I decided that it would be important to create some background between the two groups of Toy Soldiers I'm writing about. So this starts out as a flashback to something called project Vampyre. The rest of the chapter is unchanged from it's original format.

January 10 2864

Above Transylvania- ancient castle

0011 (local time)

Def.link inactive

Orders: infiltrate vampire compound. See project vampyre for further details.

Number of fellow toys: two squads, all vitals green

I jumped out into the night sky. I saw the navy boys jump out behind me. I gripped the cords to the parachute. Yes we were using such ancient technology as parachutes. It was the only thing that wouldn't be detectable by sensors, and it was relatively quiet.

Def.link opened by Petty Officer Olsen

To: Everyone; that includes you army hotshots.

This is pure stealth, close quarters combat. Don't deploy your chutes until the pre-determined altitude. Def.link closed.

I pulled the cord at the pre-determined altitude. In a few seconds we had infiltrated the only Vampire compound left in the universe. These few were different from previous generations. A cure for vampirism had been found, and these few remained. Several laws forbade us from attacking the Vampires for being vampires; it was a bunch of BS about human rights and such. However the things in there had been attacking the locals. It was our duty to take them out. We were fighting on there turf and in there favorite time of day. They'd never see it coming.

We walked up to the castle wall. My M-56 carbine was firm in my hand. This was my first mission. The navy boys were really just here to supervise and make sure we didn't screw up. Tex held his M-46 heavy machine gun like a newborn baby. Anita held the M-87 multi-purpose weapon, a gun capable of being switched from a rifle, to a sniper rifle, to an anti tank weapon, and it was the only gun to still support a bayonet. Lizzy held her M-56 carbine just like me. The navy boys held a similar array of weaponry.

"Tex, I need a hole in that wall now." PO Olsen ordered. Even though he was seventeen and Tex was fourteen, Tex still stood an inch taller.

"Want me to punch it?"

"No, I want an explosion so big everyone on earth can hear you. OF COURSE I WANT YOU TO SILENTLY PUNCH A HOLE IN THE WALL IN A BLACK OPS MISSION!" he nearly yelled, well it sounded like a near yell with our enhanced hearing.

"You're the boss." A small hole was quickly made. We moved bricks out of the wall until we could all crawl through. I brought my gun up to my chest. The targeting reticule from my optical implant came up. All was clear. PO Olsen ordered me and Anita to head down the right hallway. Lizzy and Tex headed down the left, and the navy boys would guard the exit. I immediately came across a female vampire. The silenced round hit her square in the head, then another hit her heart. It was sad, her face was quite beautiful. But such instincts as lust weren't needed right now. We moved towards a large chamber. Anita pulled me back quickly. I could hear conversations, though what they were about was unclear. I peaked around the corner with a spy cam. If it wasn't for the blood filled pool, I would have said this was a normal dinner. I motioned for Anita to hit them with explosive rounds. We were over looking the dinner from a balcony. Anita fired the Anti tank round. The concussion ripped most of the vampires apart, leaving the rest full of shrapnel. We walked down. It was obvious that we had just attacked all the vampires in the castle. We jumped down from the balcony. Some were groaning, begging for mercy. I made their suffering end. I didn't dare to look at the faces of my targets. I didn't want to remember those faces. I stopped over a baby. He was still clinging to his vampire mother. His mouth opened to reveal fangs. I grabbed my pistol, and aimed at the infant's heart. I tried not to feel remorse as I ended the life of a child. In the months following we wouldn't have an operation that was that big, or horrific. The navy boys were assigned to the Retribution battle group, and my team, well we eventually went to London to be spies.

July 12 2867

London- School


Def.link inactive

Orders: stay hidden among wizarding community. Don't get caught.

Number of fellow toys: all 30 squads located here. Each squad has 4 members. Vitals of friendlies unknown. Personal vitals green.

It was the last day of school, and I was shocked. In my hand, I had a transfer to Hogwarts. I was confused; nothing had been making sense since we were ordered to cut def.link. We hadn't heard anything about the war. It was almost like war was never declared. Anita had decided to try to communicate to General Horton Evergreen. It was almost as if def.link didn't exist. We couldn't communicate with anything. No computers, no troops, no nothing. And now this.

"John you'll never guess what I got!" it was Victoria

"Wow me too." I faked enthusiasm.

"So why did they transfer you?"

"Quitich and Defense against the dark arts, and you?"

"History and potions." I replied not thrilled

"HAHA!" Victoria's laugh rude as I had ever heard her.

I had concluded def.link was safe to use.

Def.link opened: to all my "friends" party at my house! 2000 Def.link closed.

I had sent the message to all the toy soldiers. It was our code to meet. I had to tell everyone in person. I knew there was something wrong. True I was good at both potions and history, but why? I would be entering my sixth year and I would have hade to show nearly inhuman abilities in both to be transferred. Hogwarts had now become a school for gifted witches and wizards. Being transferred was nearly unheard of.

2100 "party"

We had the music up loud to hide our discussion.

"Captain why go?" it was Collin, the leader of the youngest squad.

"I think there is something... that doesn't make sense. I think I'm looking for answers. Lt. Elizabeth Smith will be in charge while I'm gone."

"Sir we know who will be in charge. I hope you're not deserting."

"Corporal I hope that's a joke."

"No Sir."

The rest of the evening went on like that. I now felt the same regret I had when I had killed those vampires. It was slightly different now. I felt like I was abandoning my duty. When you are taught from birth to never shy away from duty, when you don't do what you were ordered to, it feels worse than doing a soulless act that you were ordered to do.

Sorry that it takes so long to only slightly update this story. The majority of my time is now for ME ME ME. All time is whatever time zone London is in (unless specified otherwise). Now on to International Police, and possibly my broom shop thingy.