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This chapter is over two thousand words, longer than any other chapter in the story so far. Then again with only five or six hundred words a chapter that's not too hard to top. As a recap, the earth battlecruiser Retribution was set to attack the alien ship. This is the attack.

July 12 2867

Space- Currently in a faster than light wormhole, relative location unknown.

Earth ship Retribution

00:43 (GMT)

: N/A

Orders: Board Desik ship.

Number of toys: 1 squad specially trained for zero-G combat

Fleet status: battle cruiser Retribution minimal damage to communications.

As my squad was preparing to board the enemy ship, I checked and rechecked Retribution's sensor logs. At the moment something wasn't adding up. Several of the numbers being crunched through the FTL drive weren't adding up, and if I am correct about how wrong they are, we will also have opened a wormhole through time as well as space. However the odds of that being true are approximately one in eight hundred trillion, nine hundred and ninety seven billion, thirty million, two hundred and thirteen thousand, and three hundred and three. The computers were especially designed for that not to happen, and the shear level of energy that would be required to create that opening in space and time for a ship a large as Retribution would be impossible for her generators to create. Besides if one looked closely at an FTL computer it wouldn't be that hard to see numbers that should lead to a different outcome than what really happens. I had actually seen this happen on about twenty different occasions, it wasn't very concerning. I checked to make sure the rails to my antipersonnel railgun were capable of firing. Lt. Alice Killjoy was currently listening to some wizard rock from the twentieth century. I don't know how anyone could stand music from that century, but it always seemed to calm her down. Lt. Jose Gonzales was simply staring at the wall, probably mentally cursing the Admiral for forcing the Death Dealers (the wizarding equivalent of Special Forces) to join us. I'm not entirely sure; he blocked everyone from reading his thoughts. Lt. Joyce Downs was engaging in activities that I am certain were against Toy Soldier's regulation. More likely than not with a Marine named Larry Kentfield. The only reason she kept her rank was because she was on this mission. We all needed to be of lieutenant rank in order to (and I quote the political bigwig who thought this one up) "Provide for the proper leadership abilities needed for less experienced men, while still being able to be used as tools by command personnel". While we were all the same rank, I was the designated leader right from the start.

The stench of dungbombs and the sheer look of mischief on her face confirmed my suspicion as Joyce walked into the armory.

"You know, if I ever had a real father I'm certain you'd remind me of him." She said as she began inspecting her equipment.

Our empathic relationships were to say the least just like a real family. I was the father, Killjoy was the weary mother, Gonzales was the brother who locked himself in his room all day, and Downs was the rebellious daughter.

"And in the event I ever have a daughter I'm sure she'll remind me of you when she's in her early twenties yet acts like she's five." I replied.

We heard the unmistakable footfalls of some of the most respected witches and wizards in the human race walk to the room we were in. To say the Death Dealers were the best was an understatement. I had seen them do feats varying from lifting eight ton sections of hull plating with magic, to simply lighting a cigarette with a fiendfyre curse. Neither of which were easy to do. We almost had some respect for these nameless soldiers. Almost.

But they were nameless, rankless, and soulless.

All six of them wore masks with a skull painted on them. The robes they wore made it impossible to tell their gender, or weight. Each looked to be the same height, thought if one looked closely enough they could see that some wore much taller boots than the others. The rumor that they never died was brought about by their looks, one could not tell the difference between them. They were easily replaceable, or about as replaceable as a highly skilled wizard or witch could be.

"We jump in three." One of the Death Dealers stated through an artificially altered voice.

"And don't forget to bring ammunition." Said another in a voice that even we couldn't distinguish from the first Death Dealer. He was not so kindly bringing up the one weakness of muggle weapons, their need for ammunition

"Just try and keep our asses clear." I retorted. "We don't feel like having to waste our time shooting in two directions."

Before anyone could continue the argument the armory lighting turned red; a signal for the ten of us to get into the drop pods. I put on the helmet for my space suit which clicked to signify a hard seal. The Death Dealers threw up a modified bubble head charm designed to engulf the whole body. We stepped into our individual pods, and strapped in. the door to the pod shut and depressurized. I turned the safety on my gun off.

The light blinked red in about two minutes as Retribution entered normal space and oriented herself to face the enemy ship. I watched the external camera as the alien ship started firing in retaliation. Retribution's guns fired back as well, both ships' shields burning silver to stop the projectiles. Our shields failed first, and I felt the hull shudder as it was punctured. The enemy's shields failed thirty three seconds later and we were launched, even before I had time to register the lighting change to green. I had truly failed to appreciate the size of the alien ship in the briefings and on the camera. Somehow seeing it with my own eyes for three point one eight seconds before I crashed into it made me realize this ship was huge. My pod broke through the hole, and the door shot out of the "bottom" of the tube. I suffered a little disorientation from being sent from one gravitational field to another. I was now on my back and had to crawl out the drop pod. I was immediately notified of Retribution's retreat from the fight. Several large, unarmored, and unarmed aliens were the first to greet me. The Desiks looked rather like very bulky, very hairy werewolves, only with bigger eyes, human like hands, and a shorter snout with larger canine teeth. One attempted to attack me with its bare hand while the others fled.

It tried to slash at me with its small claws; however I grabbed its arm and snapped the elbow. I then wrapped my left leg around its right and threw it on the ground. My boot connected with the alien's ribs, creating a very large cracking sound and from what I could tell puncturing the Desik's lungs.

Defense Link opened by Lt. Joyce Downs.

Guys help, one of the Death Dealers has been hit pretty badly and it looks like the hairy apes want to surround us. Please help now!

Defense Link closed.

Joyce was about one level above me. I quickly ran through the halls of the ship meeting surprisingly little resistance until I hit a flight of stairs which were likely used in the event the elevators were out of commission. I stumbled upon a whole army of Desik warriors clad in golden armor. I opened fire. Three of them went down as the miniature railgun rounds pierced through the back of their skulls. I rolled out of the way as what looked like the alien equivalent of a reductor curse was sent my way. Several flashes of green signified that two Death Dealers had come to the aid of their fallen comrade.

Defense Link opened by Lt. Joyce Downs

Fuck guys hurry up and get off your asses, and save ours. I'm not lying when I say we're in some deep shit. Mr. Wizard here is coughing up blood and I can't stop shooting the enemy long enough to help the poor bastard out one way or another.

Defense Link closed.

The Desik soldiers took up defensive positions to repel our advance. Alien spells started flying in from behind us. We took cover behind support structures, with the Death Dealers attacking the reinforcements and me focusing on the remaining Desiks. I took out another ten enemies before being forced to take cover and reload. Killjoy and Gonzales began mowing down the reinforcements while the remaining Death Dealers hold the rear. We pushed forward until we had killed all of the Desiks in the area and been able to help the wounded Death Dealer who was now without his signature mask. He was currently convulsing and foaming at the mouth as well as spitting blood, and Joyce had somehow forgotten to mention the fact that he was also missing an arm. Alice broke out her medical kit and shot him full of pure skele-grow. This wasn't the watered down version most hospitals gave, this was the real shit. His convulsions became stronger and he began to scream as the awful pain of regrowing a limb in a matter of minutes became apparent to him. The five death Dealers were taking watch while us Toy Soldiers were aiding their fallen brother.

His mouth began to foam even more. Alice then shot him full of an instant antiviral. He began making choking noises which signaled he was having an allergic reaction. I handed Alice the bronchodilator which she instantly inserted into the poor man's throat. We laid him on his side to allow the vomit and foam and blood to exit his mouth. His convulsions had slowed down, and now only appeared to be from the pure skele-grow. His screams of agony had also subsided. The man couldn't have been more than twenty three and he had short cropped hair of indiscernible color. His black eyes seemed wild and in a state beyond shear terror. It took five minutes for his arm to fully grow back. I then shot him full of sugar to temporarily give him energy he had lost. He slipped his mask back on and shakily stood up and picked up his wand. I'll give it to him; the bastard sure could trooper on.

Defense Link opened by Admiral Judith Halway

Why isn't that ship destroyed soldier? We'll pick you up, but first you need to set that bomb near the core, before we can risk rescuing you.

Defense Link closed.

Defense Link opened by Lt. Joseph Olsen

Admiral I told you not to let anyone else join the attack; we now have one recovering Death Dealer. And out of pure curiosity would you care to tell us where this oh so important reactor is anyways?

Defense Link closed.

We immediately received the location of the reactor through our implants.

"Jose, you and I are going to go to the location the Admiral gave us with that bomb you're carrying and set it on a delayed fuse of about three minutes. I want everyone else ready to abandon ship, and Alice keep a damn close eye on the wounded Death Dealer.

"Aye sir!" everyone shouted in affirmative.

Jose and I ran as fast as we could towards the reactor, which as fate would have it was on the same deck as us. Our fast push forward kept pushing them pack. I ducked behind a support beam as a silver light was shot at me. Most of the aliens had been killed, and only six or seven defenders were left. Jose was quickly disarmed and immobilized by a shot from the rear. Flashes of green hit shot out from behind me, killing the enemies. I swung around only to meet the red flash of a disarmament spell.

"I told the muggle not to save me." He spat. "Give me the bomb; I'll make certain they don't defuse it."

"You're wasting your life." I pointed out.

"I will never be saved by a muggle. Now go before I take you out with me." He ordered as he took the bomb off Jose's back. He headed toward the reactor room, which was just outside the next door. He set the fuse and ran in; with one hand carrying the bomb and the other one shooting hexes and curses at the Desiks. Jose slowly rose up.

"Let's get going." I said. It took us thirty seconds to reach an airlock without having to fight any enemies. I blew the door away with plastic explosives. Everyone else was currently waiting outside in a stealthed transport. We had approximately one minute and thirty seconds to escape the blast by the time we were picked up.

"Killjoy, why the hell didn't you tell me that the wounded Death Dealer wanted to waste his life?" I asked.

"Because we stole his honor." She replied.

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