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Daddy's Little Girl. Those three words sent shivers down Remus' spine and made his stomach flip-flop. Nymphadora Tonks definitely fell under the category of "little girl" (no matter how old she was) and Ted Tonks definitely fell under the category of "Daddy". That's the whole reason Remus was so nervous after all but also the reason he kicked Sirius and James out of the apartment for the day and was waiting for the arrival of Ted and Andromeda Tonks.

He was glancing around the apartment that he had spent the past few hours cleaning up and trying to make presentable when there was a knock at the door. Remus took a deep breath and went over to the door and opened it. Standing in the doorway was Mr. and Mrs. Tonks. Ted greeted him with a warm smile and a firm handshake and made his way into the apartment. He was a medium tall man with broad shoulders and an even broader belly. His light brown hair was starting to thin and his face had an ever-prevalent grin on it. Remus held the door open for Andromeda who gave Remus a polite nod and entered the apartment. The middle Black sister was slightly taller than her husband and had very dark, almost black, shiny hair and even darker eyes and features. Her face structure and eyes were strikingly similar to that of her younger sister, Bellatrix, but that was something Remus, or anyone else, tried not to think about.

"Great to see you Remus! How have you been son?" Ted asked as he sat down on the couch and Andromeda sat next to him.

"I'm good, things have been a little stressful, but we're handling it," Remus said. Even though the sentence was vague, all three of them understood that he was hinting at the difficulties the Aurors and Order members have been facing in the past few weeks without violating the strict codes of secrecy he and Dora were under.

"So, you said you wanted to talk about something?" Ted asked and Remus was grateful for the change in topic.

"Yeah, actually I did," Remus said and then took a steadying breath. This was his moment to make it or break it. If he screwed this up he might as well just forget about have a happy future. "I wanted to talk about Dora."

Ted gave a chuckle. "Has the girl finally driven you crazy?" he asked. At Remus' taken aback look, Ted laughed again and continued. "Only kidding. Even though she may make you want to pull your hair out at times, Dora's an incredible girl, I know you know that Remus."

"Yes, sir, I do know that, and that's why I wanted to talk about her," Remus said. At Ted's gesture to go on, Remus took a breath and continued, "I never thought I would come to love Dora as much as I do when I first met her at school. I did know right away that she was someone very special and beautiful and somehow I knew deep down that she would change my life forever, and she has. She made me realize that there is beauty and love in life and that the circumstances someone has doesn't define them and that life is only what you make it. I can't see my life, or picture my future without Dora. Sir, with your permission, I would like to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage."

When Remus finished Andromeda gave the tiniest of gasps and tears welled in her dark eyes. When Remus saw this, he was the one that was a little shocked. Never in his life had he ever thought he could make a Black show any emotion, let alone cry. At this moment Remus understood the power of a mother's love. Just the thought of someone marrying her daughter could break down the walls Andromeda Tonks put up around herself to protect the love for her family she held within.

"Well, I can't say that 'Dromeda and I weren't expecting it! You're a fine young man Remus, and I know that you'll take care of her, love her, and treat her with the utmost respect. So with that, I give you my full blessing to marry Nymphadora," Ted said.

Remus could barely contain his grin as he said, "Thank you sir, so much." But he knew he wasn't out of the woods yet. Fathers like Ted Tonks who had daughters like Nymphadora Tonks wouldn't let a guy leave with his blessing without instilling the fear of God into him.

Ted smiled back at him and then leaned closer to Remus. "I'd say that I'm a pretty easy going guy. But I always know when one of my girls is upset or unhappy and I won't hesitate to do something about it. I like you Remus, so don't make me have to do something."

Remus nodded and said, "Yes sir."

"But let's not think about that. This is a time for celebration!" Ted said jovially and stood up.

Remus and Andromeda also stood and Andromeda said, "You'll have to let us know as soon as you do it, Remus. I have some pictures of dresses that would look lovely on Nymphadora that I've been saving and want to give to her."

"Of course, Mrs. Tonks," Remus responded, walking with them to the door.

"It was great to see you son," Ted said and engulfed Remus in a manly hug which startled him a bit. "Welcome to the family!"

Later that night, Remus and Tonks were enjoying a particularly delicious dinner at a tiny local restaurant. Tonks was going on about some new guy at work who "couldn't catch a Death Eater is they disarmed and then stunned themselves" when Remus, who couldn't take his eyes off her all night, broke out into a large grin and gazed at her.

"What are you smiling about?" Tonks said mid-ramble as she took a sip of her wine.

Remus tried to hide his smile but it just grew even more when he said, "Oh, nothing."


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