".

"Oh that won't do…" Ayame opined, her grip on Botan's arm tightening just enough that the bluenette knew escape was impossible "We were all looking forward to hearing the juicy details when you got back…"

Botan's eyes widened, looking on in horror as Ayame opened the door to the Ferry Girl break room to reveal every single one of her co-workers waiting for her, looks of eagerness and blushes all around.

Suddenly being forced to wear kitty ears and a tail plug didn't seem so bad.

Mahora Bath House...

"Hey you two! You're late!" Saotome 'Paru' Haruna called out, grinning at her best friends as they finally showed up for that evening's bath. Said duo, namely Ayase Yue and Miyazaki Nodoka, had just gotten in from their extended visit at Evangeline's cottage, and were feeling a little ashamed of themselves for their perceived selfishness in asking Negi to teach them magic.

"Hi, Paru." Nodoka greeted, the shy librarian smiling cutely at the bespectacled manga-ka as she and Yue entered the onsen together "How's the manga coming? Shouldn't the deadline be-?"

"Oh I finished it off weeks ago!" Haruna cackled, waving a dismissive hand at the duo, who blinked at their friends unusual drive. "Had to of course, what with the inspiration for a new one already in the works!"

"Inspiration?" Nodoka and Yue muttered, glancing at one another warily, a feeling on unease washing over them as Haruna's aura took on a decidedly dark countenance not unlike Evangeline's on a bad hair day.

"Kukukuku…yes…" the manga-ka cackled, her eyes scaring the life out of the Narutaki twins, who quickly headed off in the opposite direction "Ever since THEY transferred here, my inspiration meters gone off the charts! Negi-kun's cuteness! Kuwabara-sensei's rugged appeal! Kino-sensei's to die for looks! I must have them!"

"You sound like a stalker, Haruna…" Yue deadpanned, only to sigh as, instead of being chastised, the shameless manga-ka simply cackled louder, Nodoka flushing away like a searchlight "Baka…"

"Someone's in a good mood this evening…" Kazumi noted with a wry smirk, the Mahora paparazzi wading over to their corner, no doubt drawn by the word 'stalker', an ever-clueless Ku Fei and several other girls, mostly the sports group, in her wake.

"It's almost time for the Academy Festival, isn't it?" Makie asked, the bubbly gymnast looking even more excitable than usual at the prospect, which was quite the disturbing thought actually.

"Not before mid-terms though…" Okochi Akira pointed out, ever the voice of reason, the tall swim team member smiling apologetically as the pinkette slumped over, a look of depression on her face.

"Please don't talk to me about tests!" Yuna begged plaintively, the basketball star not wanting to think about such things if she didn't have to, trailing off as she noticed Izumi Ako, the soccer coach and aspiring nurse, fidgeting with her arms.

"My upper-arms have started to get a little pudgy lately…" the nervous bluenette muttered, looking a little upset over it as she continued to pinch her muscles "The price of overeating I suppose…"

"I've got just the thing!" Yuna cheered, pulling a bottle of jell from god-only-knew-where (ie: not for this rating) "Instant improvement in your skin's texture-colour-tone!" she called out, no doubt reciting an advertisement "The three-in-one wonder cream that goes on in one suh-moothe slide: NURU-NURU X!"

While the girls, with the exception of a select few, including an unnerved Makie, swarmed over to the stuff, intent on trying out the goods, no-one noticed the door to the bath-house opening, admitting three sentient blobs of goo, which dripped slowly into the bath, cackling mischievously the entire time.

"Like that stuff works…" Chisame muttered, the secret net-idol shaking her head in disgust, for the umpteenth time, at her class' idiocy, only to blink as a particularly slimy feeling washed over her "HEY! You didn't put that stuff in the water did you?"

"Huh?" Yuna blinked, the basketball star looking over at the bespectacled girl in confusion, the bottle still in hand, even as several other girls let out startled, slime induced cries "Not yet, why?"

"Because the water's getting totally slimy and-!" she trailed off her eyes widening in embarrassment as the slime whipped around her, feeling her up and rubbing itself all over without her permission "WH-WH-WHAT THE HELL? D-DON'T EVEN GO THERE!"

An cry soon went up amongst the girls that had opted out of sampling Yuna's product, their high-pitched squeals of surprise, and in Makie's case, disgust, rising in pitch whilst a specific group, sheltered at the far end of the bath, looked on in confusion.

"What the heck are they doing?" Kazumi muttered, a bead of sweat sliding down her exasperated face, idly wondering if she should go over and interview them once they calmed down. Such thoughts soon took a back-seat as something large and gooey washed over them, dragging the four girls under the water with surprising strength, the journalist's eyes widening as a little girl with a mocking face appeared before her, just as everything went black.

"The slime! THE SLIIIIIIME…" Makie wailed, racing awkwardly through the water, only to collapse on the rim of the bath, thoroughly drained "…can't…take it…"

"That's it for her…" the Narutakis noted, shaking their heads in joint disbelief as they watched Baka-Pink tremble like a leaf.

"It…it's not because of THIS is it?" Yuna wondered, looking a little unnerved as she pointed at her bottle of goo, which last she checked hadn't leaked anywhere.

"Get rid of it!" Chisame snarled, her face a mask of irate displeasure as she trembled in indignation, several other girls backing her up on the issue.

No one seemed to notice Haruna, who was looking around in confusion for her friends and bathing partners, who'd apparently disappeared into thin air

"Yue? Nodoka? Where did…?"

Ayaka, Natsumi and Chizuru's lovely suite...

While all this was going on, the residents of room 665, and Kotaro, were currently sitting down for the evening meal.

The Hanyou looked on in awe as the girls, including the blonde he'd knocked the wind out of, bickered and joked without a single blow passing between them, content to gently tease one another without fear of consequence, even after Ayaka had told the other two off for swiping a few bites of her own dinner.

"Something wrong, Kotaro-kun?" Natsumi asked, smiling cutely around her chopsticks as she caught the boy looking at them.

"Its just this…" Kotaro began, lowering his head in embarrassment towards the excellently prepared meal "I've never had a meal like this, at a table before…feels like family I suppose…"

Even Ayaka, who'd pegged the pre-teen to be the anti-thesis to her beloved Negi-sensei, couldn't help but look up in interest at the boy's words, her eyes compassionate and concerned, only to trail off as the doorbell rang, just as Chizuru attempted to suffocate the brat with her breasts.

"I'll get it," the class rep assured them, leaving the boy to suffer in what Negi had dubbed 'marshmallow hell', while she answered the door "May I help you?" she asked, blinking at the sight of the elder, obviously foreign gentleman at the door.

"Pardon me, miss." He offered in perfect, if accented Japanese "I do hate to intrude, but I need to talk with that young man there."

Now Ayaka wasn't the only child and heir apparent to one of the most influential corporate groups for nothing, and so not only did she instantly put her guard up, but she made a point of keeping a firm grip on the handle, ready to slam the door shut. "With HIM you mean?" she asked, not revealing their guest's name "What could you and he have to…?"

"Oh nothing much." The man assured her, his dark countenance disappearing in an instant to a pleasant, charming visage as he held out a white rose "But rather, young lady, would you accept this rose?"

Now Ayaka might have had her suspicions, but that being said this didn't quite prepare her for the man's sudden charms and change of demeanor. Upbringing (and personal tastes) aside, she was still a young woman, and it was rather flattering to be appraised by a distinguished looking gentleman. Sadly, while she was getting control of her flustered nerves, the pollen wafting off the offered rose finally kicked in, sending the girl into a deep sleep in the entryway, a smile on her face.

"Pardon me…" the man muttered, snapping the chain keeping the door shut and walking in, though he did pause to fix the rose to the rep's hair in passing, until he was standing in the middle of the apartment. "Well! If it isn't the little lycanthrope." He noted, fixing his hat back onto his silver head of hair, eyeing the stunned Inugami from under the brim "I trust you've been well?"

"You!" Kotaro yelled, leaping up from the table and lunging at the old man, only to be sent flying backwards, courtesy of a well-aimed punch to the chin, which he barely managed to block with his arm.

"Now m'boy…" the old man muttered, settling into a typical boxer's stance as he eyed the youth from under the brim of his hat, heedless of Natsumi's cries of alarm and Chizuru's gasp of surprise "The vessel…will you hand it over? My true target is young Negi…" here his eyes took on a particularly dark look "but we can't have ourselves being sealed away again, can we?"

"Vessel…?" Kotaro repeated, the amnesiac pre-teen inugami shaking his head from the blow as he sat up against the closet doors, grimacing from the pain "W-wait…Negi…you said Negi?"

"I did." The black-clad man admitted, his eyes stern as he glared down at the shaken Hanyou impassively, his sharp gaze watching for any tricks the youth might pull out of his sleeves "Have you remembered?"

"Excuse me." A voice called out, the intruder turning to find himself looking upon the displeased stare of Naba Chizuru, who was standing firmly in front of a terrified Natsumi "I have no idea who you are sir, but at the very least you should have introduced yourself, never mind removing your shoes." She tilted her head pointedly towards the man's soaked footsteps, which were staining the wooden floor "I ask you, is that how a gentleman acts?"

"Ah, yes." The intruder noted, following her gaze and noting the mess he'd made in surprise, as if only now recalling it "Where ARE my manners? I'd truly forgotten about Japanese customs, rest assured I'll pay for the damages." That said, he whipped his hat off, revealing a genial old man with an unusual hairstyle "As to my name, I am Graf Wilhelm Josef von Herrmann." he bowed politely "Though I use the ancestral rank of Graf, the truth is that I'm naught but I hired hand these days."

He smiled suddenly, whipping a rose out of thin air as he beamed at the duo before him, as if trying to put them at ease "That reminds me, do any of you young ladies have wishes you'd like granted?" he asked, using a salesman's pitch "We're having a special at the moment: Any three wishes at a low, low introductory price."

"Wishes?" Chizuru repeated, looking a little surprised at the offer, a slight blush on her cheeks at the admittedly handsome man's mannerism "No thanks."

"You…" Kotaro growled, looking up at the oddly disappointed Herrmann from his spot on the floor "What'd you do to blondie?"

"I simply put her to sleep for a bit, that's all." Herrmann assured the youth, replacing his hat on his head, all genteel mannerisms vanishing as he once again leveled a shadowed glare from beneath the rim "Now then, what be your thoughts on the vessel?"

"I got no idea what you're talking about…" Kotaro growled, rising to his feet "and even if I DID…" he lunged forwards fingers clenched for the attack "what makes you think I'd give it to YOU?"

Herrmann grunted, blocking the Inugami's opening strike with his left arm, before following it up with a series of jabs from his right that sent the youth flying backwards. Kotaro rolled with it, however, allowing him to ricochet off a bookshelf for another attack, only to be met with a spin kick from Herrmann that sent him crashing into the staircase, much to Natsumi's horror.

"I've a soft spot for young men with potential." Herrmann admitted as he resumed the traditional boxer's stance "Despite your youth you're QUITE talented, so if you'll just hand it over quietly, I'll have no reason to hurt you."

"YOU hurt ME?" Kotaro spat, grinning up at old man, his blood literally pumping in his ears as he gathered his chi "If Y'think you can…THEN BE MY GUEST!"

Herrmann blinked as not one, but SIX figures leapt out of the stairwell, his eyes widening as he was forced to fend off SIX copies of Kotaro from all sides "I see! Kagebunshin, a wonder of the east!" he exclaimed, lifting his arm to guard his face, only to receive a body blow from the original.

"You're a little too sure of yourself, ossan." Kotaro mocked, even as he held his arm out to the side, his eyes determined "But THIS'LL finish it! INUGAMI!"

The look on the youth's face when his shadowy familiars failed to form actually brought a smile to Herrmann's face, who wasted no time in grabbing Kotaro's arm and hoisting him off his feet. "Good! VERY nice!" Herrmann applauded, holding the Hanyou up without any sign of duress, even as he struggled "Even better than I thought, you've surprised this old man!" his gaze turned solemn "Sadly, however, you seem to have forgotten that THAT technique, for the moment, is beyond you."

That said, Herrmann delivered a powerful blow to the youth's torso, forcing the wind out of him and sending him to the ground, where he was held down by the man's boot. "I've no desire to put an end to such potential, believe me." Herrmann muttered, sounding oddly disappointed as he stood over the panting youth "But you leave me no choice…" he murmured, a dull light building up in the back of his throat "try not to think ill of me…"

Kotaro grimaced, waiting for the inevitable to come with clenched teeth and fire in his eyes despite his battered appearance, Natsumi looking on in horror from the corner, which only intensified when Chizuru came out of nowhere and slapped Herrmann so hard across the face it actually cut off whatever attack he'd been building up.

"As I said before, I don't know what's going on," the well-endowed young woman repeated, her glare stern and her hand firm despite the force of the blow "but I will not have you treat a child that way."

"Such fine moral fiber!" Herrmann applauded, chuckling genially despite the stinging of his cheek and the river of blood trickling down from his nostrils "It is seldom indeed I meet such resistance from a HUMAN…" here his eyes took on a dangerous glint "I find myself intrigued now…by you AND Kotaro-kun." He turned to face Chizuru, dismissing the panicking Natsumi altogether "Perhaps I shall have you come along as well!"


So far Negi Springfield was having a pretty good day. True he'd been exhausted earlier, what with Evangeline putting him through his paces, only to drain him of his blood as tuition, but Kuwabara had been there to shoulder the load, and when the others showed up it gave him a chance to grab a few extra hours of rest Asuna actually standing over him to make sure he slept.

But just as they were settling down for the night, the hair on the back of his neck had stood up straight, a sure sign that something was going on. What's more, this particular feeling was tied in with the slight, tugging sensation he felt whenever one of his partners used their pactio cards, a slight draining of his magical energy through the link they shared.

Since Asuna and Konoka were currently in the room with him, this meant it was either Nodoka, who'd gone off to the bath with Yue, or Setsuna, who said she wanted to patrol the grounds before turning in for the night, heedless of the silent danger that was hovering outside the window, a smile on it's gooey, shapeless face.

Offering an excuse to his confused roommates, the Welshman raced out into the corridor, trying to recall the exact route of Setsuna's patrol, which actually deviated depending on her schedule/mood, he soon came to the sudden, uncomfortable realization that he couldn't sense the girl anywhere, not through their link, nor through the pactio card.

Just as he was circling the hallway for the third time, hoping to bump into some trace of the winged kendo-ka, he noted that the door to Ayaka, Chizuru and Natsumi's room was open a jar, something not unusual in itself, his eyes widening as he espied the broken catch on the floor, and the tip of a dainty foot, partially hidden behind the door.

"I-Iincho-san!" he yelped, opening the door and gaping down at the comatose, slumbering form of the Class President, kneeling down to check her pulse, only to let out a sigh of relief as he realized she was breathing regularly, apparently in nothing more than a deep sleep, judging by her slight moans.

A sudden cry of 'CHIZU-NEE-!" from inside caught his attention however, the welsh wizard leaving Ayaka where she lay to race into the room, only to gape at the sight of a large, Black Clad man, clearly of European descent, standing in the middle of the room, an unconscious Naba Chizuru held in his arms.

"That was fast…" the man noted in perfect English, looking over his shoulder at the startled teen, his hawk-like eyes seeming to shine in the moonlight "Good afternoon, Young Negi Springfield."

"N-Naba-san!" Negi yelped, instinctively calling out to the mature young woman, before turning his attention to the intruder "D-dare-I mean, who are you?" he asked, switching mid-way from Japanese to English as he pointed at the man "Put her down, Please!"

The man seemed to scoff, looking the child-sensei over with an evaluative stare, before turning his back on him "I've collected seven of your associates already." He explained, eyeing the youth over his shoulder "If you'd like them returned safely, you must fight me."

Negi startled, his eyes widening as water rose up around the man, apparently from the rainwater running off him, much like it had for Fate in Kyoto, no doubt a high-class water teleportation spell.

"I'll await you at the stage beneath the Giant Tree in the middle of the Academy." The man challenged, turning to face the youth even as Negi charged him "If you care for your friends' safety, I'd advise against seeking help elsewhere."

"W-Wait!" Negi yelped, dashing forwards with his hand outstretched, only for the water to envelop the intruder and Chizuru, sending them off to the apparent battleground even as the youth stared on helplessly.

"A-Aniki!" Chamo hissed, the ermine interrupting Negi's attempt at comforting the terrified Murakami Natsumi by drawing his partner's attention "This guy! In the corner here!"

"Huh?" Negi muttered in confusion, turning round to gape at the youth Chamo had spotted on the floor "Oh! Kotaro-kun!"

"Nuh…Negi?" the Hanyou muttered, blinking dazedly up at his fellow ten-year-old's features as they swam into focus, only to sit up straight with a yell "NEGI! IT IS YOU!" he exclaimed, only to wince and cover his face "Waitaminute…what've I…oh yeah! NEGI! WE HAVE A SCORE TO SETTLE! LET'S FIGHT!"

"WE'VE NO TIME FOR THAT RIGHT NOW!" Negi insisted with an exasperated yell, wondering if it was really such a good idea to wake the Hanyou as he filled him in.


"…I see." Kotaro muttered, biting his thumbnail in thought as Negi finished off recounting what had happened "My memories must've been erased…and now I've gotten Chizuru-neechan involved…dammit, she's got nuthin' to do with this!" he looked up at Negi uncertainly "And you say he has the girls? Yue and Nodoka I can understand, but Asuna and the Shinmeiryuu girl?"

"That's what he SAID." Negi corrected the Hanyou, looking uncertain as well "Asuna-san may be strong, but she's still just a junior-high school girl."

Kotaro growled to himself, crossing his arms in thought as Chamo raced in, confirming their fears that Konoka and Asuna were indeed not in their dorm or in the baths. "Negi…" he called out, reaching behind his ear and pulling out a familiar bottle "About this vessel thing, all you need is to chant a spell and you can seal all of them into this. Use it."

"Right then!" Negi proclaimed, a little surprised at the sight of the bottle Stan had used all those years ago, in Japan of all places, but far too relieved to look a gift horse in the mouth "I have to go save them so-!"

"I'll go with you!" Kotaro exclaimed, pumping a fist eagerly, only to snarl as Negi made to protest on account of the Hanyou's injuries "SHADDUP! He caught me off guard is all!" his face grew determined "Besides, it's my fault Chizuru-neechan's caught up in all this." He clenched a fist before him "I owe her for rescuing me as well, so you can't stop me!"

"…Alright…" Negi agreed, the two of the grasping each others hands like teammates at a big game "Natsumi-san! Please be sure to look after Iincho-san, okay?"

And then they left, leaving a VERY confused Natsumi standing in the hall, looking quite out of it, and a slumbering Ayaka in the doorway.

And this is why the Ermine law was invented.

Cue the Nadesico music!

Narrator: What's this? A dastardly villain has kidnapped the maidens!

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Narrator: And so Young Negi rushes to the rescue!

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Setsuna: Ojou-sama! Cover yourself!

Narrator: Aided by his faithfull companion, our young hero ventures forth!

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Next time on Reikai Sensei Kuwabara: Monster Mash! Slime-girls demons and Lycanthropes, oh my!