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Sit...SIT...SIT,"a sixteen year old futuristic miko Kagome screamed, " you foul little puppy! There is no way I will travel with that ...that dead clay pot ! " " I will have to agree with her Inuyasha,"calmly spatted the Buddhist monk, Miroku as Inuyasha climbed out of his four foot crater in the middle of the road. " Well she can leave if she doesn't want to work with me," sneered the dead miko, Kikyo."Yeah,Kikyo is part of this group," agreed Inuyasha "You undead bitch and ungrateful Mutt. If she leaves we all leave," screamed the outraged demon slayer, Sango! " HA," smiled Kagome," if that's the way you want it Kikyo darling fine , but just remember to tell puppy you can't see or sense the sacred jewel shards anymore." Come on Shippo, lets escape this nightmare-ish hell. "Kagome...wait, Miroku and I are coming with you," laughed Sango at the scene and Kagome saying "Kikyo darling". " No unfortunately, Puppy and the clay pot will need your "help" , so it would better if you stayed," taunted Kagome. " Yes, Lady Kagome, I think we should too," snickered Miroku, understanding that help meant that they were the only good fighters left and were to protect Inuyasha. "Bye Kagome,"snickered Sango while looking at Inuyasha's and Kikyo's blank faces missing the joke.

With a small giggle at the pair Kagome and Shippo walked away from the group ,and into the woods south of the road. "Mama," whispered the young kitsune," will we see Sango and Miroku again?" " Yes we will; I don't know when ,but we will, I promise." As Kagome walked deeper into the woods the sky became harder to see, but she was still able to enough of the sky to see the sun beginning to set.

They walked on for another hour or close to it before they reached small clearing with a small stream. As Kagome sat up camp, Shippo went to collect some firewood a few feet away. As Shippo gathered the wood he heard a tree branch rustle above him, and when he looked up he saw two glowing blood red eyes staring at him. He took off toward Kagome after seeing the eyes, but before he could get half into the clearing the two glowin' red eyes landed in front of him.As the figure stood straight up it said," What are you doing here fur ball?" " I'm NOT a fur ball ,I'm Shippo, and i was helping my mama set up camp by gathering firewood," answered Shippo. "Shippo...whose that," Kagome asked worriedly looking at the six foot , black haired with blood red highlights,and black feathered winged girl? " Names Hatara ,you," Hatara answered for Shippo. "Kagome, nice to meet you." " Are you Shippo's mom?" " Not by blood but as a figure yes I am."

"Interesting,"mumbled Hatara low enough were Kagome and Shippo couldn't here. " Hatara, not to be offensive or anything ,but are you human or demon,"asked a puzzled Kagome . Her senses were telling her that it was demon, but Hatara had no noticeable demon qualities. " I'm demon but I look more human because I'm a Vampire Demon, your a miko right ,''inquired Hatara? " Yep." " how bout we sit by the fire its startin to get a little chilly and i have some food cooking as well," propositioned Kagome? "OK ,"both Hatara and Shippo answered. "What are you two doing so far out in the woods;"asked Hatara sitting down on a rock by the fire? " " We broke away from an BIG meanie hanyou named Inuyasha and his vile "mate to be" that hurt my mama, " exaggerated Shippo sitting by Kagome who was across the fire from Hatara. Hatara only raised an eyebrow and looked at Kagome and asked," Is what Fluff ball said is it true?" "Yeah, We were in a small group consisting of Shippo, Me , Sango the demon slayer, Inuyasha, and a Buddhist monk named Miroku . We were gathering the sacred jewel shards to get rid of a evil Hanyou named Naraku. Unfortunately for me I was in love with Inuyasha while he was still in love with his first love,Kikyo who is a walking talking dead clay pot, that keeps trying to drag him to hell along with trying to steal my soul, and he decided that he would have Kikyou join our group. So when he said that Kikyou is in the group I said Shippo and I were out , but I convinced my other friends to stay to protect Inuyasha. The funniest part about this situation is Inuyasha thinks Kikyou can't sense or see the jewel shards. So here we are," sighed Kagome. " What a moronic imbecile, is he truly that stupid,"said incredulously . "I don't know , but would like to have some supper with us since its done",asked Kagome? "No thank you, I have to leave,and besides I think my diets a little more bloodier then yours anyway," joked Hatara

"Here, take this Kagome " kindly said Hatara also giving Kagome a choker with an ancient medallion." This is a Vampiric Medallion it allows the vampire demon who gave it to you to come to by request if need be, it will also protect from other demons. This one will not only protect you from other demons but will make you undetectable to demons who wish to kill you like Naraku or an evil Vampire demon. The way you get this to work is by putting a small drop of your or Shippo's blood on the heart engraved on this medallion and say my name , oh but don't let anybody know what type of medallion it is except for your mate of course," explained Hatara. " Bye Thank you so much, and don't worry I won't tell a soul about it ;I don't have a mate either,"accepted Kagome. " Oh, not yet you don't but you will soon ," whispered Hatara where neither Kagome and Shippo could hear her as she flew West. "Mama, I'm tired can we go to bed," asked Shippo? "Sure thing little one," said Kagome as she got her sleeping bag ready by a tree two feet away from the fire," goodnight Shippo." " 'ight mama."