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Author's Note: A short story set sometime after Sam starts dating Pete. Please read and let me know what you think.


Daniel Jackson stalked down the corridors of the SGC, a look of determined focus on his usually easy-going face. Things had gone far enough. Okay, so upholding regulations and sacrificing happiness for the sake of your planet were admirable traits but, after a while, he had grown tired of hearing those excuses.

And excuses were exactly what they were. He knew these two better than he knew anybody else and he knew that both of them were afraid. Over the years this had amused him. Two people who regularly threw themselves in death's path without hesitation, without even flinching, and yet the idea of starting a romantic relationship with one another turned them both into quivering wrecks of cowardice and rationalisation.

Daniel shook his head in exasperation. At himself as well as at them. He had let this drag on for far too long. He should have stepped in sooner. He should have done something the first time he heard the name 'Pete'. He should have stopped this. Marriage? What was Sam thinking? What was Jack thinking, to just stand back and watch?

That had been bad enough – the cold, professional distance that haddeveloped between his two friends. But last night…last night had been frightening. Sam and Jack never fought, not like that. He supposed it was only to be expected – so much emotion and fear and anger could only stay pent up for so long.

But still, it had frightened him as he had stood there outside Sam's lab, listening through the closed door. He had almost charged in, anxious to stop the harsh, angry words but he had held himself back. It wouldn't have helped. Jack would not listen to sense when he was angry and Sam would hate that someone had heard her lose control. He would only have made things worse and so he had walked away and given things time to calm down.

Today, though, he was going to have his say. To both of them. He was not about to stand back and let them destroy what lay between them, to destroy themselves. He couldn't do that and still call himself their friend. No matter what problems it caused, they needed to do what would make them happy. They had sacrificed enough.

Daniel rounded the corner, running over the speech he planned to give Sam, and almost ran into Teal'c who was standing stock still outside Sam's lab. Daniel looked at him quizzically.

"She is not here, Daniel Jackson."

"What?" Teal'c simply gestured toward the lab door. Daniel followed the gesture and suddenly let out a whoop of surprised laughter.



"So, breakfast?" Daniel and Teal'c headed toward the commissary, leaving behind Sam's lab and the little white note hanging on the door, Sam's handwriting unmistakable. Two words were all she had felt the need to write, explaining where she was: Gone Fishin'.