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---JESS'S POV---

There she was. My everything. My best friend, the girl I loved. She just didn't know it. And that was the hard part.

Being fourteen, I'm still pretty young, too young to be in love, most people would say. But I don't care what other people think. I shouldn't. She taught me that. She's given me more than anybody could think possible. She's given me hope, courage, happiness, wisdom, strength, and patience. She's given me a friend. Everything I need. She's strong, smart, kind, loving, sympathetic, generous, witty, impulsive, gentle, motherly, patient, and imaginative. See why I love her?

"Jess. Jess. Jesse! Earth to Jess!"

Uh-oh. She caught me. Not that it surprised me. She's too smart for that ol' It-Looks-Like-I'm-Listening-Doesn't-It? Routine. She knows me too well. I know her too well. So I decided to tease her.

"Oh what, great Queen of Terabithia?" I asked in my most haughty King-ish voice. "Is thou angry that your King is daydreaming while you research Shakespeare and what not?"

Leslie and I were in our "Castle", which is really a tree house in our imaginary kingdom, Terabithia. We've been coming here for three years, and it still hasn't lost it's magical, healing effect. Except now. Right now, Leslie and I are working on a Shakespeare report for Literary History class, a class she talked me into taking. I'm not into reading and writing like Leslie, I just did it to make her happy. Not to mention forty extra minutes a day of having those gorgeous blue eyes catch mine. Look at mine with happiness and laughter. Like now. Oh, here they go again, pulling me in… Wow. Amazing.

Uh-oh. Distracted. Oh my gosh! Am I drooling! What kind of pathetic moron am I?

"Jess? Are you okay? You're seriously spaced." Leslie informed me.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Too much syrup in my oatmeal this morning, I guess."

She laughed. "I'd buy that!" She shook her head at me, causing a lock of her blonde hair to fall. She reached to tuck in back behind her ear, but some how I was faster. I rolled forward, onto my knees, and caught the lock, sliding it gently back into place. Leslie's hand was there still there, and so was mine, still wrapped around the lock of shining blonde hair. Her index and middle fingers were lightly touching mine. I was leaning into her, I realized. Her eyes were locked with mine, and she was smiling. They were shining like stars when her eyelids fluttered shut.

Oh my gosh. What did this mean! What did she want? I opened my mouth to ask her.

"Leslie…" I breathed my face about two inches from hers.


Oh, come on, Jess! I yelled in my head. What could possibly more important than this!

Still, I figured he might be mad at me for ignoring his question.

"Hmm?" I breathed back, rubbing my fingers against his.

"Leslie." His voice was surer now. His face was only an inch from me. I wondered if I should quit being old-fashioned and just kiss him.

No. I decided. Be old-fashioned. Let him take his time.

While he stood there for what seemed like hours, I racked my brain for all the romantic fairy tales I had read. Stupid princesses didn't give enough detail! They didn't talk about two best friends staying in one place forever, waiting for the other to do something!

---JESS'S POV---

Leslie sighed. She sounded impatient.


Either way, I was on a bad ship right now. She either wanted me to let go, (more likely) or for me to kiss her. (I severely doubted it) Until she did that.

She leaned forward and rested her forehead on mine, her mouth only centimeters from mine. Taking a deep breath, I went forward.


Yes! Yes! Finally! Jesse Aarons kissed me! Well, it wasn't really a kiss, if you consulted my Mom's romance novels. He just sorta rested his top lip on mine, leaving a big space between our mouths, since his bottom lip wasn't even touching mine. But hey, his lips were on me. I'll take it!

He whispered.


"Yeah?" I said, making no movement to open my eyes or move my lips.

"I'm sorry."

---JESS'S POV---

What had I just done! I was kissing my best friend! No, she wasn't just my best friend anymore. She was Leslie. My Leslie. Leslie Burke, a girl, a God-for-goodness girl, was kissing me. Me! What did it mean, though? Does she love me?

"Leslie…" I breathed her name into her mouth.

"Yeah?" She said. She didn't move though. I didn't feel her eyelashes brush against my face, which meant her painfully beautiful eyes were still closed. Her fingers were still wrapped around mine. I didn't feel her shining hair being removed from my hand. And even though I was becoming dazed, I knew for a fact her lip was still brushing mine.

"I'm sorry." I pulled away slowly, not wanting to, but knowing I had to. I let go of her hair first, then her hand, finally opening my eyes before pulling away my lips. I ran a finger gently over her eyelid, to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Then I retracted my mouth.

Leslie waited a few seconds to open her eyes. I ran my tongue over my lip. Something sticky was on it. It tasted like cherries. It was Leslie's lip gloss. Leslie's cherry lip gloss was on my lip! I was giddy inside. There was my proof. Leslie Burke's lips had been on mine!


He was gone. His fingers weren't there anymore; he wasn't stroking my hair or my eye. His lips were inches away. I traced my top lip with my finger. Some of my lip gloss was gone. Not that it mattered. I didn't know why, but I felt ready to cry. Your first kiss was supposed to be happy!

"Jess?" I whispered my voice breaking.

"Yes, Leslie?" He sounded nervous.

"You don't have to be sorry."

---JESS'S POV---

You don't have to be sorry.

Her voice echoed in my head.

My God.

She liked it! Ha! She liked it as much as I did. At least I wasn't an idiot.

My eyes locked with hers again. She stared at me.

"Jess." She said my name tearfully.

I just kept staring into those beautiful, hypnotizing, eyes.

"Don't hate me." She finished.

Hate her? Hate her! Was she crazy? Did she honestly think I hated her? I kissed her. If anything, she should hate me. I could never hate her, ever. I loved her. I knew it now. But I knew Leslie. She wouldn't believe my words. I had to show her. And though being impulsive was really her thing, (one of the things I loved about her) I decided that just once, I could be the impulsive one.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to her feet with me, before closing my eyes and kissing her full on the mouth.


I kept my eyes open for a few seconds, so my mind could register what was happening. His lips were back, over my whole mouth. And he was kissing me. Hard.

"Mm?" I said, before giving in, closing my eyes and wrapping my arms around his neck.

After a minute, he drew back. He gave me a lopsided smile. I flung myself into a hug.

"Don't let go." I begged.

---JESS'S POV---

"Don't let go." She whispered in my ear, tightening her grip on my neck.

I slid my arms up from her waist to her stomach so I could tighten my grip. She buried her head in my chest.

"I wouldn't dream of it." I whispered, before planting a kiss on her crown of golden hair.

As I clung to Leslie Burke for dear life, I ran my tongue over my lips again. And I realized how much I loved the taste of cherries.

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