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Bella's Pov

One more hour. One more hour and I will be going to Seattle with Edward. No matter how many times I say it, I can't believe it. I don't know how or why it happened but obviously it did, judging by yesterday morning. I was surprised to see him at my locker, even though it had happened before.

"Hi," he said. It wasn't even necessary to look and see who it was. I did anyway, just to see his crooked smile.

"Hello, Edward," I said, pleasantly and composed as I could possibly be around him.

"I just wanted to ask you a few things. First, what time do you want to leave? Is there anywhere you need to go before we take off? And, is there a specific time you need to be home?" He asked, counting the questions off his fingers.

"Okay," I said, thinking. "Anytime is okay with me..."

He interrupted me, "What time can you be ready?"

I smiled. "I can be ready about 7:30."

"You don't want to sleep in?" He asked, frowning.

"No!" I said. The earlier I wake up, the earlier I can see you. Of course I didn't say that. There is no need for him to know the level of my infatuation...

He chuckled but didn't say anything.

"There is nowhere I need to go. And my curfew is 11:30, but I doubt that we will be gone that long," I said with a smile. "I think that answers all of your questions. Now, I have one of my own..."

"What?" He asked reluctantly.

"What do you need to get at Seattle?" I asked, curious.

Edward just looked confused.

Now I was confused. "You said that you have been meaning to go to Seattle. Why?"

"Oh! Uh...books," he said dubiously.

Books? I started to get the idea that he wasn't going to Seattle for books. But, then why would he lie? Was there something that he needed and he couldn't tell me? Did he need anything at all? Once again, why would he lie?

"Oh, books. Good, I need some too," I said.

"Alright then," he said, relieved. "I will pick you up at 7:30. Why don't I give you my number, just in case?"

"Okay, sounds good," I said, taking the piece of paper. Why is he staring at me? Oh, God! Did I space out again... What does he want? Why is he staring at me? I was getting frantic when he turned and walked away.

I am now sitting in my kitchen, at 6:30, trying to force some breakfast down. I am too nervous and excited to eat. I woke up at 5:30 and it only took me about a half hour to get ready.

I heard someone coming down the stairs.

"Bella? Are you down here?" My mom asked, walking into the kitchen.

"Yeah. I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep," I said, which was partially true. I did wake up early but because I set my alarm that way. I thought I needed more time to get ready, physically and mentally.

"So, do you know what time you are going to be home?" She asked.

"No, but I won't be too late," I said.

She looked like she was about to say something else but decided against it.

"What?" I asked.

Renee looked reluctant to answer. "I'm just not sure about this Bel. I mean, you hardly know the guy."

I don't know him? Is she serious? I feel like I have known him for years. I guess she wouldn't know this, considering I have never mentioned him before. She knows his family, it's Forks after all.

"It's okay, Mom. It's only for a little while," I reassured her.

"Okay, honey. I'm off to work," she said, kissing my forehead.

My mom's current job was teaching kindergartners. I think that it is perfect for her but who knows how long she will stick with it. She changes professions like I change underwear.

My dad, however, is the chief of police. He is a very popular guy in this town. Well, I guess he has to be, picking up all of the demons the parents had. Charlie left about 5:45. He was ten times worse than my mom. I wouldn't be surprised if he checked to see if Edward had a criminal record. He grilled me before he left.

"What time is this Edmund kid picking you up?" He asked.

"It's Edward dad," I said, embarrassed. "And 7:30."

He studied me for a moment. "Is it just going to be you two?"

I sighed. "Yes, dad."

I drew the line when he asked me if Edward had any speeding tickets. How the hell would I know something like that? I figured he would look anyway, so why ask me?

There was a knock at the door and I looked at the clock. 7:30, he was right on time. I went to let him in.

Edward was smiling before I even opened the door. "Good morning," he said pleasantly.

I said hi and told him to wait until I grabbed my purse and jacket. While I was walking out of my bedroom, I glanced at the mirror and stopped dead in my tracks. I was so surprised because I was glowing. I don't remember ever looking so happy...

I stopped dead in my tracks, for the second time. When I walked downstairs I saw Edward studying my school photos. I blushed and cleared my throat. Edward looked over and smiled.

"Shall we?" He asked.

We had only been driving for about 5 minutes when I realized that my dad was on to something when he asked me about Edward's speeding tickets. He loves to go fast, that's for sure.

"So, Bella. I feel like I know nothing about you. Tell me some things," he said, glancing at me.

"Um, like what? I can't just think of things," I said.

Edward smiled. "How about we play 20 questions?"

I bit my lip and nodded. I have to admit, I was scared. I was practically giving him free reign to ask me anything.

"What do you do in your spare time?"

That was easy enough. "Hmm. anything really. I love to read. Classics, mostly. I am easily occupied," I said. "And you. Same question."

"Music is my passion," he said, without thinking about it. " I love playing piano."

My eyebrows rose in surprise. "Really?"

"Yes. I'll play for you sometime," he promised.

"And basketball? Don't you enjoy that?" I asked.

I studied him and noticed that he frowned. I thought that he wasn't going to answer at first. But then...

"It used to be. It's just not the same anymore," he said, looking out the window.

I was confused. "Then, why do you still play?"

"My dad, mostly. He loves the game and I don't want to disappoint him. Next, question. What is your favorite band?" He asked, closing the basketball conversation.

I gasped. "Just one?"

Edward smiled. "Okay, three."

"That's tough... Muse, Sugarcult, and My Chemical Romance," I said after a minute. "There is a lot more, trust me."

We continued this way for most of the ride. Some of the questions weren't that difficult. Then, there were the ones that were.

"Who was the last guy you liked?" He smirked at me.

"Hey! That's not fair. I refuse to answer any questions about my romantic interests," I said indignantly. You are the only guy I have liked but I'm not going to tell you that.

"That's bull. Come on, I won't tell..." he pleaded.

"Ha! No way," I said with finality.

My stomach growled and I couldn't get too upset because it made him forget about the questions.

"Didn't you eat anything?" He asked. disapproval in his voice.

"No. It's hard for me to eat in the morning. My stomach is just not ready for it," I lied.

Edward smiled. "Well, lets get some food then..."