Alright recently I was inspired to write a DBZ fic. I couldn't figure out a good storyline for a normal story so I decided to write a self insert. From what I've seen on there have only been a slim amount of great self-inserts. I took some notes and hopefully you guys will like it. Leave feedback good or bad as long as its not mega-flame.

This will take place after the Buu saga.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, or any other franchise mentioned in this story.

David Griffin walked down the street on a mission. It was time for his daily trip to the grocery store by command of his parents. Of course it didn't hurt if he stopped by the game shop on the way. Dave walked in and headed straight to the Xbox 360 section. He lazily looked over the selection of games slightly uninterested. He would be happy next month when GTA 4 came out.

As he was ready to leave the store he saw it. Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for the 360. "No way" he mumbled to himself. Without a seconds hesitation he grabbed it and headed to the counter to pay.

"I thought they only made the series for Playstation and the Wii" Dave said to the clerk and source for all game reviews.

"Yea, it's a recent decision they made with Microsoft" he replied. "A smart one too."

"You're telling me I can't believe this" Dave said. He felt like a little kid again.

"Oh, and here, you get this promotional Four Star Dragonball" the clerk said reaching under the desk, "limited time only."

"Wow, this is kind of heavy. Is it real?" Dave asked; usually these things where just plastic.

"Eh, probably just got some metal in it to give it some weight" the clerk answered. "Have a nice day."

Dave hurried out of the store, he couldn't wait to play it and face others online. Then he stopped and remembered 'The groceries'. He made a u-turn and headed back to the market. 'The faster I get this done, the faster I can play' he thought as he quickened his pace.

Now let me give you some details on David Griffin. He was a seventeen year old that lived in the city. His curly black hair came down to his brow in bangs. Dave had some muscle seeing as he was on the soccer team at his high school. His blue eyes could be piercing or light-hearted; which he was most of the time. So to summarize his life thus far, it was good.

David arrived at his house and after placing the groceries in their proper place he headed for his room, game and dragonball in hand. Dave plopped down in front of his tv as he opened the game. As he waited for the game to load he rotated the orange orb curiously. 'It's really nice, I've gotta put it someplace safe' he thought as he placed it on his desk and began the game. What he failed to notice was the slight glow emitting from the orb

…Dave yawned as he shut down his Xbox. He glanced at the digital clock and saw it was almost 12:30. 'Damn, school is going to be hell tomorrow' he thought. Maybe he could get his way out of it by faking a sickness. It was worth it though, after getting acquainted with the controls he went straight to online play. Needless to say Dave had won some and loss some.

David flicked the lights off and hopped into bed, still blissfully unaware of the orb that steadily began to grow brighter. ..

'Is it daylight already' thought Dave as he shielded his eyes from the light. He turned and looked at the clock. 4:00. 'What the hell?'

Dave got up and looked around for the source of the light. His gaze fell upon the dragonball. He walked over to it curiously as he looked for a power switch. "Now how do you turn this off?" he mumbled. He grabbed the orb and it began to glow brighter. "What the-?"

He was cut off as the light engulfed him. When Dave opened his eyes lights were streaking past him. Stars, planets, meteors, space and time itself was flying by him. Now normally Dave would think this was awesome but inside he felt like he was being ripped apart. Another light began to grow and everything went black for young David Griffin.

"…Is he alive?..."

"…I don't know…"

"…Let's find out…"

"…How will we do that?..."

"…Poke him dummy"

Dave slowly regained consciousness as he felt something jabbing him in the side. 'That was a wild dream' he thought.

"Hey Trunks he's alive" called a child's voice. 'Trunks? Wait I should be in my room. What if that wasn't a dream!' Dave sat up and saw two children standing in front of him. One had black hair that spiked out in various directions, the other had long purple hair, and both seemed oddly familiar.

"Hey buddy what are you doing in my yard?" asked the purple haired boy.

"Huh? Yard? Last thing I remember I was in my room. Where am I?" Dave asked becoming, 'A yard?'

"Capsule Corp. duh" the purple haired boy said.

'Capsule Corp? Spiky hair? Then it hit him. "Goten and Trunks!" he shouted.

"Wha! Don't scream out like that!" Goten said jumping back.

'How is this possible?' he thought. 'This world doesn't even exist.'

"Hey Trunks he has a dragonball" Goten said noticing the orange orb in Dave's hand. 'That must be it. This dragonball has somehow done the impossible; but how?' As Dave thought more and more about it, he began to realize how amazing this was.

"Alright buddy, you're coming with us" Trunks said. "My mom should be able to get some answers."

Dave followed the three boys inside and was finally able to comprehend the size of this mansion.

"Mom!" Trunks called as he entered the house.

"I'm in the kitchen" came the shout of Bulma. Dave followed them, still observing the house when he realized they were in the kitchen.

"And who's your friend Trunks?" asked Bulma as she looked up from he cooking.

"Uhm, we don't know" Trunks replied.

"Yea we found him in the yard" Goten filled in. Bulma gave a weary eye towards Dave and he began to explain himself.

"Listen, Mrs. Brief, I don't even know how I'm here. Last thing I remember I'm in my bed next I'm in your backyard" Dave said. Bulma looked at him before letting up.

"Why don't you sit down and explain your story. Boys go back to the yard and play" she instructed.

Dave took a seat at the table and began his story. He told her everything from being from a different world and finding the dragonball to arriving here. Of course he left out the part of this being a anime cartoon in his world.

"Interesting" Bulma said. "I know the dragonballs have mystical powers but I've never heard of them allowing time travel especially just one." 'Maybe he arrived like Trunks from the future did, however he never said anything about a time machine.'

"So any ideas?" Dave asked hopefully.

"Well, I have been working on a time machine but maybe the clue is within the dragonballs" she suggested. "I'll call Goku, maybe he can help. Why don't you go play with the boys."

Dave nodded thankfully and headed out the way he came in. He arrived outside to see Goten and Trunks running or rather flying before they noticed his presence.

"So can you fight?" asked Trunks.

"Uh, you mean like martial arts?" both children nodded. "No."

Dave watched the children exchange glances as grins crept on their faces. Suddenly Trunks dashed towards him. "Shit what to do when a demi-saiyan is running towards you' he thought. Trunks jumped up to punch him in the jaw and out of instinct he moved to deflect it. To both of their surprise he blocked it and only moved back a few feet. Sadly, Goten followed up with a head butt to the gut and Dave fell to the ground in pain while the kids laughed.

Vegeta happened to be watching from the gravity room windows. "Impressive" he said to himself. "For an earthling."