A/N: This story is very AU - Sirius, James, Remus, Lily and Tonks all went toHogwarts together and are a few years out of school and into their careers. They are all members of the Order. James and Harry are cousins (Harry is a few years younger thaneveryone and his parents were still killed by Voldemort and he still lives with the Dursleys during the summer...Petunia and Lily just aren't realated...) I hope this makes sense...let me know if anything dosen't! Enjoy!

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Tonks leaned back in her seat and sighed, tilting her head to the side slightly. She stared down at the advertisement in the magazine in front of her. It was an advertisement for rings; engagement rings to be exact. She was sitting in the small waiting room of St. Mungo's, waiting for her name to be called. Remus sat next to her and looked over at what she was reading when he heard her sigh, completely unnoticed by Tonks, who had her legs crossed and was tapping her foot in nervousness. He was flipping through his own magazine, unhappy that Tonks had dragged him along today. She was getting her routine check-up that was required for all Aurors each year. Tonks had a completely irrational fear of anything to do with hospitals, even down to the tongue depressors and hospital gowns. For a dark wizard catcher, she could really be scared of the most bizarre things. But it was just another part of Tonks that made her just so…Tonks, and Remus just couldn't resist her and her strange fears.

Tonks sighed again as she looked at the page and tilted her head to the other side, a completely sappy look on her face. Remus, being the thick-skulled male he was, sat there for a few moments wondering why she was making such a big show about an engagement ring. Remus felt like a bag of bricks had hit him as he came up with a completely outrageous thought. Maybe she wanted one….No, that couldn't be it. She had to be engaged and have been proposed toin order to have an engagement ring…of course. Wait. No that couldn't be it. What if…what if she wanted to be proposed to? Remus opened his mouth in slight shock at what he came to realize as a nurse opened a door and called Dora's name and she stood up quickly, dragging a bewildered Remus behind her into the examination room.

"Molly, can I ask you something?" Remus said as he helped Molly Weasley cut up salad ingredients for the dinner that night. She was having the Order over for a nice dinner, somewhat of a tradition they had started ever since things started to get bad in the war. It was a nice couple of hours where they could sit together and eat in peace and not talking about any Order related business. Dora was still at work and was heading straight over when she got out. Remus had come a few minutes early to help Molly set up and talk to her about something.

"Of course dear," Molly said absentmindedly as she concentrated on her carrots.

Remus paused a moment before asking, "How did you know when you were ready to get married?"

Molly looked up quickly at him, nearly cutting her finger off in the process. "Oh, well, I don't know…it just feels right I guess?" she said a bit taken aback. Remus looked at her and nodded slowly. "Gosh, that was a terrible answer. But really, it just, makes sense. You come to a point in a relationship with someone when you can't see life without them. That's when you know." Molly looked at Remus tenderly as she finished. Remus gave her a small smile and then finished putting some cucumbers in the salad bowl. Remus probably could have and should have asked his own mother this question and be having this discussion with her but he had felt more comfortable for some reason asking Molly. Maybe it was because he didn't want to remind his own mother of his happiness in the relationship department when her own first marriage with Remus' father had failed miserably, and her second one was heading down the same path. It wasn't that he didn't love his mother, because he did, but Molly always seemed to be so knowledgeable about this topic, and her success showed.

Remus snapped back to reality when Molly said, "I know that look. You're going to propose to Nymphadora." Remus looked up sharply at the older woman and gave her a questioning look. She just smirked back at him and nodded her head slowly. Well, he should have expected her to find out. People like Molly Weasley had a sixth sense for knowing what people were up to.

"Oh, it was just like this the last time," Molly said as she went back to forcefully cutting up the carrots. Remus knew that by "last time" she meant during the First War. "People eloping left and right. There was so much panic in the air; people were literally dying to get to the altar. Just to have something, someone, to hope and dream with for better circumstances. Someone to be with every moment, because it just might have been their last."

Thick silence settled in the air after she finished and Remus seemed frozen in place, hands hovering over the salad bowl. Were his reasons for asking Dora to marry him what Molly just said? Did he just want someone to be with in this time of fear? No. It was more than that. He loved Dora more than life, would do anything, anything, to spend another moment with her. They weren't just two young people in lust who were going to elope and get married by an Elvis impersonator in some desert. They were more than that.

"Oh, Remus, I'm sorry, just forget that. I know you two are young, and things are very…uncertain right now, but honestly? I've never seen two people more in love or more devoted to each other. You'll make it," Molly amended, looking kindly at Remus.

"Thank you Molly, it really means a lot to me," Remus said to her.

"Not at all dear, not at all," she replied with a sad smile, as if she knew what the fates had in store for them.

Just then there was a knock and Molly hurriedly strode over to the kitchen door and looked through the peep-hole. "Nymphadora! You're just in time, Remus just got here. Oh, I'm sorry, you know the rules…What's the scar on your left elbow from?"

A sigh was heard from the other side of the door and Remus smiled to himself as he could picture Dora rolling her eyes at the security question Molly asked her.

"It's from when one of your garden gnomes bit me last summer," Tonks said. Both Remus and Molly struggled to hold back their laughter. While the victim in question didn't think this memory was very funny, Remus and Molly remember it as being quite hilarious.

Molly opened the door for Tonks and hurried back to the stove to take out the chicken dinner. "Help yourself to drinks, you two; everyone else should be here any minute."

Tonks, still in her work clothes, walked over to Remus and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Remus wrapped his arms around her and looked into her green eyes.

"Sorry it took me so long, I ran into Scrimegour on my way out, and you know how that man likes to talk," she said quietly and then gave Remus another quick kiss.

"Don't worry about it, just sit down and relax. What do you want to drink?" Remus said as she made her way to the table.

"Just water is fine," Tonks said sitting down. Remus opened the cabinet by where Molly was standing adding the finishing touches to the chicken, and grabbed two glasses. He was about to turn to the sink when Molly leaned closer to him and whispered out of the corner of her mouth, "Oh yes, you two are definitely ready."


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