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Chapter 1

"Okay...are you ready to go?" Fenrir looked back at his pack. Once they nodded confirmation, they headed outside. The blizzard had stopped, and they were taking this chance to slip as far down the mountain as possible before they sensed another storm. They ran downhill, Fenrir and Melissa first, the pups next, and the rest of the pack following close behind. For how long they ran, they didn't know. Soon enough, though, the clouds all passed, revealing a dark and stary night. Once near the Hyrule Fields, they halted. They settled in for the night, staying close to each other.

Alethea wondered aloud, "I wonder how Link and Zelda are doing."

Fenrir quickly glanced toward Melissa. She's always been touchy on the subject of the Hero of Twilight. They hadn't exactly parted in the best way. Link had wanted to say something to her - he could tell - but she'd pushed them on before he could tell her. Melissa averted her eyes from his and stared at the stars. Using her Wolven name, Fenrir crawled a little closer, offering warmth, "Zarah, are you okay?"


"You sure?"

"Once we get in warmer weather...yeah...I will be."

"It will be sooner than you think."

"Normally, yeah."

Colin shivered as he quickly ran off toward Mayor Link's house. He decided to leave Colette at home today. She was taking a nap, and so was his mother. He ran quickly, which was hard, considering he was covered and stiffened by his jackets, mittens, scarves, and heavy boots. He muttered to himself, "You'd think Dad wouldn't act so much like Mom..."

He knocked on Link's door, but received no answer. He slowly cracked the door and called, "Link? You here?"

Despite whether the Hero was in there or not, he went in and shut the door. "Link?" he called softer. The teen couldn't explain it, but...there was a tension in the air. Like...the air was tighter inside the house than it was anywhere else...

He looked around on the first floor, but he wasn't to be seen. Then, he heard a faint voice from upstairs. He quietly tip-toed up, not meaning to eavesdrop, but...

The voices were undectable. One said, " coming."

"Can you...of them...they get here?"

"No problem."

Colin strained to hear. One voice sounded more rough, but the other...was really familiar...but it didn't sound like Link.

"Once you get rid of the Heroine, and the pesky dogs, I can regain my true power!"

"Of course. I only ask for time."

"...Not too long. If you wait too long, I will influence your sister."

"It's strange...that you're cooperating so easily. Oh, well. DON'T take too long."

"Yes, sir."

Colin held his breath. The man stood up. Those pointy Hylian ears...that blonde hair...Link?! The other stood.

"Of course you know it won't take long, Ganondorf."

Not caring about being quiet, Colin flew down the stairs, shaking his head, running out the door into the snow. He tripped on a rock, and when he flipped over, he saw Link's blade at his throat. He saw Link's gaze turned down on him, his eyes...not the same as they used to be. "Colin..."

--Time lapse - three days--

On the third day of their journey, the wolves had finally decided on what to do: they would keep on moving, to visit their old Hero in his village, then head back to the fields for the rest of spring, summer, and fall. Perhaps...the Hyrule Fields would become their permanent home. Perhaps not. Once they were out in the fields, they saw all the rabbits, deer, and such game to be hunted. Yet, as if the animals knew they weren't looking for a mid-day meal, they didn't scamper off, fleeing for their lives. Sure, little animals ran behind their mothers, but the mothers' didn't move. They merely glanced, and as if saying, 'oh, whatever,' they went back to searching for grass under the snow. Ahead on towards Kakariko, they heard the faint shouts of laughter and thudding sounds. Whatever the children were doing, they were having much fun. Fenrir looked around the corner, and saw all the children of Kakariko out and playing in the snow - most were throwing snowballs or sledding down the hill from Death Mountain. Fenrir sighed deeply.

"Can't we go around them?" Artemis sighed in agreement.

"Unless you wanna regrow hands on the full moon, sure. Otherwise, we'll just have to walk right on through, hoping they won't think we're meaning to cause harm," Melissa frowned.

"Oh, well, we go..."

"Hey, Melissa! Is that you?!" an excited voice whinnied.

"Zoltan!" Melissa stood still as her old companion ran up to her.

Since she had left with the wolves, Zoltan wanted to remain with her and by her side, but she told him to stay in Kakariko. At least until they finished settling in more and getting all the rebuilding done. Melissa had missed him deeply during the long absence, and she was sure he felt the same way.

"Are you guys finally here to stay?"

"We have to - at least until fall," Mogra sniffed around the air.

Bristle, Thon, and Mara stared up at the large horse, not sure of what they were supposed to do. Their tails slowly tucked under, and they looked like they were ready to sprint if Zoltan charged.

Realizing that there were an additional three wolves, he bent his neck down and sniffed them, "Hey, there. I'm Zoltan. Who're you?"

The three were frozen in fear.

"Oh, don't mind them, they're shy. These are mine and Artemis's children, Thon, Bristle, and Mara," Alethea chuckled.

"Speaking of which..." Fell grinned, revealing his teeth, "'s it goin' between you and Epona, huh, big guy?"

Zoltan snorted and stomped his foot, "We are fine! As a matter of fact..."

"No...! You didn't...!" Arla looked like she was about to fall over in shock.

"We have a young colt! As I am proud to admit!"

"Good goin', big guy!" Fell bumped up against the horse's leg.

If it was possible for a horse to blush, Zoltan would probably be doing it.

"He got a name?" Arla inquired.



"Do you have a problem with that?" Zoltan's eyes blazed with anger as the pups yelped and ran off to the side.

"No! Philip...nice, strong name...said it to get the feel of it," Artemis nodded slowly, begging him to buy it.

If he didn't, he didn't show it. "What did you need?"

"We need to get through town," Melissa informed, "But we don't want the villagers to think that we're going to cause them harm."

"No problem. Just follow behind me."

"Thanks, big guy," Fell nodded, "We'll owe ya one. As a matter of fact, is Link still in Ordon?"

"Yes. He's raising Philip there with Epona. I imagine he's coming up on two years old, so he'll be being broken soon. Perhaps."


Zoltan turned and he walked towards the village. Cautiously, the wolves followed behind (the pups wanting to be last, but 'father' wouldn't let them). Some children shrieked as they saw the wolves, but no one farther than a couple steps back. One child called for Renado, and the Shaman ran outside. "Children," he called, "do not move!"

The wolves kept their heads down, avoiding eye contact, especially Melissa, not wanting Renado catch sight of her one-of-a-kind light purple eyes. He may get suspicious; her horse, her eyes...the wolves that he may remember...

--Melissa's PoV--

Please don't look at me, please don't...just let us get on through here without any trouble...just want to get through...don't look at me, Renado, I prayed in my mind.

"Renado...I have my bow and arrows..." I heard a man say as I was about to pass by Renado. Without thinking, I raised my head and bared fangs at him, growling a warning in my throat.

You just don't mess with my pack. You do, you're really gonna wish you hadn't.

Crap. He saw.

I quickly ducked my head down again, hoping Renado hadn't seen my eyes. I heard the Shaman say, "No, let them pass in peace...however."

No, no, no, no...please, no...

Expecting me to answer, he whispered, "Melissa?"

Don't respond. Don't respond. You don't have to answer your human name. Only your wolf name...don't respond to him.

Yes! I managed to keep my head down and not make contact with him. Thank the Goddesses.

We followed Zoltan until we were out of the village, and he turned at the gate, "Can you make it from here?"

"I think we'll manage. Thanks a lot, Zoltan," beside me, Fenrir bobbed his head in appreciation.

"Sure thing."

When he turned to leave, I felt my heart wrench tight, and I felt like I did when I first left him four years ago. Once again, not thinking, I called out, "Do you not want to come, Zoltan?"

"Huh?" He turned back to me, as if he didn't expect me to say something like that.

"I mean..." 'I haven't seen you in four years and don't want to see you go so soon'? No. Of course that's not what came out. "Don't you want to see Epona and Philip? Besides...I think Kakariko can take care of themselves from here on out. Don't you think?"

After pondering on it, Zoltan nodded, "I suppose...if that's okay with the others."

"It's fine," the others shrugged somewhat.

I could tell his face lightened. Normally, as far as I knew, horses that were the father never really cared, but...that was on Earth. Not Hyrule. I supposed it could be different here, right?

"Then I suppose we should get going," Larka spoke finally since we'd gotten near Kakariko.

--Regular PoV--

"What is it, Arlin?" the queen of Raslynn approached her daughter, who was standing at the window, staring at the snow.

"Oh, it's nothing, mother...I was just...thinking."

"About what?"

"Everyone that helped me...and yet...everyone who didn't. Our villagers...evil...Mother?"

"Yes, sweetie?"

"Do you have that same feeling? That something awful is either going to happen or is happening now?"

"...Yes. I feel it will be a horrid thing; what will happen."

"We have to stop this! He can't do that! He's the GOOD GUY, for goodness sakes!"

"Calm down, Din. I know that this isn't a very good situation, but...I'm sure he..."

"Go on, Nayru."

"Okay, Farore...He may have intentions for his actions, but is shocking."

"That he would do such a thing, yes. However...we should try and contact him. We deserve an explanation."

"...I believe I can give you one."

"Queen of Twilight? How did you get to this place?"

"I'm not sure, myself. Is this a dream?"

"Oh, crap..."

"I believe I'm with you on this one, Din..."

"What? Where am I? Are you the Goddesses? Am I dead?"

"You very well may be."


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