I absolutely love fairy tales converted to yaoi stories! I'm always looking for them (with little success) and the thought struck me to write one. AU, again, I'm afraid. I ALMOST did a Harry/Severus, but this IS my favorite pairing…I've never found this before, but if I'm repeating someone, I apologize. XD This isn't exactly the same as the classic fairy tale.

After receiving a letter from his father he sets out to a beautiful but sinister castle in the woods where a monster captures him and holds him against his will. Slash, HP/LV Character Death, AU

Beauty and the Beast

Chapter OneInnocent

The wind was harsh, and the rain was cold. James trembled, not knowing if he would live through this one. Lily and the children would worry for him, and he would never return. He'd die out here, in the middle of nowhere; unable to bring his children their gifts, and knowing he had failed them all.

He shivered under his thin coat, pulling it tighter around himself. He was about to give up and find a place to sit and await his doom when he saw a light up ahead. He walked towards it cautiously, wondering if it was another group of thieves. They might take the very clothes off his back when they found out he'd already been robbed once that night.

But he was in luck. A large castle appeared before him in a clearing. He hurried forward, hoping he could implore the man of the house to at least supply with him a compass so he could return home.

He knocked once, but no answer came. But James knew this was his only hope, so he pushed on the doors, and to his surprise, they opened.

It was dark inside. The light he had seen had come from the upper rooms, so he assumed whoever was home was upstairs, and hadn't heard his knock.

He looked around for a source of light and noticed a small candle. He reached for it, his fingers curling around the silver candlestick and picking it up. The stubby candle flared to life suddenly, making James gasp. He heard a footsteps running towards him at amazing speed, and looked up in time to see a flash of red eyes before everything went black.


"It's a letter! A letter from your father!" Lily exclaimed, rushing into their small kitchen where the children sat, eating their small breakfasts in their small clothes. Everything had gotten small since their fathers business had ended so horribly. He had heard news that the business was coming back, and had quickly set out to see for himself. He had been gone for a week now, and they had all been worried.

Harry and his two sisters stood, crowding around their mother.

"Was there a package with it, mother?" Harry's sister Helen asked eagerly. She and Harry's other sister, Hope, had both asked for jewelry and clothes when their father asked them what they wanted as gifts.

"I'm afraid not, my dears." Lily said, not noticing the way they both deflated in disappointment. Harry did, but he didn't care. He was just happy to hear from his father.

Lily opened the letter, smiling at her husband's messy handwriting. She flattened the paper and read. "'To my dearest family, Things are going so well down at the port. Even better then I had imagined. I cannot return just yet, and have no had time to buy any presents for Hope and Helen. Unfortunately this is not a letter just to give you good news. You see, I have to ask that Harry come to see me, to help me with my work. I will send for the rest of my lovely family as soon as possible. You can expect your gifts soon, my dears. Your father, James Potter.' Oh there are directions on the back of the letter. Well all right, you go pack, Harry, and I'll prepare you some food to take along. Oh I am so glad your father is doing well!"


Harry was excited. He was going to get to see his father, and get away from his dreadful sisters. They had both glared at him as he packed his things, as if they were being abused by not receiving their luxuries.

They would get them, though, and be happy, and maybe he himself would be happy as well. He was returning back home, and if his love hadn't yet found another…

He wouldn't let himself think that yet, though. No, he had to concentrate on work until he father was on his feet again. And then maybe he could seek him out so they could finally get married.

Harry pulled out the letter once more and frowned at the small map. His father had written the letter on the back of a map so Harry would be able to find him. But these directions led into the forest, several miles away from the port. Perhaps his father had some sort of carriage to take him back and fourth between the port and where he was staying in the woods.

He was getting close now. He'd been walking for days, sometimes running just so he could get there sooner.

He stopped on the edge of the clearing, not believing his eyes. It was a castle. Far to big to be called a mansion. A beautiful one, and even bigger then the one they had stayed in while their business was thriving. It was surrounded by lush gardens of flowers and vegetables, and there were small ducks swimming around in a giant lake resting under a lovely willow trees.

But the castle seemed strangely sinister, and Harry felt uneasy. Why was his father staying in such a beautiful yet horrible place?

He walked towards it slowly but no one came out to greet him. Harry could not see any horses or carriages, and he felt himself growing uneasier with every step towards the giant castle.

Cats hurried away from his approach and the leaves of various plants brushed against him as he padded over soft grass.

He stepped up to the door that was three times taller then him and raised his arm, knocking three times. There was no answer. He frowned and grabbed the handles boldly, pushing them. They gave in, to his surprise, very easily, and he stumbled into a large entrance hall.

It was wonderful! The statues, the portraits, the large, marble stair case leading up to the towers above. There were more doors across from him only slightly smaller then the main one, and a small passage that seemed to lead down to the dungeons.

It was silent inside, and the sinister feeling all but over whelmed him. He turned to see a beautiful red rose, with a small card sitting on it on a small table. He walked over to it slowly, and picked up the card.

You asked for a rose, and I have given it to you. In return, you will stay here with me, forever.

Harry felt a chill of fear run down his spine. He dropped the card, turning to flee from this horrible place, but he could go no where, because there was a tall man standing there, a cold, lipless smile on his face. He had no nose, just slits that flared as if inhaling his smell. His skin was chalky white and thick looking. But worst of all were his eyes, mere red slits that looked at him closely.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, young Harry Potter. This is now your home."


"Monster!" Harry wailed as the snake like creature carried him up the marble stairs. He acted as if Harry weighed nothing at all. His body was cold and hard, and Harry wanted nothing more then to get away from it. "Put me down! Where is my father? What have you done with him, you beast?"

But the monster wasn't talking. He calmly carried Harry, ignoring the boy's words and struggles. When he got to the very top he stopped in front of a large portrait of a wide woman. Harry gasped when he saw her look down at him then at the master, frowning. She adjusted her pink dress as the beast hissed something at her. The picture swung open like a door and the monster walked inside.

It was a brightly lit common room. Red and gold colors decorated the room, and comfy couches sat in front of the big fireplace. There were two staircases leading up on either side of the room.

"This is your area." The beast said, his voice like a hiss as he dropped Harry on the floor. "The left stair case leads to your bedroom. The right leads to a bare room that you may furnish how you wish." He turned and without another look back left the room and shut the door behind him.

Harry got to his feet slowly, looking around the room. He walked past the fireplace and peered out of one of the large windows. He was very high up. So much for trying to jump out the window.

He turned around and glanced at a portrait of a man hanging near by. He scratched his nose and looked away from Harry broadly. Harry blanched at him. A moving picture? This place was magic, and magic was evil. This monster was evil! This whole damned castle was evil!

And strangely cheerful. Why would a monster want pretty colors and nice things around him? He walked towards the left staircase and stepped upwards, wondering what his bedroom looked like. He opened the door and found it was red as well, with a large four-poster bed. There was a desk, and a trunk at the end of the bed. And next to the desk sat a snowy white owl on a perch that looked at the curiously.

"Hello there." He said, patting her head gently. She closed her eyes in contentment. Harry noticed another card on the desk and reached down, picking it up.

Her name is Hedwig. You may use her to send letters to your family. Paper and quills are in the desk.

Harry frowned. This monster was being strangely nice to him. He could tell his family what had happened. But that would only scare them, and send them into despair. He couldn't tell them what had happened until he knew what his fate was. Perhaps his father was behind this somehow, and everything would be solved quickly.

He turned to his trunk and froze. There was the rose he had seen earlier, with another card. But it hadn't been there before.


He picked up the card with shaky fingers.

Dinner is at eight sharp. Dress nicely. I will arrive for you at seven fifty. Keep the rose, it is yours.

Harry picked up the flower and sniffed it. It smelt wonderful. He walked over to the window and pushed it open, inviting in the summer breeze. He raised his hand to throw the rose out then stopped. He looked at it again and smiled sadly.

He had told his father he wanted a rose. It was a beautiful rose, too. He sat it down on his desk and began to go through the trunk of clothes.


Harry couldn't quiet understand how bizarre this whole thing was. His thoughts were almost always on his father, straying only every now and then to think about his mother and sisters. Not once did he worry for his own safety. He knew he had to stay here at least long enough to find out his fathers fate. How could he escape and leave his father to die?

They clothes were all very strange. Vibrant colored fancy shirts and dress pants. The kind he had worn to his father's social parties before his merchant business had ended so horribly. He didn't think they suited his new, nearly man body.

He frowned at his reflection in a mirror in the common room as he waited for the monster. He would move the mirror up to his bedroom, maybe, and see if any of the other outfits looked better, though he somehow doubted it.

The door swung open, making Harry jump. He turned to see the monster, looking even uglier then he remembered, standing there waiting for him calmly. Harry stepped forward and the monster held out his arm. Harry frowned at it, considering trying to break it but a sharp glare from the beast stopped that thought. He took his arm with a sigh.

"Will you tell me where my father is?" Harry asked, not expecting an answer. He wasn't disappointed, and the beast kept his lipless mouth shut, walking Harry down the steps slowly, unhurried.

Harry's stomach ached at the sight of the wonderful food when they went through the doors he'd seen earlier in the entrance hall. It took him a moment to tear his eyes away and look around at the giant hall before him. It was decorated with yellows and golds, red and greens, blues and silvers. And when he looked up he gasped, seeing a sky at sunset, with pinks and oranges scattered around moving clouds.

He was brought back to reality by the beast, who pointed to a seat at one end of the table. Harry expected him to take the other end, but instead he sat at Harry's right.

"Shouldn't you sit at the end? It is your home." Harry said, frowning as the monster pulled out the chair.

"You are the guest." The beast said in that hissing tone of his.

More like hostage. Harry thought bitterly as he sat down and the monster pushed him in.

Harry ate slowly, only doing so because he was so hungry. And he needed to stay healthy incase he needed to escape. He didn't think the monster had poisoned it. Harry was sure he had much more entertaining ideas of killing people.

Neither one of them tried to make conversation, and when Harry put his fork down the monster stood and Harry stood as well, and he was taken back up to his room once more in silence.


Harry was surprised to find his clothes washed and folded neatly on his the next morning. He had stayed awake for hours in his bed before succumbing to exhaustion. Had the beast come in his room in the middle of the night and taken care of his clothes? Or was it more magic?

He got up and took care of his morning needs before walking down the stairs to his common room.

What was he supposed to do now? Sit around and do nothing until the monster came again? He glanced over at the table next to him and jumped. A card sat waiting, this time propped up against a blue rose. He picked up the card and read.

I will come at eight for you to eat breakfast, and then we will retire to the library to study until lunch.

Harry blinked at the card. He glanced at the clock and saw it was nearly eight already. What did the monster mean by 'study'? He bit his lip, frowning down at the card. Well, a library sounded fun. He'd be able to look at some books, and maybe the monster would tell him where his father was if he went along with his plan.

He picked up the rose, which had the thorns removed from it. He smelled it, wondering where in the world the monster had gotten a blue rose. Probably more magic.

He took the rose upstairs and went to set it on the desk with his other red rose. He paused, picking up the red rose and looking at it. It hadn't wilted at all, even though he'd left it out of water all night. How was that possible? Had it been replaced in his sleep as well?

He sat the two roses down on the desk and turned to walk down the stairs once more, hearing the clock chime eight. He gasped when he saw the beast in his door way.

"I told you to be waiting at eight." He hissed.

"I-I took the rose upstairs." Harry said. "I'm sorry." He looked away from that awful red glare.

"Be on time from now on." He snapped, turning and walking away. Harry hurried after him.

"Did you come in my room last night?" Harry asked.

"I am a gentlemen, I would not come in your room while you slept." The beast replied. Harry sighed. Then who had cleaned and folded his clothes? Did the monster have servants?

He looked up at the back of his pale, bald head. Oh how much he wanted to scream at the monster, but he doubted it would do any good. For now he'd just have to go along with the monster and bid his time. The awful creature would pay if he had done something to his father.

Harry would make sure of that.

Yeah, it's weirdly long, huh? I think all the chapters will probably be like that. No idea how long the story will be as of yet.