A love in the past time.


BY Belletiger Bt

Summary: After the battle at the Valley of End, Naruto ends up in the past, a past before Konoha was born and meeting the young versions of the First , Second Hokage and Uchiha Madara. With a friendship born from the fathers of Konoha, Naruto slowly stared to show her true self: A strong girl hidden in a male disguise. ShodaimexFemNarutox Madara


Valley of End, the place where it was the historic battle field of Uchiha Madara and the First hokage. Madara and the First disagreed on how to run the village, culminating in their battle at the Valley of the End. The confrontation ended with Madara losing before he disappeared from Konoha. Now in this very same battle field, two young ninjas who shared the same spirits of the fathers of Konoha, they were now fighting; one it is the descendent of the Uchiha for his desire of revenge and the other one, it was a blond young ninja and blue cerulean yes and whiskers marks on the face, fighting to protect the bounds he created with the young Uchiha.



The two attacks collided head on unleashing a shock wave of light and sound and at is heart was the two boys. In that instant everything changed, Sasuke was all set on killing him and it that moment before Chidori and Rasangan clashed he found he couldn't do it…and in that moment of hesitation everything was decided. Sasuke's hand plunged into Naruto's chest ending the battle, all he could do was scratch Sasuke's head band making him as a deserter

But something else happened on this attack, a bit backlash from Naruto's and Sasuke's final attacks colliding with each other created some type of swirling vortex. Sasuke was about to be sucked but Naruto used his last strenght to push the Uchiha heir away from the vortex, while he was being sucked inside to the black whole.

Sasuke crushed in the ground, blinked several times. He didn't know what just happened.

"Dobe? Naruto?" All he new that Naruto was gone.

Sasuke didn't have time to find out what happened. He walked to his fate in Oto for his quest of reveange on Itachi. He would worry about Naruto later.

After Sasuke was gone, it stared to rain. Kakashi and Pakun had arrived on the battle field but no sign of any of his students. Pakun said he lost the scent of Naruto and Sasuke because of the rain. Kakashi noticed the scratched headband of Sasuke in the ground. The silver haired jounin picked with an angst look.

"I failed Again. Sasuke, why did you fall in your thirsty of revenge?" Kakashi paused as he looked up to the raining sky. "Naruto…" The blonds name delivered a pang of guilt into his heart. 'I was never a sensei to her . I ignored her I never listened on what she wanted. For wat? Just so I could train an Uchiha that would eventually betray us for his own desires. Forgive me Naruto, for not being any help to you. I wish I could have helped you to be yourself again. Forgive me, Minato- sensei, for letting you and Kushina-san down, for letting your Daughter down!."

Kakshi returned to Konaha with only Sasuke's headband in the hends.


Meanwhile , with Naruto, she landed into the ground in an unknown forest as the vortex closed behind her. Naruto couldn't get up because of the wounds.

"Dammit. ." Naruto said to herself. "Damn that Sasuke!" She emphasized her last words with anger.

Why did she save him from the votex? because like Sakura, She was in love for Sasuke and she would do everything for his well being. Not Many in Konoha know, but Uzumaki Naruto was in the fact a girl. Because of an incident with the villagers in the past made her to dress and act like a boy. Thought she had a boy spirit, in her heart, she was still a girl. Unlike many girls that had fall in love for Sasuke in the fight sight, Naruto only actually stared to have some feelings for the Uchiha after he saved her from Haku's attack. She would have told him what she truly is if it wasn't for that snake bastard and his lust of revenge on Itachi.

"That's how it will end? Alone, in the rain, in the middle of a forest?"

Naruto was last thoughts were Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kakashi, the Team Gai , the other rookie nine and Sasuke. The last thing she noticed before losing consciousness were a pair of Dark eyes that stared at him with worry.

"Hey, are you alright?"

With that, Naruto fall in the darkness as a male voice as still talking to her.

To Be continued.

Well, that's for the prologue of the story. It will be my second Fem Naru story but with a little love triangle between Shodaime, Naruto and Madara.

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