A love in the past time

Chapter 10- Eternal bounds

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It was the second night of Kyuubi's extraction. Naruto's screams are still echoing loudly through out the chamber. Sasuke was looking at his ex- friend's body floating through the chakra prison as the Kyuubi's chakra was being sealed into the statue. Sasuke didn't know why he was feeling so helpless in this situation because he wanted to destroy Konoha for what they made his brother going through. Suddenly Sasuke started to remember memories of the past with Naruto that he had pushed into the back of his mind. Memories from before he left Konoha and before he found out the loud blonde was female.


The only reply he got from Naruto was a grunt before finally making it to Sasuke's side of the desk. The Uchiha looked up at Naruto for a moment only to hear him grunt out "Move over."

The Uchiha scuffed before staring at the board waiting for Iruka to show up.

Sakura on the other hand, had more to say to the blonde. "Naruto you Baka! You don't boss around Sasuke-kun like that! Now apologize to him before I hurt you!" the pink haired girl shrieked shrilly.

Naruto looked up for a moment with his eyes half opened before looking back down at the Uchiha. Then without warning he hit the Uchiha on the top of the head with the end of his sheath and ordered "Move. Over. Now."

Then it happened, an accident that neither Sasuke or Naruto would ever forget; a boy in front of Naruto accidentally pushed Naruto, making him fall into Sasuke only to end up kissing him on the lips; taking his first kiss.

Needless to say that called the wrath of his fan-girls onto Naruto's head…literally.

"Um sensei, why don't you go first; so we will know how to do it." said Sakura

"Well my name is Hatake Kakashi my likes are none of your business, my dislikes hmm…my dream is to….huh and I have lots of hobbies." Said Kakashi

'So all we got from him was his name.' thought all the Genin

"Ok now it's your turn. You Blondie; your first." said Kakashi

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, my likes are ramen and Sakura-chan, my dislikes are how long it takes for ramen to cook and the color green, my hobbies are training, pranks and trying out new ramen flavors, and my dream is to become Hokage- the best one this village has ever seen! " Naruto proclaimed loudly while smiling.

Kakashi then left them their lunches before leaving them in the clearing. After a few minutes the two heard a grumbling of a stomach before looking at a blushing Naruto who smiled and saying he didn't need food. Thinking it over Sasuke placed the bento in front of Naruto.

"W-what are you doing Sasuke? Didn't you hear what Kakashi-sensei just said?" hissed Sakura

"I don't feel his chakra around here. Go ahead and eat. We're going to need all the help we can get if we are going to get a bell." Said Sasuke as he too began searching for any signs of there sensei. Hurry up and eat. We don't want Kakashi to show up a catch us." Sasuke whispered hurriedly

Sakura just sighed before picking up the chopsticks and took a small amount of rice before giving it to Naruto to eat it. Just as she did an explosion of dirt came forth in the middle of the training field. As it cleared a very pissed off looking Kakashi irrupted from the smoke "YOU!" he shouted

All three of Genin were cowering at the killing intent rolling off the Jounin. As he got closer the killing intent grew until they were close to suffocating.

"Pass." And just like that the killing intent was gone and there stood an eye smiling Kakashi.



The two attacks collided head on, unleashing a shock wave of light and sound and at its heart were the two boys. In that instant everything changed, Sasuke was all set on killing him and in the moment before Chidori and Rasengan clashed he found he couldn't do it…and in that moment of hesitation everything was decided. Sasuke's hand plunged into Naruto's chest ending the battle, while all Naruto could do was scratch Sasuke's head band making him as a deserter

But something else happened during this attack. A backlash from Naruto's and Sasuke's final attacks colliding with each other created some type of swirling vortex. Sasuke was about to be sucked in but Naruto used the last of his strength to push the Uchiha heir away from the vortex, while he was sucked inside to the black hole instead.

Sasuke crashed to the ground, blinked several times. He didn't know what just happened.

"Dobe? Naruto?" All he new that Naruto was gone and that was the last time he saw the loud blond until now.

End Flashback

Sasuke shook his head, why had those memories come out just now? Naruto had lied to him about herself and about Kyuubi. He knew Madara would revive her after the extraction.

Meanwhile Madara was looking at the young Uchiha. He didn't like the way Sasuke was looking at his Naruto. That look was almost similar to Hashirama's whenever he was looking at Naruto eighty years ago.


Everybody was eager for the Kirin's return. After one day of resting, Tenma had returned to his world to ask for help from the other celestial beasts . Tsunade and Kakashi hoped they would return in time to save Naruto and her children.

Out of nowhere, they heard a explosion and it came from the morgue. Everybody rushed in there to see what happened. In the cloud of dirt drifting in the air they saw a winged figure. When the dirt finally settled, everybody gasped. There standing amongst the ruin that was once the morgue was Neji. He looked different, besides the pair of red wings on his back; his eyes weren't Byakugan and instead looked like eagle eyes.

"Neji… how?" Hinata was the first to break the silence.

"It was her who revived me." Neji said while holding a very tired Kohane. The tiny phoenix was unconscious in Neji's hands. "I think this little phoenix has somehow given me some phoenix traits accidentally."

Neji gave Kohane to Hinata before he walking towards the window. "Where are you going Neji?" asked Tsunade. The Hyuuga genius just looked at Tsunade with determination.

"Where do you think I'm going? I will rescue Naruto no matter what!" Nothing but determination sounded in Neji's voice

"Neji, are you crazy? You can't deal that Rinnegan guy by yourself!" exclaimed Kiba, "He killed you dude. We can't do anything until that Kirin returns."

"There's no need to wait!" said Neji "They're already here."


The sun was rising in the village of rain. The extraction of Kyuubi was still happening but Naruto's screams finally died. That means the extraction was almost finished. Madara was eager. Not only for having Kyuubi for his plans, but also, after this, he would use the bijuu's chakra to revive his loved wife and the child she was having. He knew the child must be his because Naruto had always seen Hashirama as a friend and nothing more. Hashirama, being noble, would never have touched Naruto after he had forced her.

"Soon, my beloved, soon." whispered Madara.


Naruto was looking around with emotionless eyes. Everything around her was blank. She didn't feel cold, warm, nothing! She was feeling emotionless; outside and inside.

"So, that's death?" thought Naruto to herself as she looked at her hand. "I couldn't do anything to protect my friends or myself, what type of ninja am I?"

Suddenly Naruto heard another and yet familiar voice.

"That doesn't sound like the brave girl I knew once."

Naruto blinked as a red fireball appeared in her front. The fireball soon got bigger and formed a human body. Naruto gasped in surprised when she saw a male human in front of her. He was wearing red armor with a black kimono under the armor. His skin was tan and he had long dark hair. His armor also had the symbol for Senju on the shoulder.


The man smiled at Naruto.

"It's been a long time, my beloved."


Outside the rain village there was a barrier; Kakashi was checking the invisible wall for any openings. He had no doubt now; this was Madara's barrier. He knew Madara didn't want anyone interrupting the extraction. Kakashi turned to Hinata.

"Hinata, would you please?" asked Kakashi

"Sure." Hinata nodded "BYAKUGAN!"

Hinata saw that the Akatsuki and Naruto were underground, underneath the tallest tower in the village. Everyone was worried when Hinata mentioned the extraction was almost over.

"I never thought a Rinnegan user would be on the side of destruction." said a voice

Along with the Konoha team, there with them were the other celestial beasts; the blue dragon Seiryu- the leader of the dragons, the white Shiisa Byako- leader of the shiisa and the red phoenix Suzaku- the queen of the phoenixes.

The dragon looked at Kakashi before looking at the barrier.

"You know what to do." said Seiryu

Kakashi nodded. The silver haired Jounin got a big bladed sword. The blade had blue scales- the dragon blade given by Seiryu himself. This time he could do something right for Naruto.


Naruto's body fell limp to the ground, lying motionless and seemingly dead. Madara looked at his beloved as he jumped off of the golem statue's hand to be beside his wife. He hugged her, whispering to her to not be worried because he will revive her soon. No one in the chamber said anything. Sasuke only glared at Madara. Though Madara had told him the truth about Itachi, the Uchiha clan and Naruto, Madara's obsession with Naruto was sick. He wondered if joining Madara to destroy Konoha was the right choice.

Suddenly Madara gasped in surprise when he realized someone had cut his barrier. Madara thought this to be impossible because only Takimaru had a weapon to destroy barriers.


The ceiling crashed around the Akatsuki as Team Kakashi, Team Gai and Team 8 were suddenly there, with the four celestial beasts. Neji Glared at Madara, fury burning in his eyes.

"Don't touch her, you bastard!"

While the Akatsuki were fighting against the Konoha nin, Sasuke was holding Naruto's body. Sasuke looked at the blond once more before making a decision. For once he wanted to do something right, something not influenced by anyone. He would do something good by his own choice.


"How is this possible?!" shouted Naruto. "I heard from Tsunade-baa-chan you and Takimaru were sealed by Sandaime jiji when Orochimaru had attacked Konoha in the chunnin exams. You are supposed to be in the shinigami's stomach!"

"That's true, but the shinigami-sama judges the sealer and the sealed in his stomach. If the sealer has a good heart, the soul of the sealer is freed. The same happens with the sealed ones. But if the sealer and the sealed have a dark heart, they are cursed to live in the stomach of Shinigami-sama for all eternity." explained Hashirama as he hugged Naruto "I really missed you."

Naruto hugged him back though to her it had only been a few days, to Hashirama it has been eighty years; their friendship proved bonds are immortal, no matter how far the time and space were.

"Where are we?" asked Naruto looking at the first Hokage.

"In limbo, that's the line between life and death. I didn't come alone."

Naruto gasped in surprised when se saw other people in limbo. There was Takimaru- grinning like an idiot, Maito Kai with his wife Subaru, and his younger brother Taichi, the Sandaime Sarutobi, his son Asuma, Jiraiya and Itachi. What shocked Naruto more then anything else was to see a male version of her, wearing a Jounin vest with a Hokage cloak. The man smiled to her softly. He was Namikaze Minato.


"I was hoping you would call me Dad,"

Naruto's face broke out into an angry scowl as she stalked over to him and slapped him in the face.

"What did you expect?!" she snapped "Do you have any idea how much pain you have caused me!? 'Tell people to see her as a hero and not the monster' you said; Hero my butt!"

Takimaru was about to get involved but Jiraiya and Hashirama stopped him. Takimaru knew they both needed fix things by themselves.

"Tell me what the hell you were thinking when you decided to seal Kyuubi into me?"

"To protect the village from being destroyed. You were the only person I could trust with Kyuubi's power without getting corrupted. I have been watching you ever since my death. I have seen your pain and I could do nothing to protect you from the villager's closed minds nor could I save you from Madara." Minato's voice was full of regret and sorrow.

"H-How did you know about Madara?"

"I found out accidentally from his journal, along with Hashirama-sama's journal before your mother's 5th month of pregnancy. It was hard for me to believe that Madara at some point had raped you in the past, and Hashirama-sama took care of you before you left to your own time period. Naruto, can you ever forgive me some day?"

Naruto was quiet, she wasn't sure if she could forgive him for the pain she has gone through. Minato could simply have left Naruto with someone who he trusted to take care of her, maybe outside of the village's wrath.

"I don't know if I can forgive you." Naruto answered honestly.

"Someday you will dobe." said a familiar voice.

Naruto snapped her head around and saw Sasuke was here in limbo; even Itachi was surprised to see his brother there. Naruto was too shocked at seeing her teammate also in limbo to say something but luckily Itachi asked for her.

"Sasuke, what are you doing here?" asked Itachi.

"I know everything, Nii-san." said Sasuke softly. "I can't imagine how painful it had to be for you having to kill everyone in our clan and being forced to lie to me. While hearing Naruto's screams during the extraction, I couldn't help but think a lot." explained Sasuke. "I wanted to attack Konoha for what they did to you, Nii-san. I really wanted to kill every single one of them, especially the council of elders, but….. I realized I bleed too much because of revenge and I had left my most important person to surfer because of my blindness. "

"Oh Sasuke," whispered Naruto as Sasuke walked towards her. Sasuke put his hand on her shoulder.

"Naruto, I don't deserve your forgiveness. Like Madara said, you are the sunlight that shines in the dark recesses of peoples minds. Madara was obsessed with having your light, afraid of losing you made him go insane and fall into a sick obsession. I still feel mad that you didn't trust me enough to tell about your true self Naruto, but I think its time that I do something right with my life for once."

Then Sasuke held a ball of light in his hand and offered it to Naruto to hold. Naruto was confused. "What is that?"

Sasuke grabbed her hands and had her hold the shining ball. "It's my life force and I'm giving it to you so that you and your kids will live." As Sasuke said this, the ball of energy entered her body and the room became filled with a bright light.

"Live for us all, dobe." That was the last thing Naruto heard before he was gone along with everyone else in the room.



Everyone had stopped when they saw a shining light. They gasped as Naruto's body stood up, with her eyes as blue as ever, looking determined to finish this fight once and for all. Madara saw Sasuke's limbless form lying on the ground. It looked as if the young Uchiha had sacrificed himself in order to revive Naruto.

"It's time to finish this battle once and for all!!" yelled Naruto as her chakra shined throughout the chamber.

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Madara coughed up blood as Naruto stabbed him through the chest with Sasuke's sword. Madara didn't do anything, just smiled as he hugged the blond girl. Naruto looked at Madara in surprise.

"Why?" asked Naruto, "Why didn't you avoid my attack, Madara? I know you could have easily dodged it without any problems."

Madara just smirked.

"Because…..(cough) I wanted to die in your arms ( cough), my sunshine…"Madara whispered in Naruto's ear.

Madara was quiet for a moment as he remembered all the good moments when he and Naruto were still together eighty years ago, in the age of great alliance.


"What's the problem with the way I train?" Naruto growled trying to suppress her anger.

"Heh, trying to be a man, aren't you Dobe?" asked the young Uchiha as he smirked. "I mean female ninjas are only useful for seduction, being medics and being good wives. They were never born to fight."


Suddenly the Uchiha flew backwards into a tree when he felt a powerful punch land on his face. He was shocked by the strength of the girl.

"Teme, you are not him! Don't try to be him! Naruto screamed at the unsuspecting boy before leaving the training grounds.

"Teme! I am not a bitch! I am Uzumaki Naruto. Remember that!"

"Uchiha Madara, that's all you need to know, Dobe," said Madara.

Naruto was dressed in an orange kimono with golden flowers on it. She had a small amount of make- up on her face to bring out her eyes and lips and atop her head was a crown of sakura flowers. Madara blushed before he could stop himself. Whatever those girls did to Naruto, they pulled a miracle on her. She looked like a beautiful Geisha to him.

"Yeah, I know. I look a little odd in this Kimono," Naruto sighed while looking down at herself. "Those girls are insane if you ask me."

"Even if they are insane, those girls are miracle workers. You even look like a lady," Madara said not able to hide his shock.

"Gee, I don't know if that was a compliment, or sarcasm,"

Naruto couldn't stand it anymore, for the first time in years she cried. Madara didn't know how to comfort her. Uchiha's are known for not being very emotional. All he could think to do was hugging Naruto and holding her while she cried into his chest. Naruto didn't say anything but she was thankful for Madara comforting her. Later he would find a good opportunity on asking about the red chakra and why she has a similar gem that Hashirama uses.

"Naruto, do you think I did the right thing in joining the great alliance? I did this because my clan wanted it. I didn't want to because Senju and Uchiha have always been rivals and my brother sacrificed himself for that cause. There is a reason I am not going blind after all." said Madara looking at the newly formed Konoha from a hill. Naruto was sitting beside him, sharing the sights with him.

"Sometimes we have to do what is right, not only for your clan, but for yourself also. I must admit, where I was from I have always been hated for something I had no power over, nor did I ask for what happened but people still blamed me anyways. At some point, I just wanted everyone to disappear. Sometimes I wanted to disappear." Naruto explained to Madara.

Madara was quiet; it was rare for Naruto to talk about her own past. He wondered why she was hated in her old home. He knew sometimes Naruto could be very loud and could sometimes be annoying but Naruto also has a big heart and everyone in Konoha loved the young woman.

"What happened to make you have a change of heart?"

Naruto Smiled.

"Someone I knew saw me as myself and not for what I was supposed to be. My old sensei, who was like a father to me, was the first person I formed a bond with. Kind of like how I see you. Just Madara, not the Uchiha."

Naruto was smiling at him. That smile was like the brightest of sunlight. Each day Naruto was shining light onto his darkened heart. Seeing that smile, it was impossible for Madara to not also smile. He didn't know what he would do if Naruto wasn't around him anymore. He would go mad if he wasn't able to see the smiling face of the blond vixen anymore.


"After you were gone…I kept this gem…as a treasure. After Kyuubi's attack, I kept …..My eyes on you….making sure of your safety…. Until your time travel….. and return to this era…." Madara gasped for air as he was still coughing up the blood that filled his mouth. Naruto was too shocked to do anything but stay silent.

"Madara, you…."

Suddenly Madara held her close as the blade dug deeper into his chest.

"I have always loved you…. but my fears of losing you to….. either Hashirama or leaving us to…. go to your home made… me…. insane. My obsession for you…. made you …..suffer and ….nothing I say…. will change that ….but know that I never …wanted you to be anything… but happy. I never meant…. to rape you. You are my sunlight."

Madara kissed Naruto's lips softly. Naruto was surprised when she saw tears rolling down Madara's face. Then Madara's body turned into crystal before becoming dust. The only thing left of Madara's body was Naruto's collar and a golden chain with a locket. Naruto bent down and picked up the locket and opened to see the photo that Mizuhime had taken of Madara and her together. Tears filled her eyes and silently rolled down her face. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around. There she saw Neji, with eyes that were different, but it was still Neji. Naruto wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly as her silent tears turned into sobs. Neji could only hug her back and hope it gave her some comfort.


Eight months later

Spring had come for the first time in the newly restored village of whirlpool country. It was the middle of May and the air was filled with the sweet aroma of cherry blossom trees.

Eight months had passed since the defeat of Akatsuki. Like Naruto had promised, she left Konoha after their defeat but not before bringing some justice to Sasuke. Madara had showed Naruto some images of the past before his death; the night of the Uchiha genocide to be more exact. The memories showed how some of the Uchiha's were planning to take over Konoha, which would have caused a civil war. The memories also contained the plans of the elders, Danzou, Koharu and Homura's to kill all of the Uchiha clan, no matter if some were not involved with the treason or not. Naruto found the documents that proved Madara's memories and Kakashi showed them to the public. Tenma killed Danzou, while both Homura and Koharu were sent to prison. Kakashi was chosen to be Tsunade's successor and the sixth Hokage. Naruto knew Kakashi would rule Konoha fairly and with justice.

This wasn't the only good thing that had happened in the last eight months. While she was restoring Whirlpool country with the help of the celestial beasts, she also found people from the old Whirlpool country in the five elemental countries.

Neji, after being revived by Kohane had lost his Byakugan. Because of this he has no longer bound to the Hyuuga clan and he was free to go anywhere he wanted. He went to Naruto and became her guardian.

On May the 22nd Naruto's twins were finally born. Naruto, tired but brilliantly beautiful in her joy, had delivered a healthy baby boy and girl whom she named Uzumaki Arashi for the boy and Uzumaki Sora for the girl.

Neji could never hope to explain the feelings he felt when he first laid eyes on his friend's children. Two little babies, the boy had a head full of blond hair while the girl had a head full of black. Both were wrapped in clean white cloth and were resting peacefully in their mother's arms. The sight had invoked such joy within him that he was left dumfounded, staring at the scene silently from the shadows. It was hard to believe these little children had just come into the world and they are Madara's children. Neji knew though that these two would be different from all the other Uchiha children. These siblings would have a special bond and this time the bond would not be destroyed by needless tragedy.

Nothing would ever compare to the beauty of that singular moment. Naruto leaned forward, pressing a loving kiss on the children's foreheads, her rich golden hair falling forward like a curtain of silk around the two of them. It was a scene; he knew would be forever imprinted in his mind.

"You look happy." said Neji smiling at Naruto. Naruto just gave him her famous fox smile.

"I am." She said "They are now my treasure. Would you like hold one of them?"

Neji was caught off guard by Naruto's question. He looked nervous and Naruto looked at him in confusion.

"What's the matter?"

"Naruto, that's a very bad idea!"

"Come on Neji." Naruto teased him while grinning. "Don't tell me you're afraid of newborn babies? Just hold Sora-chan."

"Naruto I can't! What if she falls?!"

"Stop being a scary cat Neji!" exclaimed Naruto. "You just need be careful."

After a lot of protest and grumbling from Neji, irritated exclamations, threats, and exasperated sighs from Naruto, Neji finally had enough confidence to hold one of Naruto's babies in his arm. He felt a strange sensation when he was holding little Sora in his arms. Neji wondered if his father felt the same thing after he was born. Both of the children were sleeping when the nurse came into the room.

"Naruto-sama, I will take your children to the nursery. You need to rest now."

Naruto nodded as the nurse took her children back to the nursery. Neji also left so Naruto could rest. She didn't know how long she had been sleeping for when she awakened and felt a familiar presence.

"I know you're here."

Beside her bed, Madara's spirit appeared before her. He was smiling at her, a true smile filled with joy. Not the obsessed, love sick smile.

"You're glowing now that the twins were born."

"Yeah, it was painful but it was worth all of it." said Naruto before looking at Madara. "Tell me Madara; is there a possibility of them getting the Sharingan?"

Madara knew why Naruto had asked this question. She was afraid the history would repeat itself like what happened to himself, Sasuke and Itachi. They all suffered because of the Sharingan's power.

"Yes, they will since they have my blood, but the history will not repeat and do you know why?" asked Madara as Naruto look at him confused as she shook her head. "They both have your blood as well. Back eighty years ago, the festival we went to in the beginning of our journey, I was truly happy. I never felt something so warn before my brother was gone. Each moment we were together, you were my sun that shined in my darkness. That brightness will keep your new family united, even if they have the Sharingan."

Naruto was relief wash over her with Madara's words. She would do her best to not let the tragedy of Sharingan repeat itself and not let any of her family suffer like Itachi and Sasuke did. Naruto blinked in shock when Madara suddenly kissed her on the lips.

"Don't forget, my beloved. Even dead, I will be waiting for you. When your time comes, I want us to be reborn again. I want to fall in love with you all over again but this time without the obsession or time period between us." Said Madara

"Madara, I always loved you as a brother but who knows, we might become true lovers in our new life because bonds are immortal, even after death. You've proven this."

Madara couldn't help but chuckle. In a way she was right. He had lived this long only to have her again. Now being dead, he would wait once more for her in the after life along with Hashirama, Takimaru, and everyone from the great alliance period. Madara vanished as Naruto went back to sleep. Yes, the future looked bright to her.

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