This is a poem I wrote about the show Legacy from Marita's point of view (on her relationship with Sean). It is not very good because I wrote it in about an hour and poetry isn't my forte! LOL. But I do love the show and I wanted to write something and I wasnt up for writing a whole fanfic at the moment.

Disclaimer: I dont own the anything on and/or about the show. It belongs to Alliance and whoever else. I make no money off this crappy poem! Rated: G


I shouldn't love you of this I am sure, we come from different worlds, two shells on two different shores. I shouldnt love you,One rich, one poor, how would we live? To you its caviar to me it is only fish eggs.

I shouldn't love you, dark skin and light, who has ever seen the day together with the night. The world says I shouldn't love you, of this they are sure, An abomination, an act against God, unnatural, they would say for the rest of our days.

I shouldn't love you, but in quiet moments, when the world is still, my reasons, and fears are light as air, I can then face the world with a resolute stare.

I shouldnt love you, but when your arms are around me, your lips upon mine, I can't help but tempt fate just one more time.

I shouldn't love you, How can we be wrong if we feel so right? But, if we were right, would we have to creep around, in the middle of the night.... Sneaking, lying, denying, this is no way of life! I have no need for this kind of strife!

I shouldn't love you, but God help me I do; shall I walk away, find someone new? No, I couldn't do that, but there is no going forward and no going back.

I shouldn't love you... I shouldn't love you... I shouldn't love you... If I tell myself enough times... Perhaps I will believe it, because right now, I can't think of a single reason why I shouldn't love you.