by Collapse Overture
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A/N: I love odd pairings. I wonder how many of you even thought about this pairing. XD I got the idea from TeniMyu's Imperial Match Hyoutei Myu. You know, where Jirou had collapsed into Tezuka's lap. Yeah. Leave it to me to think of random stuff. XD Kinda OOC Tezuka, sorry. I don't write him often, ya know.

Tezuka Kunimitsu didn't really know why he dealt with him. The boy was either extremely loud and jumpy, or sleeping non-stop, always to the captain's dismay. Sure, Tezuka enjoyed the silence - preferred the silence, if you will - but that got a little excessive at times. But now - he wasn't sure if it was fortunate or unfortunate - the blonde boy was literally bouncing off the walls, shouting something like 'Marui-kun gave me Pocky! Marui-kun gave me Pocky!' Now that was something the bespectacled boy didn't want to deal with.

"Akutagawa," he started, for once using the blonde's last name to get his attention, "Be quiet." His voice was firm, and he glared to the noisy blonde, effectively shutting him up. After all, Jirou did not like being called by his last name, especially by Tezuka. In no time, the Hyoutei regular was by Tezuka's side, clinging and tugging on the taller boy's shirt, much like a kid who had just had his lollipop taken away from him.

"Ne, ne, Tezuka-kuuun," he whined, giving the ever so irresistable uke face, still tugging. "Play with me!"

Unfortunately for Jirou, the face didn't really affect him. Tezuka gave a sigh and a warning look to the childish boy, though he didn't have the heart to shove him away. The Seigaku captain just didn't want to 'play' some childish game with the boy that he wasn't too fond of from the beginning. Akutagawa Jirou, although cute as he was, was not appealing to Tezuka Kunimitsu. In all honesty, the day that Jirou had collapsed into his lap during the Fuji - Akutagawa match, Tezuka - as well as the other Seigaku members - had thought that it was some kind of offending game, and wanted nothing to do with it. Though, later on, it turned out to be only a simple clutzy mistake on the blonde's part.

"Jirou." He had given in, finally using the first name that the smaller boy preferred to hear. "I don't 'play'," he stated with a glare, turning the whining boy to face him, and leaned in close. "But I would like you to keep quiet." And with that, he closed the distance between the two of them, succeeding in quieting him in their first kiss. After all, the stoic captain never had a reason to kiss him before.

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