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Chapter 26

As Seto moved forward into the flames surrounding his love. He found himself strangely calm about the danger he was currently in. He didn't care what Murphy or any of the others said about Jou's current state of mind. He knew the blond wouldn't hurt him. He wasn't sure how he knew or why he was so sure of this. But his instincts were practically screaming at him right now to do this, and he had never gone against his instincts. They had saved himself and Mokuba to many times to count.

Ignoring the burning sensation in his chest from the self inflicted wound, Seto forced himself to focus on the fire. Jou may not hurt him deliberately, but there could still be an accident if he didn't be careful about this.

As the first wall of flames came up before him, he didn't even pause as walked into them. After a few moments of swirling around him, without burning so much as a hair, they died down around his feet, crawling across the floor in step with him.

"Puppy, you know it's me don't you? Have you taken so much that my blood is already that familiar to you?" Seto called softly as he continued. At the moment he didn't care what the other may hear him say or see him do.

The dragons flying above him pausing in flight seemed to be his answer.

"Or can you smell your own blood mixed in with mine? Are you sensing the blood and power you have already marked me with?" Seto continued speaking softly with step he took.

The two water dragons came down from their places in the air landing to rest beside him. The one on the left opening his jaws in a silent roar inches from the brunette.

Seto didn't even give him a glance.

The one to the right immediately swung his tail forward in a vicious arc. Snapping it back quickly as Seto nether flinched nor slowed his step. Silently the two lowered themselves to the floor as Seto passed them both by.

Coming to a stop less than a foot in front of his blond, Seto was silent for a moment as he looked into the empty pools of gold that were his puppies eyes. He decided right then and there that he never wanted to see those eyes so dead again. To him Jou was the embodiment of life and energy. This lifeless look in front of him just seemed so wrong.

"Wake up pup, I know your in there. You've made a mess of things here you know that? Everyone is worried about you and waiting for you." Seto purred. Gathering a bit of his blood on the tips of his finger, he gently traced them along Jou's lips. A smile on his face as he noticed a spark flare briefly in those eyes. A deft pink tongue flickering out to taste the crimson liquid.


"That's right pup. You going to wake up now? You got to come back to me." Seto said, slowly wrapping his arms around the blond.

"What's going on?" Jou rasped as he seemed slowly waking up.

"Murphy said you went into a trance while using your power."

"Hungry...tired." Jou whimpered leaning his head forward as he caught the scent of Seto's blood.

"You just need to take care of the mess you made. Do that and I will take you up to your fire room and let you have as much as you want. Can you do that." Seto said.


"Yes let. I love you Jou and am very worried at the moment about you. But you will not feed from me by force, besides I think I owe you some sort of punishment for not telling me just how unstable you really were."

"Just a little please?"

"No biting." Seto said in a firm voice. He really didn't want his brother to see him writhing on the ground while Jou drank his blood. It might b e a little more than the kid could handle, Seto decided, as he gathered as much blood as he could from his new wound in his hand. Deciding it was enough for now, he held his hand up, allowing Jou to lap it up as he wished.

The moment he felt that soft tongue on his palm though he started to regret his actions, as his mind flashed back tot the last time he had felt that tongue. Though he noticed that as Jou drank the power around them slowly began to die out. The flames snuffing out and the water collapsing in miniature waterfalls to simply pool on the floor. After several moments all that was left was the still pools on the floor and the too loud music in the back round.

"Hey is he alright?" Yugi called breaking the silence between the two. Turning his head just enough to see the others in the corner of his eye. The brunette gave a short tense nod.

"Murphy, can you or Conner do anything about all this water? I need to get him upstairs for a bit. " Seto called back in a rough voice.

"No problem, neither of us have water ability's, but there is a servant of his fathers that can take care of it in no time." Murphy said, beginning to take a step forward.

"Stay right there. He is not fully himself yet and seems very hungry. I want you both to take care of Mokuba and Yugi for a bit while I take care of the pup. You called me Kaiba-sama earlier, does that mean you will treat my word like Jou's?" Seto asked, pulling his hand away from the blond.

"I do. I do not know about Conner or any of the others though." Murphy said slowly not sure what he was getting at.

"Your the one that matters then. I don't want you letting anyone, unless they out rank you, come upstairs until Jou or myself come down and get you. In the mean time you have permission to explain to my brother and Yugi what exactly I am to Jou." Seto said, before leaning down and picking up his blond. Once he had him in his arms, he strode towards the fire room and made his way up the stairs, not looking even once at the small group he left behind.

"Well that was certainly very interesting." Conner said.

"They will be alright?" Mokuba asked, the worry in his voice clear to them all.

"They should both be fine. But if your brother says that Jou is hungry than it is best to leave them alone. Now come, let's see about getting this all cleaned up and sorted out so we can open the club. After that we can have a Q&A session, since we were just given permission." Murphy sighed.

Of course those two would leave all the hard work to them.


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