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Bonus Chapter The Time I Screwed Two Voldemorts

"Voldemort!" Harry gasped out as the Voldemort in front of him slid his hand up his shirt, squeezing a brown nipple playfully.

"Yesss, Harry?" The Voldemort behind him hissed and the other one chuckled softly, laying Harry out across the bed. Harry groaned softly as his shirt was taken off and the two Voldemort's licked their way up his stomach to his chest.

"This is...amazing..." He panted. He couldn't believe Voldemort could do something this wonderful with magic. He couldn't believe he hadn't done it before! He arched his back, wanting to get closer to those wonderful tongues, and both Voldemort's pressed him down to the mattress once more. One of them held him by his shoulders and the other dipped his head down, kissing the lick marks along his belly before grabbing Harry's zipper between his teeth. He pulled it down, then undid the button, ripping his pants from him and tossing them away.

"Mmm Harry...you're so beautiful." The Voldemort between his legs informed, stroking Harry's thigh's gently. He tugged down his underwear, smirking when he saw how hard and ready Harry was, so soon. How sweet. The Voldemort holding him down lowered his head and kissed Harry, who returned it hungrily, as the other Voldemort licked the underside of his dick gently.

Harry grunted and moaned, squirming against the touch, and he found his hips being grabbed and raised. Voldemort bent him until his toes touched the other Voldemort's back, then began to attack his rear with that wonderful tongue of his. Harry gasped and panted against Voldemort's lips, feeling totally over whelmed, and when the one kissing him reached down to stroke him, he lost it, yelling loudly as he came.

Both Voldemorts chuckled darkly and Harry found himself being picked up by one, while the other stood in front of him. "What are you doing?" Harry asked as his hips were raised, then gasped a moment later when Voldemort showed him just what he was doing. He pressed inside as the other Voldemort held him up and Harry felt like his spine was going to break from his legs being so high in the air. He cried out in pleasure as he took the man all the way in. He was tipped forward to the Voldemort inside of him and his eyes widened as he felt fingers join what was already inside of him.

"Wait, I don't think I can fit-Ugh!" Without warning the second Voldemort was pressing inside, at the same time using a relaxing spell with his hands to help Harry give just enough for the two of them. Harry clung tightly to the Voldemort that was inside of him first, unbelieving that he had double the Voldemort inside of him at once, now.

"You see, Harry." The two Voldemorts said together. "You don't need anyone else. All you need is me...and me..." Harry tipped his head back to kiss the Voldemort behind him, then leaned forward to kiss the other one. This is was so kinky and awesome.

"Would you fuck yourself?" Harry asked and the two chuckled again.

"Maybe next time, Harry." Voldemort (the one behind him) purred in his ear. He nipped it softly then the two began to move together, and Harry lost all sound at all. It was the most amazing feeling, having both of them moving in him at once, hitting him in places he didn't know existed. His toes curled and the two Voldemorts panted and moaned around him. The three of them didn't last long and Harry groaned as the two Voldemort's cried out together.

Harry grunted as the first pulled away, and then the next. He was laid on the bed and joined by both of them, laid out on either side of him. "That...was bloody amazing." He said. He turned to kiss one, as the other leaned down, kissing his shoulder softly. "Uhm...Voldemort...you wouldn't be willing to..." He glanced at the other one and smiled. The first Voldemort shrugged and leaned forward, catching his copied self on a hot kiss. Harry watched with parted lips as they held each other tightly, kissing hungrily, their tongues battling for dominance and neither winning.

"Happy, Harry?" Voldemort asked when he pulled away, both of them looking down at him.

"Very happy Harry..." Harry breathed, grinned and cuddling the original Voldemort, as the other disappeared. "Aw..."

"Don't worry, Harry. I dare say, he'll be back." Voldemort grinned at his happy husband and leaned down to kiss him once more.