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"You…battled through Hell itself?"

"Demons with pitchforks, pits of fire, vicious torture…the whole deal."

Ike quirked a brow with some skepticism present. Pit snickered. "Actually, the demons didn't have pitchforks because the majority of them didn't have arms, and there wasn't a lot of fire. Plenty of darkness, though. People tend to think Hell is this big burning furnace of agony, but it is actually very, very cold. The pain lies within the lack of light and warmth." Pit seemed to visibly shudder for a moment. They had been walking for some thirty minutes now and had come upon a vast green forest. Their stories were not quite finished being shared yet, but neither Brawler saw any hurry to come to the end of the walk. "While I was making my way out, there were times when the darkness seemed to be alive. It was very claustrophobic, very stressful; you had little way of knowing what was in front or behind you. Those were the times when I trained myself to be as alert as possible, so nothing could surprise me."

"Are you still afraid…?"

Pit blinked, wings fluttering. "Sorry?"

"Of the dark," Ike explained, meeting the young warrior's gaze. "Are you still afraid?"

Pit wrinkled his nose and made a face, arms stiffening. His head shook as if to clear his mind of resurfacing nightmares. "I hate it," he said finally. "It makes my blood run cold." He looked up at Ike, lips pushing into a small pout. "Does that sound silly?"

"Not at all," replied Ike, waving a dismissive hand. "Many people fear the dark, and they have good reason to. Terrible things, terrible secrets, manipulate the dark—use it to cover their tracks."

The cherub frowned, lowering his eyes as they walked. Trees rustled around them as the wind picked up; Pit dropped back a few steps to stretch his wings against it without bumping them into Ike. "Is there something you're afraid of, Ike?" he wondered.

Ike thought long and hard. The sun filtered down through the leaves as they came to a small clearing, lined with trees and wild brush with small gatherings of flowers and ferns peppered through the grass. His brow creased tightly down the middle as the cogs turned in his head. What was he afraid of?

"I'm…afraid…of losing my friends," he admitted softly.

Their walk slowed and Pit rubbed his fingers gently on the edge of one golden blade. "Ah; fear of loneliness."

"Not a fear of loneliness, a fear of loss," said Ike with a frown. "There is a difference."

"Is there?" challenged Pit, smiling sideways at Ike. "If you lose all of your friends, one can conclude you will have no one left to turn to; therefore you will be alone."

Ike scoffed. "You're very philosophical."

"Am I not allowed to be?"

"I never said that."

Pit laughed, his lips drawing out a wide smile he tried to hide behind his hand. "Are you aggravated now?"

Ragnell's flat edge thumped Ike's shoulders resolutely and the warrior turned his head. "No."

"Oh, don't be like that." sighed Pit, his smile fading quickly. "You're stubborn."

Ike hummed.

They stopped walking at some point, they both realized. Now standing in the middle of the small clearing, Pit looked up at the sky—at the clouds that were floating lazily over the trees, at the leaves rustling in the breeze, the sunlight warming the grass under their feet. The angel, arms at his sides, let drop from his hand the double-bladed weapon he carried with him always. The soft crackling of grass upon impact caught Ike's attention, making him turn to see Pit lift himself on his toes, arching his back with his eyes closed and smiling a serene smile. His wings fluttered and stretched their full span along Pit's arms from fingertip to fingertip. Pit breathed deeply, basking in the sunlight.

"Mmmm, it's such a good day." He sighed. "I want to fly some more before the sun goes down."

Pit didn't move from this position for some time, and Ike didn't take his gaze away; he watched with a light curiosity, eyes following up and down Pit's form at how he stood. He seemed almost as if he might be glowing, and the softness of his smile was so pleasant that it made Ike melt a little bit.

"It is," he agreed, "A very good day."

A part of Ike soon felt oddly guilty for speaking as his words appeared to break Pit's moment of serenity. His arms dropped, wings folding against his shoulders. He sighed in a satisfied manner, azure eyes shifting to his company. "I've learned a lot about you, Ike," the angel mused. "Thank you for sharing. You're an interesting person."

"As are you," Ike replied. "I can see why Palutena made you her Captain. You've been through much."

"She felt that she owed me," explained Pit. "I did save her life, after all."

Pausing at this, Ike lifted a brow. "What are you saying? That you didn't want the position?"

"Well…" the cherub pouted again, "Kind of, and not really." He pressed a finger to his lips childishly as he thought. "Before she gave me that power, I knew…that it was a big responsibility, and at first I wasn't sure. But Palutena was patient with me. She gave me three days to consider her offer, and left the choice up to me. And when I thought about it, I eventually concluded that I could do it—that I wanted to do it. If it were for Palutena, I would go back to Hell and die for her if she wished."

Ike paused, falling silent. He could recall someone else who had shown a similar devotion to him… "You are very loyal," he said.

Pit's arms draped behind his back idly; "I love her," he replied.

He couldn't stop himself; he was curious. "Love her, or…?"

Pit smiled. "Like a mother and a Queen. The way a Goddess should be loved. I worship her. She is my world."

Somehow, Ike wasn't surprised, yet he couldn't stop himself from being a little startled as well as impressed. Even in his own experience, he'd never met someone who had called another the center of their existence like Pit did with Palutena. It was a powerful, amazing brand of fidelity that seemed only to come around once every lifetime and Ike felt somewhat blessed to see it in his own. In some way, it gave him a little more hope for the victory he strived to claim back home.

"I don't suppose you have any room for other people in your world?"

Immediately, Pit turned his whole body to face Ike, wings flapping. Ike was suddenly locked by the strange mischievous smirk spreading across the angel's cherubic face and the oddly wicked glint in his eye. "Of course there's room!" he exclaimed, leaning towards Ike with a sideways glance. "What makes you think there isn't?"

The invasion of his personal space was making him uneasy. "N-Nothing," Ike stammered. "I was just curious."

"Hmmm…?" Pit's smirk widened, nearly from ear to ear. He peered up at Ike as if inspecting him, his stance spunky and childish. Ike blinked several times, moving back every time Pit moved forward.

"What? Why are you staring at me?" When Pit didn't answer, Ike's eyes narrowed. "Is…Is there something on my face?"

Pit's wings and his body from the shoulders up soon took on a halo of blue light. A chiming thrum of energy indicated his use of some gifted power, and Pit's wings arched up, not needing to beat the air in order to let him float. He smiled serenely like he did when stretching under the sun, moving in towards Ike, who was growing quite restless at his sudden confusing inability to read the angel's next move.

"No, Ike; I just like you." Warm hands cupped Ike's cheeks and Pit, now floating level with the warrior's height, leant in and plainly kissed him.

Ragnell made a heavy thump as it hit the ground and Ike made a gasping sort of sound, eyes wide. His hands, both now free, grabbed Pit firmly at the junction of his neck and jaw and wrenched him back. Ike received a hearty pout in response.

"Don't—what—you—what in the—!"

"Sputtering doesn't become you, Ike," Pit sighed. "I just said that I like you."

Ike's face warmed. "Don't joke like that!" he snapped.

"But I'm not joking!" Pit intensified his pout.

He was torn between being embarrassed and being angry. He settled for both. "Listen, Pit, that's reason to—"

"Isn't this what people do, when they have an interest in each other?"

Ike glared. "I'm afraid I don't have that kind of interest in you," he shot plainly.

Pit rolled his eyes, groaning. "You mortals are so tunnel-minded! As long as you love something about the person, wouldn't it make sense to want this sort of thing?"

"You're being promiscuous," Ike chided.

"I am being sincere," Pit argued. He added, smiling, "Besides, it's not promiscuous if we're each other's first partners, yes?"

Ike was blushing furiously now. "We've barely known each other a day!" Pit ignored this, staring resolutely into Ike's eyes, which were pouring frustration. When he continued to hover before the warrior, Ike let out a huff. "Very well—explain it to me! What could you possibly love about me that would cause you to behave this way?"

Pit extended his arms to wrap them around Ike's neck. The blue-haired fighter wasn't happy about it, but he didn't move. "I love your bravery…your strength…your tolerance for others…your kindness…" the angel chuckled. "And the fact that you didn't punch my lights out for kissing you just now."

But oh how tempting it is, thought Ike irritably. Still, as he listened to Pit, he was…somewhat tamed. Still didn't like the fact that the cherub was hanging on him like this.

"Come on. Please, Ike…?" Pit traced one finger over the Brawler's jaw.

Ike frowned deeply. "Why?"

"Why not?"

The fighter wasn't buying it. Pit sighed. "I've already explained. I find you interesting, Ike, and I've already shared my life story with you. Now I'm interested in sharing this with you." Ike didn't answer, and Pit turned his head curiously. "Do you deny having a similar interest? In my qualities as a person, I mean."

He couldn't believe he was even giving Pit's words a second thought as the halo of blue light dancing across his skin began to fade. Gravity resumed its earthly pull on the angel's body, and Ike caught Pit firmly by the waist the moment he began to drop. The cherub locked his legs around Ike's middle, waiting patiently as the Brawler's expression fluctuated between moods during his deep inner thought. "…No," he finally managed hesitantly.

It was progress. Pit smiled, his wings curling forward to brush Ike's upper arms with the tips. The contact made Ike shiver a little at the softness. "And in that sense, do you find me attractive?"


"Yes or no, Ike?"

Tersely, "…Yes."

"Then, what's the problem?"

Ike had to force himself not to stammer. There were lots of problems! You're too young, I just met you, it's too casual, we're WORLDS apart, and Soren—Soren…? Ike knit his brow down the center. His lips pressed into a thin line. Soren… Pit's wide blue eyes and short earthen hair were briefly replaced by long raven strands of silk and deep ruby orbs, flashing at him from a distance with a poorly disguised desire. Soren… What about Soren? He hadn't thought much of the other until now.

The angel clinging to his torso seemed to pick up on some level of his inner monologue. "Are you waiting for someone?"

"…What?" Ike blinked. He honestly forgot to pay attention.

"This kind of link with someone—are you saving it for another?"

Ike paused. "…Well…" Soren's face flashed in his mind again, but Ike didn't quite make the connection. "…no…not really…"

Pit stretched himself up, again making himself level with Ike. One hand sifted up through short blue spikes of hair while the other rested on Ike's jaw. "Then, there's no worry," he purred.

He didn't give Ike room to argue past opening his mouth, which Pit took stellar advantage of, fitting his lips neatly against Ike's. Ike tensed, frozen while the cherub kissed him a few times in succession, sucking on his bottom lip when it could be spared. Slowly, the Brawler began to respond; Ike's eyes slid shut and he pressed a little more firmly into the next kiss, getting a low hum out of Pit in reply. After that sound, Ike's mind began a south-bound spiral and he stopped trying to think.

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