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Friendly letters

First day

"Don't worry; everything is going to be fine."

"I'm sure you'll make tones of friends here, and I know you'll love your new school"

Tea had heard it all before. This was not the first time she had to move school and town. They both say this every time she had to move. Her father worked for an impotent company that, at the moment was doing a business deal with Kiaba Corp. so her dad was offered a better job and was transferred to Domino, so she had to pack up her things and moved with her parents hear and she had to move to a new school, Domino high.

"You said that last time, and I ended up losing the friends I already had and never made new ones."

Both her parent looked at each other, then the car stopped outside an unfamiliar building "Here we are, have a nice day, love you" and with that she left the car and it drove off

Tea stood there a minute, then realising that she was at her new school she hurried up to the main entrance to meat a man who was waiting for her.

"Miss Gardener I presume?" he said


"Well I'm the principle hear and I welcome you to Domino high"

"Thank you sir"

"Please follow me, I'll show you to your locker then to your class. Hear your schedule."

As he turned and started to head down the corridors to her locker she struggled to keep up with his long strides.

"Well her it is. Your locker is 151. Here's your combination. You can leave the books that you will not be using, and then follow me."

Quickly, she placed her unneeded books in the locker and then followed the principle.

When they reached her first class he told her to wait outside till he called, so she did. The nerves started to kick in. So her mind started to wonder back to a time when she was small with her best friend Katie, and right from the first time they saw each other they knew they were going to be best friends.

Suddenly she snapped out of her daze when she heard the principle call her name. Slowly she entered the room to meet the gaze of her new class mates.

"This is Tea Gardener" stated her new teacher "she will be joining us this year. Now let us find you a seat. Ah there you can sit at the back behind Yugi Motou."

Slowly, and nervously, she moved to the empty seat behind the try coloured spiky haired boy. As she sat down the boy turned and gave her a friendly, welcoming smile. Suddenly she felt the sides of her own mouth turn into a smile.

That morning went smoothly for Tea. Yugi had shown her to her to her next classes and now it was lunch. All of the work she had today seemed easy. Fortunately she had packed her own lunch.

As she was looking for a spot to sit and have her lunch an idea hit her for finding a friend. So she sat down by the fountain and started to go over the plan I her head. As she sat there she realised how peaceful and beautiful the fountain was. I think this is my favourite place in the whole school

When she had finished her lunch she headed toward the library.

Once I the library she headed to an empty table and started her plan. She took out a piece of paper and started to write a letter. She had started it again about ten times before she was happy with what she wrote.

She headed out of the library and started to walk around the corridors looking at the lockers. There she saw what she was looking for. Locker 623. Taking out her note she slides it into the locker. Now her plan was in motion and out of her hands.

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