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Summary: All human. Bella Swan is pretty much a nobody in high school and has been in love with Edward Masen, the most popular guy in school. What happens to Bella when he starts to take an interest in her?

Bella Swan sat at the farthest table you could possibly be in the cafeteria. The table wasn't necessarily the reject table, but was mostly filled with the bookworms and others who didn't really fit in with any other category.

Bella sat at the middle of the table with the whole cafeteria in her view. She was reading Wuthering Heights for the umpteenth time and occasionally glancing at the cliques in front of her or throwing a comment to her friend Angela.

There was a loud laugh and Bella looked up at the sound. It was a laugh she knew well and one that she had programmed in her mind. It was her favorite sound and the laugh belonged to Edward Masen. One would find that weird, considering that she has never even talked to him.

She doesn't know why she feels this way. Sometimes, she prays that she will just forget that he ever existed. And forget about this whole infatuation she has with him. Bella practically had to force herself to have a crush on someone else just so that she may ever forget about Edward Masen. Like last year, Bella was so sick of liking someone who didn't even know she existed, that she became obsessed with the idea of liking Mike Newton.

Of course it didn't help. In fact, it was the worst thing that she has ever did because he found out and was under the delusion that she really liked him. He was consistently asking her out and eventually, she agreed just to get him off her back. It was the worst date of her life. He was all over her the whole time and kept asking the most ridiculous questions.

As much as Bella tries to forget about Edward and as much as she toys with the idea of liking someone else, she knows that it is a lost cause. There must be something about Edward that makes girls fall for him. Maybe it is the fact that he is perfect in everything that he does without even trying. He has the looks that any guy would kill for. He can make any girl swoon and just one look from Edward Masen and he could have you in his grasp forever.

Why him, Bella thought. Any guy would have been better then Edward. He is the one guy that she could only dream of having and you better believe she has dreamed it. He defines perfect and who was she? Just a clumsy, average girl who fell in love with him.

Love? No it isn't love. It couldn't possibly be. How can you love someone you have never spoken to? Love, that is an absurd idea. She thought of this for a few more minutes and then turned to look at him, looking for some clues to what she was thinking. To her great embarrassment, he was looking straight at her. And what was more surprising was that he smiled. The right thing for her to do would be to smile back. But did Bella do that? No. For one, she wasn't positive that he was looking at her and two, she wasn't sure that she could handle looking him straight in the face. As stupid as it seems, she thought that somehow he would know how she feels about him.

Great, she thought. He probably thinks that I'm a stuck up bitch. He smiles and what do I do? I blush like and idiot and avert my eyes.

"Bella? Are you feeling okay?" Angela asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. Why?"

"Well you are kind of pale and you have been staring at the same spot for five minutes," she said.

Was I really, she thought. See what he does to me? One smile and I space out for five minutes. "Oh, I was just thinking. I have a lot on my mind."

Angela looked at her with concern. "Is everything all right? You know you can tell me anything."

Bella hasn't told anyone about her feelings for Edward. She thinks that if she doesn't say them aloud, then maybe they will go away. Besides, she couldn't bare it if anyone laughed at her. Not that Angela would ever do that.

Bella smiled. "No, don't worry. It's just school work and such, nothing serious."

"Okay but if you ever need anything..."

"I'll come to you. Thanks Ang, I appreciate it," Bella said.

Bella looked at the clock and saw that she still had 15 minutes. She sighed and continued to read. By the time she knew it, the bell had rung and she was walking towards the people milling out of the cafeteria. Not really paying attention to what she was doing, ran into someone. When she looked up, she was face-to-face with the one person that was always on her mind.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going," Edward said.

"No, it was my fault," Bella mumbled.

Edward smiled, "Well, either way, I'm sorry. Ladies first?" He asked motioning to the door.

"Thanks," Bella said as she went through the door, the next blush faded into the last.

Bella hurried as quickly away as she could without falling on her face. Bella looked back once and saw someone standing in the middle of the hallway staring at her.