Kazuko: -sneers- Kisama!

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Kazuko: BAKA!

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Asuka-dono: I guess its time for a new fanfiction...

Shui: 故事时间?

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Shui: 谢.

Everyone but Kazuko: -exchange of greetings with Shui- hello.

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"She's beautiful!"


An eruption of squeals echoed from a bush that fluttered conspicuously. Hinata smiled to herself and turned face forward, pretending to listen to her father speak of her desperate need for a young, faithful manager. Her eye's flickered werily to the 6 body guards that surrounded them. Hadn't there been only four yesterday? Maybe it was her attire, the long white dress with straps and flip flops brought the image of purity to her form. Adding onto her already perfect features. She always hated to admit she was beautiful, so she blamed it on her fathers presence. Certain there were 20 other body guards stalking around retarded ninja on the trees around the park.

Being the one of the many slightly-famous models of Konohagakure, Hinata was used to a lot of protection. Tsunada specially put Kiba and Shino in charge of her affairs, so until today she never thought she had a real need for a manager, they seemed to be hers. She was a fawn in the business, but she would climb her way up soon.

"----Hinata? Were you listening to me?"

"H-hai Otosan!"

She smiled brightly, the splitting image of her mother that stabbed her fathers heart.

"Then what was it I just said?"

Growing up with Hashi as a father had taught her how to listen to him and not listen. All she had to do was parrot him.

" ' I may have found the perfect manager, perfect manager body guard. A man who is fit to take care of you and is mentally stable.' It sounds like you've found a man make an arranged marriage for me."

She bit her tongue and relished the thought.

"Man? He's a teenager, 17... just a few months older than you. Hiring him would mean that all these men wouldn't have to follow you around."


Hinata inwardly sighed, a teenager? How could he protect her from the threats of fan-woman, girl, man and boy?

"You sound skeptical. Don't worry my child, if you have any doubts at the moment, I'm sure they'll be cleared up quickly."

"I don't doubt---"

Hinata watched as the guards moved away, had she noticed where she was going, she would have seen the young, raven haired teenager walking towards them.

"Ohiyo, Hyuuga-heika."

Her eye's widened, he... he was handsome. His eye's were of an dark grey color, his features slightly pale sharp, his muscular body frame was visible beneath the open kimono. He looked like a god, something too amazing to have ever been looked at through the eye's of an angel.

"--Hinata! Are you listening?"


She blushed and looked down.

"This is Sasuke Uchiha. He's going to be your manager."

"Nani! B-but he's just as old as I am... a-and he looks like a god."

She muttered the last bit to herself, refusing to look up. She became away of the hot breath on her face. Her blush increases as she glanced up.

"You look like an goddess Hinata-hime."


Hashi laughed lightly.

"Right, Uchiha is more than capable of being your manager. You should pay more attention to the people in your class Hinata, he sits right next to you in all your lessons."

Hinata inwardly screamed. Sasuke Uchiha! How the hell did he know she was a girl? She went to school dressed up as a body to avoid being harassed by fans. She knew Sasuke was the silent, don't come near me type. Her blush only increased, he was also a rebel. A hot. Amazing freak of Nature that she admired during her first years of high school.

"His families ancestry brought the tradition of raising they're kids as ninja.-- But Uchiha--- you didn't have to wear a kimono, your formality impresses me."

Sasuke didn't so much as smile. Ice cube. Hinata was pulling out her hair within her mind.

'He's so damn HOT. SUPERHOT! Your a MODEL and an ACTOR! HIT THAT THING!'

'w-what happened t-t-to sweet... i-innocent Hinata?'

'Don't give me that crap---.'

"Hinata, I advise you to stop day dreaming."

Hashi didn't laugh this time, he stood a yard away and beaconed for her to follow.

"We're going to have dinner, try to pay attention."


Hinata blushed under Sasuke's stern gaze.

'h-he... he's probably w-w-wondering why he h-has to p-protect a wimp like m-me.'




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Hinata: n-nee, back to m-my s-sufferings...


-after the dinner and a "empty" hallway-

Frustration, the strongest feeling she felt at the moment. She wouldn't deny she was feeling it because she clenched her fists and turned them red. Her cousin glared back at her. Envying her attention. (A/N: Asuka-dono: NU! this cousin isn't Neji, neji is to hawt to glare at Hinata... and 10 more sexy hehe. Kazuko: STOP MAKING AUTHORS NOTES! -chases with Micheal Myers Butcher knife-)

"Hinata-chan, I'm tired of you stealing my spotlight! Your not as good as a model as I am, and you suck at acting. So why don't you give up already?"

The features of Hinata's face were soft, even though she was tearing herself up. What was that supposed to mean? She had worked hard! She had lost all her friendships to make time for photo shoots. Tears welled up in her eye's.

"And now your crying, thats pathetic! If you weren't apart of the main branch, which you should be I---"

Hinata felt a warm hand place itself on her shoulder, another wrap around her waist and pull it into the chest of a even hotter (literally, haha.) body. A blush covered her face and reddened her instantly.

"Hyuga-sama, Hinata has worked hard for her position. You should work on not vomiting in the toilet, and afterwards you should work harder so that you can get the title you believe you deserve."



Akio burst into tears and fled down the hallway. Hinata couldn't help it, she felt tears running down her cheeks.

"T-that was so mean Uchiha-san..."

Her lips quivered and the hold around her body tightened.

"I didn't want her to make you cry."


"I didn't mean to make you cry either."

Was that hot breath on her neck? She shivered and shut her eye's. Hashi was wrong, Sasuke was going to rape her.

"Don't get the wrong idea Hinata-sama... I intend to protect you with any means necessary."

"a-ah.. so w-why are you b-breathing on m-my n-neck?"

She tried so hard not to stutter.

"Because I also intend to make you mine."

Hinata squealed inwardly and openly. Except in the chamber which she called her mind, her squeal was louder and crazier. She heard him chuckle, he was so evil, and the thought of it turned her mind into a chaos of perverted thoughts.

"W-we can't stay l-like this..."

She couldn't come up with a reason.

"We can, but you need your beauty sleep so I'll carry you to bedroom."


She squeaked.

"I'll make sure no one hurts you on your way there, Hinata-san."

She blushed into an even crazier shade of red. He moved, one arm around her shoulders, the other around her waist. Lifting her up bridal style. Her inner fangirl's brain exploded. Her heart threatened to do the same.

"N-no... Uchiha-san its quite a-a-alright."

That didn't stop him, his dark gray eye's looked down at her colored cheeks. She was so cute and fragile. He was already walking down the hallway.

"Its my pleasure, and call me... sasuke."

She had a nose bleed.


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