Okay so di4 asked me if I could write an extra and I decided it would be fun so here is what I wrote.

It is between chapters eighteen and nineteen, when Bella is writing the book.

My messenger bag was slung loosely across my shoulder as I walked slowly down the sidewalk, looking for a place where I could get a descent drink. The sidewalk was filled with afternoon traffic and I felt strange walking among so many laughing people. The sun was hidden behind small wisps of grey cloud and a cool breeze was blowing through the town.

I turned a corner and saw across the street a small café that was advertising peppermint hot chocolate. Even though it wasn't anywhere near winter or the holidays I suddenly craved the warm chocolaty drink. I quickly looked both ways before running across the street and into the small café. The bell above the door dinged when I opened it and it startled me before I realized what it was. I laughed, a shaky laugh to myself before heading towards the counter where a teenage girl with honey blond hair stood, a smile plaster on her face.

"Welcome to Kathy's Café, how may I help you?" She asked her voice strained with annoyance and anger but still she managed to smile, a small accomplishment.

"Could I get a medium Peppermint Hot chocolate?" I asked trying my best to smile at her but I knew there was no getting her out of her irritated mood. She typed in my order with perfectly French manicured hands before grabbing a cup and filling it up.

"That comes to 2. 25." She said placing the cup of steaming hot chocolate on the counter for me. I fished through my messenger bag and pulled up the exact amount of change, knowing that if I gave her a five dollar bill she would probably bite my head off. She didn't even try to smile at me as I picked up my cup and made my way to the furthest empty table. I found a table in a corner and sat down, pulling out a notepad from my messenger bag. Thoughts and ideas were running rampant through my head and I needed to get some of them down on paper.

I knew it was cliché to sit in a café and write but it was hard not to. To let all those wonderfully words and ideas vanish from your mind was a horrible feeling. The sound of my pen scratching on the blank paper was calming to me and soon I became lost in my own little world. The words seemed to flow from my mind and onto the paper that was slowly beginning to fill. The sound of the bell rang through the small café and I looked up to see two girls walk in chatting loudly to each other. I sighed, feeling upset about being distracted. I took the distraction as a chance to drink some of my hot chocolate before it got cold. The warm liquid felt good as it went down my throat and stretched out my fingers watching as the two girls walked over and took a table beside me. Their hair was tied up in a high pony tail and they wore jogging outfits. I never completely understood some people's motivation to run but it was a healthy life style. When I tried to go back to my writing I again became distracted by their loud and bubbly voices.

"Did you see him?" The red headed girl asked her blond friend. The blond girl nodded excitedly as she took a sip of her latte.

"How could I not see him, I mean he was gorgeous." I tried even harder to ignore them, not wanting to hear about some good looking guy they may have possibly seen outside. The harder I tried to ignore them the louder their voices became to my ears.

"I mean his hair was the sexiest shade of red and brown I have ever seen." The red head said cheerfully fanning herself.

"I didn't think shades of a colour could be sexy." Her friend replied teasing her.

"I don't care; his emerald eyes were also sexy in that I'm mysterious way." The red head said ignoring her friend. My interest perked up at the mention of emerald eyes and I became frozen in my seat, forced to listen to the two girls babble on.

"Steph, I saw him with my own two eyes. I know what you're talking about. The way he stared so intently across the café, the way he swiftly stood up and left. I mean just the way he moved was graceful beyond belief." My heart beat erratically in my chest. I was jumping to conclusions, there had to be another boy with that description on this side of the United States. My breathing was becoming hard to control and my mind was going into over drive.

"Why didn't we go over and talk to him, instead of coming over here?" Steph asked her friend and my head shot in their direction, hoping I had heard them right. I couldn't even stop myself form packing my stuff up and walking over to their side.

"Can we help you?" The blond asked her voice confused at my sudden appearance.

"Where did you see that boy?" I asked them hurriedly and they shared a quick glance before the girl named Steph looked at me with raised eyebrows.

"He was over there, but I don't know what you want with him." I didn't even bother thanking her before I pushed my way to the other side of the café, to the seats she had pointed to. I didn't even realize I had my hopes up until I saw the empty chairs and the older people. I could feel my face fall and my shoulders slump. The sound of the bell dinging made my head swivel around and look towards the door. I saw a tall man in a dark green sweater standing outside, the wind whipping against his jeans. My heart slowed down to regular pace as I walked towards the door and outside, wondering when the wind had picked up. The man in the green sweater still stood there his shoulder hunched over and his back tense.

I felt an urge to comfort him, but shook it off quickly wondering why I thought he was sad. I heaved my messenger bag back up onto my shoulder and walked towards the dorm, so I could type up the rest of my story without any distractions. Thoughts of the boy in the green sweater pushed to the very corners of my mind.

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