YAY first chapter to my new story.

The ocean below, crashed with all its might against the formidable cliff face. I stared down at it, tempting it to try and attack. The waves hit the side, desperately trying to erode the rock. Waves began to build higher and higher and the wind picked up. Each wave coated by white. Purple clouds moved steadily towards me and my cliff, bring the lightning and rain closer. The water below; black and depthless surged up drawing closer and closer to my ledge.

My dress whipped around my ankles, slashing around in the wind. Strands of my hair escaped its tight bun and tendrils blocked my sight. The rain began to fall as the clouds released their heavy burden; my tears began to wash away as the rain replaced them. I spread my arms out, like wings. Throwing my head back I let the rain pelt my face, washing away the make-up, washing away the mask. The elastic that held my brown hair broke allowing my hair to be free. It swirled around me whipping my face and exposed skin.

I stood swaying in the wind for an immeasurable amount of time before I lifted up onto the tips of my toes. I placed my hands above my head and flung myself off the cliff, plunging like a rock towards the black, deadly waves. Thunder crashed above my head and lightning lit up the sky once more before I was submerged completely under the water. The current grabbed and ripped at my body, pulling me in every direction but up. I let my body go limp and waited for the last of my air to leave me.

Fate seemed to have a different plan for me that night. I felt two strong arms grasp the collar of my dress and I was roughly pulled back to the surface. When my head broke the surface I gasp for air, my body working against me. I could feel the cold water seeping into my skin and numbing my bones. My body too exhausted to move was being dragged through the water towards shore by strong capable hands. Lack of oxygen and exhaustion seemed to settle on my body as I was pulled through the water.

My mind was slipping from me and I could feel someone pick me up and carry me out of the water. I could feel someone pounding on my back, trying to get the water out of my lungs so I could breathe in the oxygen I so dearly needed. I caught a glimpse of emerald before I blacked out.

Mere minutes or possibly hours could have passed before I regained consciousness. I could feel strong, warm hands gently rubbing my back as I lay face down on a pile of soft blankets. My eyes fluttered open and I was staring into a beautiful fire that was crackling as though it was content. The hand on my back paused in its soothing movements and I felt someone's weight shift on the couch. Suddenly a face appeared in my line of sight, a face I knew so well.

"Edward," I whispered.

"Bella, how are you feeling?" He asked his voice was filled with emotions his emerald eyes no different.

"I feel fine." I answered knowing he would never believe me. I looked into his eyes and saw the anger I knew was coming.

"How could you be so stupid Bella?" He screamed at me before standing up and pacing the room. I hung my head letting Edward continue his lecture and pacing. "You jumped off a cliff! That's considered attempted suicide. How could you do this to me? I thought you were dead when I pulled you from the water. Why? Bella Why? When I saw you jump, I saw my life ending before my eyes." He said calming down and grabbing my face between his two warm hands.

His green eyes sparkled with so many emotions ranging from anger to anguish. I watched as a droplet of water fell from his left eye, it took me a second to process that Edward was crying. Edward's pain made my heart wrench and I felt the tears I had tried most of the week to keep at bay fall from my eyes. Edward's hands moved from my face to my back and I soon found myself tucked under Edward's chin on his lap. The tears fell steadily down my cheeks staining Edward's shirt with salt. The tears were too strong for me too control, they shook my body with their force.

I was barely conscious of Edward's hands running up and down my back or stroking my hair, I heard his musical voice speaking words to me, but the words seemed too foreign for me to understand. I cried into Edward's chest for what felt like eternity, eventually though my eyes ran dry and I was too tired to move. I fell asleep to the soft steady beats of Edward's heart below my head.

Please tell me what you think, I'm unsure about how good this story will be recieved.