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'Thoughts/ Sesshomaru's demon'

"Kagome's demon"

CH 17: Together Forever

When Kagome woke up the next day it was roughly around noon. As she readied herself to face what was left of the day she recalled the events of last night. She remembered all the hurtful things said, but her memory Sesshomaru standing in her defense was the most prominent. However, her time in the garden with Sesshomaru was her favorite part of the night / morning. Kagome had just finished tying her black obi that had crescent moon on it around her dark purple kimono when Rina knocked on the door. Kagome walked over to the door and opened and told Rina to enter.

"Kagome, Sesshomaru wishes to see you in his study." spoke Rina with a tired voice and looking dead on her feet.

"Alright. Thank you Rina for telling me."

As Rina turn to leave she swayed for a second before regaining her balance. Kagome noticed this and called Rina's name.

"Rina, are you alright? You are acting like you don't feel well."

Rina turn back around and faced Kagome. As Rina began to answer her left hand moved to the left side neck where the neck and shoulder met.

" I am just tired Kagome."

Kagome accepted this answer and told Rina that she was to get some rest and wasn't allowed to get back to work until was in a better condition. Rina went to protest but Kagome cut her off knowing what she was already going to say.

"If Sesshomaru has a problem with it then he can come to me, but I'm pretty sure he rather have you at the top of your game then having you do a poor job. Plus I don't want to see you in trouble with him if you don't do something right because you were tired."

Seeing Rina was still going to protest Kagome added, "Its an order."

Rina just nodded her head and whispered her thanks before she went toward her chambers.

After Rina left Kagome closed the door to her room, slipped on her shoes before heading to Sesshomaru's office.

When she arrived Kagome knocked gently on the door and waited to have Sesshomaru tell her she could come in. After waiting a couple of minutes Kagome was told to enter. When she did she sat in the seat in front of Sesshomaru and waited until he was done with a document before she spoke. When she saw Sesshomaru put the paper down she spoke.

" What did you need to see me for Sesshomaru?"

Sesshomaru looked at Kagome a small almost invisible smile and said, "I want to apologize about my actions concerning the ball and to also ask you something and give item."

Kagome's mind was reeling and it wasn't because of what Sesshomaru said it was because of how he said it. His voice was full emotion that Kagome hadn't heard before.

One her mind calmed she spoke, "It is alright Sesshomaru. You stood up for me in the end."

"That may be the case, but you should have never been put into that situation."

"Sesshomaru, it happened yesterday, and yesterday is over so just worry about today."

Sesshomaru looked at Kagome for a moment before he nodded his head in agreement.

"Very well, Kagome this Sesshomaru would like to ask your permission to proceed with the sixth step of the ritual."

Kagome was hesitant because she couldn't quite recall what the sixth step was. So she very softly asked what it was.

"Sesshomaru, what is the sixth step?"

"It is where I mark you and we are bonded."

Kagome understood what he meant and blushed a cherry red.

Stuttering Kagome asked, " A-alright, when do you wish proceed the sixth step?"

"A two days from now, if that is acceptable."

Kagome was slightly shocked at how soon he wish to mate her but she agreed to it anyway. A moment after she agreed Sesshomaru stood and walked behind her. When Kagome went to turn her head toward Sesshomaru, he told her to keep facing his desk. Kagome did as Sesshomaru wanted and then a few seconds later there was a cold object around her neck. Kagome looked down to find a sapphire and diamond crescent moon necklace just below the choker that Hatara gave her when they first met. Kagome then looked to Sesshomaru with wide eyes. She tried to form a coherent sentence but couldn't even find the words to express herself. Sesshomaru watched Kagome struggle to form a sentence as he sat behind his desk again, his face was stoic but his eyes showed his amusement. Deciding to spare Kagome an embarrassing situation Sesshomaru spoke.

"The necklace was my mothers, before her it was my father's mother's necklace. The necklace is passed down to every daughter-in-law that marries the heir."

Finally over the shock Kagome spoke with a smile, "It is exquisite Sesshomaru, thank you."

Sesshomaru was proud that he was able to make Kagome happy after what happen last night. There was a few moments of silence before Kagome asked awkwardly, " Is that all Sesshomaru?"

"It is, but feel free to stay here if you wish."

Kagome couldn't believe that this was the same Sesshomaru that she had come to know, because he was more open with his feelings toward her. Even though she knew that his beast and his logical side where on the same page. A couple of minutes had passed before Kagome spoke.

"Thank you Sesshomaru, but I think I would like to go outside for awhile since it is so nice out."

Sesshomaru simply nodded his head and then went back to his documents on his desk. Kagome stood and said goodbye to Sesshomaru, but when she reached the door she looked back and told him that Rina would be on rest since she was extremely exhausted. Sesshomaru nodded, he knew Rina had just mated last night so he understood why she was tired. He also liked how Kagome handled the situation on her own even though she might not understand the circumstances behind it.

The rest of the day past fairly quickly although it was quiet since the children were still on their punishment until this evening . Throughout the day Sesshomaru and Kagome did small almost unnoticeable gestures to show their love toward one another. In fact only those who knew Kagome and Sesshomaru almost completely picked up the actions. The next day passed quickly and with out incident. The children had been talking up a storm since they had gotten back to there routines from before their punishment; it was hard for Kagome to keep them focused on their lessons . It was now the morning of the mating and both Hatara and Rina where in Kagome's room getting her ready for tonight. While they ate their breakfast Hatara explained why they were there and what they would be doing as preparations for this evening.

"Kagome, the reason we are here is because it is our role to keep you and Sesshomaru apart until this evening, and to get you ready."

Kagome understood what they meant but she wasn't going to like being cooped up her room all day.

"Alright, but what exactly are you going to be doing to get me ready for tonight." inquired Kagome in a guarded voice.

"Well it be exactly like the day of the ball except with no make up." spoke Hatara as she went toward the door and exited the room.

"She is going to get your kimono for this evening." spoke Rina with a whispery voice.

"Alright. Rina what am I to do for the whole day?"

"Well, you could always read that book your always reading with the kids, sketch something, and um.. talk to myself and Lady Hatara." answered Rina flinching slightly from Kagome's tone.

"Sorry, if I sound mad its just I am used being able to go talk to Sesshomaru, go outside, and the fact I just plain don't like being cooped up in inside."

"I understand I didn't like that fact much either when I got it mated."

"Not to offend you but you got mated?" Kagome's voice showed her shock along with face, and Rina couldn't help but smile.

"Yes, actually it was the night you and the Lord left for the ball."

Realization dawned on Kagome's features as she thought back to night and the day after. Then something caught her interest.

"Rina how were you able to assist Lady Hatara that day?"

"It was because Lord Akumu had my mate over in the West wing and Lady Hatara had me here in the East."

Rina seeing Kagome form a plan in her mind quickly added, "We were only to do that because we had to assist all of you in getting ready for the ball."

"She is quite right Kagome. That was the only reason she was allowed to be about." spoke Hatara who just reentered the room with a beautiful silver kimono that shined like the rays from the moon.

The day passed uneventful much like the others until it was after the women ate supper, since they now had get Kagome ready. Rina did Kagome's hair to where it shined like black water and fell in waves, while Hatara busied herself by making sure the kimono was perfect. Then proceeded to help put the kimono on Kagome.

Once finished, Hatara left to where Sesshomaru was to find out if he was ready.

She was only gone for a couple of minutes before she came back saying that everything was ready to go and they needed to take Kagome to Sesshomaru's chamber.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::THE NEXT AFTERNOON::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

It was official Sesshomaru and Kagome where officially mates, and the whole castle was in an uproar. There was a huge festival being held and almost everyone was invited.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::10 years later:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Four years passed and Kagome gave birth to twins, both of them boys and the spitting image of Kagome except for their eyes. They had Sesshomaru's cold calculating eyes. Akio and Tashi inherited their mother's knack for getting into problematic situations, but possessed their father's cunning and tactical thinking so they could work their way out of those situations.

Then a year later a little girl that was the spitting image Sesshomaru except with Kagome's eyes was born. Serene was the most like Sesshomaru. She inherited her father's abilities as well as his demeanor. However, when ever she walked into a room she lit it up much like her mother does.

Akumu mated to a fox demoness who had been attacked by a vampire demon two years before the birth of her sons. They had a twins a boy and a girl.

Rin mated with one of Sango's and Miroku's sons after the birth of Serene and the found a way to extend their lives so that could stay with those they loved.

Shippo mated with Akumu and his mate's daughter after about two hundred or so years of "fighting" .

Since the war Kagome hadn't seen or heard from Inuyasha, but from what Keade, Miroku, and Sango tell her he is doing fine. He also has a mate a bat hanyou that nursed to him to health after he protected her from an Oni.