Chapter four

Faces of old

Addy wasn't sure what she expected when she awoke but she was sure it was to find someone looking directly at her. Jumping back she was sure she heard something in her back snap.

The gasp and glare were an odd mixture but she couldn't help it and she figured it was a good of a reaction as any. Especially when faced with the ghost of her brother.

"How long have you been there" Addy demanded in a hushed tone causing her brother to grin widely at her. His curly brown hair hung in the same style he had it in when he died, just above his ears. He wore the same shirt, pants and shoes he had worn the day he died the only thing different was he actually looked more relaxed then the last time she had seen him.

"'bout five minutes" he admitted before smirking "you still sleep with your mother open you know that" Ollie Smith declared as Addy snorted and glared him.

"Jack ass… you could have woken me" Addy snapped before she glanced at her watch and groaned it was now seven forty five.

"You look like you need the sleep" Ollie admitted as Addy sighed and lent back in her chair "why are you here" Addy questioned as Ollie shrugged before he stood and shoved his hands into his pockets.

"Joint effect… special reason Ad" Ollie admitted as Addy frowned "you've been missing for all these years and now… why now what's so special" Addy demanded as Ollie gave her a look "Speedle isn't meant to die today… despite your anger towards fate you really have to understand why you can't let this guy die Ad" Ollie declared as Addy narrowed her eyes "I don't understand… I hardly ever understand why someone isn't meant to die. And seeing as you know fate personally can you tell it that I'm done, I don't want to be a freak who talks to dead people and have to relive the same day over to save them. I don't want this" Addy growled as Ollie sighed and lent forward "sis I'll tell you again… your not a freak your special, you're a guardian angel" Ollie told her as Addy shook her head.

"Yeah right… if that was true I would have saved you" Addy pointed out as Ollie gave her a tired smile.

"Addy we discussed this… as hard as it is for you I wasn't meant to live, you weren't meant to save me. It was a stupid driver who fell asleep he didn't mean it" Ollie reminded her as Addy collapsed back in her chair and grumbled before folding her arms.

"So why do I have to save this guy" Addy demanded levelling a glare at her brother who chuckled.

"Miami" "Ollie" Addy warned as her brother attempted to shy away from her question "fine… I can't tell you, I want to because I know how important it is but I also know how important it is for you to find out on your own" Ollie said before he held his hands up "I know it sucks but I can help you… like I said a special reason" Ollie said as Addy shrugged before looking at her notes.

"His gun jammed… it will be the second time, he doesn't clean his weapon" Addy declared as Ollie nodded "I know" Ollie admitted as Addy sighed "how am I meant to help… Speed knew what he was meant to do but he still didn't do it. He's a nice guy Ollie, he really is but I can't help but think that maybe he is meant to die" Addy declared as Ollie watched his sister carefully.

"Do you really believe that or is it because of what happened" "I wasn't meant to save Steven I know that now, just Fate's way of reminding me" Addy snapped as Ollie groaned and sat beside her.

"Steven wasn't meant to live… I know it feels like Fate is just lining you up to fail but if you saved everyone then it would be a whole lot harder if you couldn't save someone… in your line of work you see people who shouldn't have died but they still did, you would start to wonder why you couldn't save them" Ollie explained to her as Addy shook her head "Steven was seven years old Ollie… I could have stopped it" "but you wasn't mean to" Ollie reminded her.

"So I'm guessing he has to save the world or something" Addy muttered as Ollie snorted "or something" he declared as Addy stared at him "really" she questioned as Ollie smiled and stood "I'll be seeing you sis" Ollie admitted as Addy frowned before the door open and she glanced round to see Eric and Speed, she quickly gathered her notes to see Ollie had left her again.

"Hey" Eric greeted as Speed offered her a smile "hey… hi" Addy exclaimed as she jumped to her feet she knew better then to avoid eye contact but she couldn't look at Speed not when she was willing to just blurt out that he should avoid work all together today.

"Bye" Addy called as she hurried to the door leaving the two men to look at her retreating form.

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