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Legend of Zelda: Journeying Onward


"Get the others here! The storm's coming!"

"Alright! You wait here, and I'll go get 'em!"

"Be careful."

"I'll be right back."

4 years. That's how long it'd been since the wolf pack containing Fenrir, Melissa, Artemis, Arla, Alethea, Mogra, Fell, and Larka had last seen the Hero of Twilight and the royal Twilis. They had moved in towards the mountains, and found a nice and deep - but not too deep - cave to stay in for now. It was winter, and all the game had run, so they'd be forced to go back to the plains of Hyrule once the opening storms passed. They had remained in their large forms, and continued living with the cycle of being human once every full moon. Artemis and Alethea had cubs - three, to be exact. And Melissa was now expecting some in the springtime. Alethea's had come last year, and were grower larger by the day. Two boys and a girl; Bristle, Thon, and Mara. Fenrir and Melissa had felt the storm coming, and as they predicted, so had the others, but they were still outside when the storm was getting ready to strike. Fenrir had just run out to look for them while her made Melissa stay behind. She paced, listening for the faintest sound of paws hitting the ground.

"Melissa! Melissa!"

Hearing her name, the she-wolf turned, seeing Mara -with her easy-to-spot black fur and sky blue eyes- pounce in, followed by her brothers and Artemis and Alethea. When no one else followed, Melissa demanded, "Where're the others?"

"We thought they were in here," Alethea said quickly.

Melissa growled in her throat, and just as she was about to dart outside, the three pups and their father blocked the way. Bristle, having a dark brown colored coat, shook his head frantically, "No, Melissa! The storm is going to his any second!"

"But the others are still out there-!"

She was cut off abruptly as the snow began blowing fiercely diagonally outside. The older wolves walked to the edge of the cave while the younger ones huddled up for warmth. Melissa shifted her weight over and over again, and Alethea assured, "Don't worry - they'll be fine. Fenrir knows this forest like the back of his paw. He'll bring them back, no problem."

"It's not that I don't trust's just..."

Artemis nudged her, "We know. You just care for him. C'mon, we're not dense!"

They waited for about eight or nine or maybe even ten minutes before another form of life entered the cave. They all sat down close to each other before they heard a faint howl outside. Their ears pricked up, and Thon, who had light brown fur and brown eyes, jumped up. He went to the edge of the cave, and practically jumped up and down, showing his happiness as he saw the shadows of the ones who'd been outside. One by one, they piled into the cave. Larka first, then Mogra and Fell, followed by Fenrir. The four shook the snow from their coats, and Melissa and Alethea jumped up, "Are you all okay?"

"We're fine," Fenrir assured.




The Hero of Twilight stared out at the blizzard from inside his home in Ordon. It'd been so long since he'd seen the wolf pack. Because of that, it felt like there was a little hole in his heart, and it grew bigger with each passing year. It'd been four years...going on five. They had promised to visit as often as they could, and he could understand at first that it would be a little strange if a wolf pack went to Link's house. But still...there had been lots more game since the winter moved in. Maybe...just maybe...they would be forced to come down from wherever they were.

It was still...only a maybe.

Their mayor, Bo, had still missed his daughter, and given up his role. Link had taken over for him. Colin still enjoyed going to hang out with his friend, Colette always with him. She was getting bigger, already four years older. She looked so much like her mother, but had her father's eyes and nose. And his smile. Link didn't mind the younger children's company, but he still longed for his other friends, too.

Midna and Orion.


Fenrir, Arla, Alethea, Artemis, Mogra, Fell, and Larka.


He had thought it was strange that she had decided to go home when the Goddesses gave her a chance to go home.


(Link's PoV)

Nayru, Din, and Farore had summoned us to the Sacred Grove, where they spoke with us, and only us. Din began, "Heroine, we appreciate all you have done for Hyrule, Raslynn, and Twilight. still don't belong here. It disrupts the balance of the universe."

Nayru spoke more quietly, "What Din is that we're giving you an oppertunity. You may go home, if you wish."

I snapped my head toward Melissa. I saw her hesitate, but look back at me. Her voice was shaking, but she asked, "If I was to leave...I wouldn't ever see them again, would I?"

"No," Farore shook her head, "but the best you have if to only come back once with Din's power."

I looked at her, "Come again?"

"When you first brought her to Lake Hyrule, it was our will. However, when you were on Earth, Heroine...the God you met was actually me," Din cocked her head like it should've been obvious, "and I gave you the power to go back to Hyrule. But it's limited. You've already gone back once, and if you went back to Earth, you could only go and come back one time."

It seemed like forever for Melissa to come up with an answer. She seemed to be thinking it over, find a dead end, then go back and think it over once more. I was that the Goddess of Power was getting antsy just as Melissa brought up, "If I stayed, would I at least be able to visit my family?"

Nayru nodded, "Yes. Only about once or twice a Hylian year, so that her power doesn't wear out."

"If that's the case...I'm going to stay."

I looked at her in surprise. Even though her world had so many things that we didn't have, she'd prefer to stay! It's not that I'm complaining, but...

The Goddess looked among each other, as if for confirmation that they heard the same thing. Farore nodded, "If that is what you choose. Be well."

In a flash, they disappeared.

Melissa let out a deep sigh, as if she'd been holding her breath the whole time. I looked at her again, "Are you sure about this?"

She cocked an eyebrow at me, "What? Upset that there's another Hero in town?"

"No, I was just thinking that you'd go back."

"No...this world...there's just something connecting me to it. I feel like I should stay," then, as if she read my mind, "and sure, we have more stuff than you guys, but...this world is more pure. The air is clean no matter where you go. This world isn't worried about dying because of pollution. I like it better here."

"If you say so."

---End Flashback---

What was the pack up to now while they were free?


Zelda heaved a deep sigh as she cradled her four year old daughter as her son pounced around his mother's feet, "Pick me up, Mommy! Pick me up! Pwease!"

"I can only do so much, Theron. Hold on..." she knelt, balancing Thora in one arm, and Theron in the other.

It was times like this that she felt the most lonely without her husband with her. She had named her son after him, but even these two innocent souls couldn't fill the hole in her heart that was still there from Theron's death. Not to mention, she wish that she could see her twin brother more often. He was busy, though, taking care of Ordon. He had his own problems. But...what became of the wolves? It'd been years since she'd seen them.

At least the world was settled with dark gods and whatnot.


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