Addison Smith wasn't what you call a normal girl not when she spoke to dead people and have to relieve the same day over just to prevent the person from dying.

She knew her so called powers were very similar to that of a young woman called Tru Davis, it was like their shared secrete.

However she was determined to start afresh in Miami but it seems the fates have sent her to the one place she is needed to be. When on her second day she speaks to a dead CSI who tries to convince her that he needs to be saved.

She is now in a race against time and some unseen force to save Tim Speedle from dying even if it was his time to go.

Addison Smith glared at her alarm clock as the afternoon sun dazzled her, she hadn't understood how hard it was to reset your internal clock.

Addy was sure that waking up at six am was bad but going to bed at six am was just utter madness.

Her fellow co-workers at Miami-Dade crime lab had promised her that she would get into the swing and soon it wouldn't matter what time she went to bed. Throwing the covers back instead of snuggling deeper into her cocoon she rose for her second night working for the crime lab's morgue.

Most people she knew balked at the idea of working with dead bodies even during the day time but having to spend time locked away in the bowls of the shining lab with dead bodies only separated from her by steel doors wasn't what they would call a life's calling.

Her mother had actually shirked at her when she explained her new job… when she discovered her daughter wanted to become a doctor she had calmly explained that doctors were men.

Addy loved her mother she really did but she had a mind set of someone from years ago… where women stayed at home or became teachers or nurses and men took on the role of thinking jobs.

Though she would never admit it Addy took some pleasure when she told her mother that she was going to become a medical examiner at the local morgue seven short years later she once again took pleasure in telling her mother that she was moving to Miami to help out at the crime labs morgue-- working the night shift.

If Addy wasn't sure if her mother was going to faint she would have laughed.

Addy padded towards her small apartments bathroom flicking the light on, didn't matter what time it was when ever entering the bathroom she had to switch the light on. The window was no bigger then a phone box. She had spent a grand two weeks in Miami so far… the first week was spent hurrying back and forth to the lab and home in order to get her papers in order the second week was spent taking in all the information and faces she needed to know while working in Miami.

Alexx woods was a breath of fresh air when she showed Addy around, Addy's previous boss wasn't really a hands on sort of man. He explained a few things before he disappeared into his office leaving a young 21 year old to figure out what she needed to do.

However Alexx spent nearly a whole day telling her every in and out of the morgue and the people she would see around the building thus introducing her to Horatio Cane.

Addy wasn't too sure about him until he started to speak to her and Addy knew the moment she answered his questions that he would be a fair boss to please.

Alexx had also warned Addy about two CSI's who might via for her affection an Eric Delko and Tim Speedle, however upon meeting said men Addy simply laughed that warning off.

Eric though charming just wasn't her type, at lest not romantically but in a friendly way he would be prefect for her.

Speed on the other hand wasn't the sort of guy she had to be worried over, she could tell even in his subtle way his attraction for Calleigh Duquesne was enough to put most women off… not that Addy would even broach the man, he reminded her too much of her older brother. The way his acted and even the way he spoke reminded her of her beloved Ollie Smith.

Addy snapped her self out of her thinking feeling her eyes cloud over with unshed tears. She had gone a good few years without thinking too long on her brother's death, it didn't do her any good she was barely in her teens when he died… but despite that he was the one good thing in her life growing up.

When most teenaged boys would rather be out with their friends or girlfriends Ollie would stay in doors and read to his baby sister or play games. While her mother attempted to play some fifties version housewife and her father trailed around the country due to work Ollie was the only one who offered to spend time trying to find out the real Addy.

And she missed him every single day… but as she washed the tears away she knew it was more then just the flesh and blood version of Ollie she missed. The whole reason she had come to Miami was for a fresh start away from the strangeness of her last job.

"No more ghosts" Addy ordered to her reflection shaking the memories away, dead people were meant to stay dead and when someone woke up it was generally to a new day. And for the most part both facts were true, however sometimes at least to Addy there was a few times the world forgot to play by it's own rules.

It had started early for her she was only ten years old when she saw her first 'ghost', a local boy had been killed by a drunk driver and she had seen his body. What should have scared any normal person was when later that night the boy was somehow standing in her backyard.

She wasn't scared not as much as she thought she should be when she made her way over to him.

He simply asked her to help him then vanished, when she woke the next morning instead of finding her self on the grassy ground she was in her bed and the days events replayed themselves all again. This time however when the boy rode down her block instead of just watching him ride past she called to him and even threw a stone. Thankfully Ollie defended his little sister from the boy just long enough for the driver to tear past and plough into the tree minus the young boy.

It soon became a regular thing for Addy and Ollie would often have to help his sister even though he wasn't sure why. But after his death it was a lot harder, she didn't get to replay the same day… she didn't get the chance to save her brother. And for a twelve year old it was the hardest lesson she would have to learn.

Sometimes people are just meant to die. But it didn't mean that their spirits had to leave Ollie stayed for the first five years after his death… he hung around long enough to help through the harder parts but he too had to leave her.

But Addy was adamant that wasn't going to happen again, she wasn't going to see ghosts, it would be a lot easier just to find another job away from the dead but she knew nothing else.

Miami was her clean slate and she was going to make sure it stayed that way… groaning Addy concluded her clean slate also meant she had to get ready for her new job.

Addy managed to arrive to work with at least ten minutes to spare thankfully. But as she made her way through the maze of stair wells she knew it wouldn't have mattered if she was ten minute early or ten minutes late. Something was wrong, a fact she knew stronger because though there was no banners with the words 'something's wrong' she could tell by the atmosphere, she could probably tear a chunk out of the tension floating around the air.

By the time her shift started and she was all set to collect her assignments for the day she was dreading to ask but just as interested to find out what happened.

The moment she saw Alexx she knew that maybe she wouldn't ask… as the newbie she had no right to ask why her boss was crying or sitting in the morgue in darkness.

It wasn't her business but Alexx somehow felt it was because the moment the older woman spotted Addy she quickly straightened up and wiped away the tears.

"sorry I could come back" Addy offered wondering if she would be fired for switching on at least one light.

"No honey it's fine" Alexx all but chocked out before tears cascaded down her cheeks again, her stiff posture collapsed and she slumped back in her chair allowing the tears free range.

"Um… is there something I could do" Addy asked lamely not knowing what help she could be, something bad had happened and she was trying her best to avoid bad things all together.

"No… no there's nothing anyone can do" Alexx admitted daring the younger woman to come closer. Shifting her feet Addy felt all those lesson about compassion and caring for others rearing their head within her and she moved towards the ME.

"Oh… um… do you want to talk about it" Addy questioned even though to her own ears she sounded uncomfortable. Alexx didn't seem to pick up anything in her voice all she heard was her words and it seemed it broke the woman again.

"He's dead" Alexx admitted as Addy frowned running through her mind all she had learnt. Alexx had children but wasn't married so maybe it was a family thing but surely if that had happened Alexx wouldn't be here.

"Timmy… he was shot this morning" Alexx admitted after the silence engulfed the pair, Addy just stared at her, she wasn't sure who she was referring too. So not a family member maybe a friend but even as she tried Addy couldn't remember anyone she had met named Timmy.

Addy stopped the question from flying out her mouth as to who she was talking about when she rethought the name. Tim. Tim Speedle. Speed.

"Oh god" Addy thought for her reaction that was pretty much as good as it was going to get. She didn't know Speed well enough to burst out crying but she had at least met him and she had figured he was a good enough guy not to go out so young.

"Baby boy shouldn't have been there" Alexx admitted mostly to her self it seemed Addy's presence for the time being had been forgotten. However Addy by that time was trying hard not to look to the bank of steel doors wondering just which one of them held the cold body of CSI Tim Speedle.

"Did… did he feel anything" Addy questioned her eyes staying fixed against the doors "no… no it was a heart shot" Alexx muttered as Addy nodded to herself reasoning that it was at least quick. He didn't have to suffer that fight to hang on to what ever life was seeping out of his body.

"I just… I couldn't cut him up" Alexx almost sounded ashamed by this fact, it meant that her nightshift supervisor had been called in to complet that messy job.

"I just need… away" Alexx mumbled before she stood and gracefully made her way out of the room and the darkness leaving Addy to stare at the steel doors.

Maybe it was a good thing she never got to know Tim Speedle… she knew the moment she met him she would compare him to Ollie and she would grow attached to him even if he didn't return the feelings.

"It was his time to go" Addy declared out loud hoping to hold back the memories of Ollie's cold dead body laying out on a table before and the images of Speed laying in pretty much the same position just as cold.

Moving around switching lights on Addy prepared her self the best she could for the long night… hoping that when she fell asleep her words were strong enough to ward off fate and remind death of his job.

I was watching old episodes of CSI:Miami when dear Speedle was still in it and strangely enough Tru Calling came on afterwards and this idea popped in my head... Speedle shouldn't have gone but huh he lives here. Don't worry to anyone who is wondering about my other CSI fics updates will becoming shortly :D