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Team Emmet.

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Bella: EEEEEEEdward.

Edward: Yes, love?

Bella: Where were you for the past….3 DAYS?

Edward: Hunting…I told you that…?


Edward: You just started panicking….?

Bella: Don't be absurd Edward. I just went into super panic mode today.

Edward: Oh. But I left a note on your bed.


Edward: Actually, yes.

Bella: Hold on.

Edward: Will do.

Bella: Oh, It fell behind my bed. Probably knocked it over when I tripped and FELL.

Edward: Are you alright, love?

Bella: NO! I CRACKED MY SKULL OPEN AND MY SPLEEN FELL OUT. Yes, of course I'm fine. I just tripped over my shoe.

Edward: Not the floor this time?

Bella: HAHA Edward.

Alice has entered the room.

Alice: Bella!

Bella: Alice….

Alice: Um, Bella?

Edward: She's cranky because she tripped and lost the note I left her.

Alice: She fell?

Edward: Uh, yes. Did I not just say that?

Bella: You guys type waaayy to fast.

Edward: 6,589 words per minute.

Bella: Shoooooow off!

Alice: 5,986 words.

Bella: Again, Shoooow off!

Alice: Well, what can I say?

Bella: You're immortal.

Alice: No need to point the obvious.

Edward: Its not obvious.

Alice: It isn't?

Edward: Oh, no! We've just been walking around for 100 some years, and people think 'OH! VAMPIRE! LETS CATCH IT!'

Alice: HAHAHAHAHAHAH! You crack me up.

Bella: The words are popping up too fast!

Edward: Sorry.

Alice: Sorry, I'm immortal.


Hopefully the new chapters will be funnier. I'm going to add some Emmett! ♥♥♥♥

I see Emmett as a funny perverted fellow. So, that's how you'll get 'im.

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