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"Goukakyuu no Jutsu" – jutsus being announced

"Brat" – demon speech

'What an idiot' – thoughts

"Dobe" – speech


Naruto was walking through the woods on his 7th birthday. He went there a day earlier knowing that the villagers were going to raid his apartment and try to kill him if he was still there. Walking through the forest which turned into a swamp as he continued on knowing the villagers would never come through here and ninjas are less likely to think or find him here. He was currently wearing black pants and a green shirt which allowed him to blend in perfectly.

"You know you should just stop acting like your stupid. You are extremely smart. It's not fun to see you act like an idiot. Yeah sure the pranks are funny but the other stuff. Not so much" said Kurama through a telepathic link in his head

Naruto had met her on his 5th birthday when the villagers were going to kill him. In result he unlocked a powerful bloodline and got the shock of his life when he found out Kyuubi was a girl, who told him her true name (Kurama). He unlocked the Uzumaki Clans special bloodline allowing him to use the special charka of the Uzumaki Clan on a higher level. A charka level that surpass nature charka. Kurama taught him how to use this charka combined with her charka to turn it into an ultimate defense (similar to when Naruto gets covered with red charka, looks like a fox, and grows tails). She gave him access all of 9 of her tails. But if he holds all 9-tails out for too long it will start to hurt him and release Kyuubi. At his age he could only control up to 3 tails before he loses control of himself and the charka will seriously hurt him. To counter act this Kurama started to teach him a fox style taijutsu, Demi-techniques, Uzumaki techniques she remembered from her past experience and a few sealing techniques.

"Hey kit I'm sensing something I haven't heard or seen in the longest. Start heading west because if it is what I think it is it will help you out majorly" said Kurama as Naruto just followed her directions. They came across a muddy pond and in the middle of it was a big scroll (Jiraiya size scroll for the summoning in case you are wondering). The scroll was dark green hovering above the mud but staying perfectly clean with green charka sparkling off of it.

"Kit grabbed that scroll. That is the legendary Reptile Summoning scroll. I want you to cut your hand and write your name in blood in it. You would be the first to have this contract. After you done with that I want you to make a seal on your back of your right shoulder using your Demi-clone and seal it" finished Kurama as Naruto just followed her directions

"So you mind telling me what this scroll does" asked Naruto

"This is a special summoning scroll. It allows you to summon Serpents, Dragons, Crocodiles, and snakes. What's also special about this scroll is that it allows you to summon other summon animals that they have alliances with which includes the Salamanders.

When the scroll says you are strong and experience enough it will add more types of Summons like things the world has never seen before but you are far from that so don't worry about it. I am sending you the seal's for the summoning Jutsu and how to properly use the summoning contract. The basic's at least but this is the only time that I will let you take the easy way out. The only reason I would make you learn it immediately is that it is a very helpful jutsu to you since no one would bother to help you without getting something big from it. Now I want to take over your body for a little bit and use my charka to summon the bosses" said Kurama

"ONLY, this one time. I don't like to be in the control of others" said Naruto as he gave Kurama control.

"But you will always let me right Naruto-Kuunn" said Kurama as she started performing hand-seals and cut her thumb to which Naruto blushed a bit in his mindscape.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu" said Kurama as she slammed her hands into the ground.

5 black clouds of smoke appeared and when it cleared there was a group of huge animals but the swamp and trees gave them great cover so no one will notice. There was a purple snake, a black dragon, a dark green crocodile, a brown salamander, and a dark blue serpent.

"So someone has finally found our contract" said the salamander

"It's been a while since someone has summoned us. Who are you" said the crocodile

"My container's name is Naruto Uzumaki but since he gave me control to summon you I am in control for right now. I am Kyuubi no Kitsune and I want my container to be your summoner without sacrifices but even then he maybe have some of your kind eat some people" said Kurama

"Hmmm I guess it's alright since he is your container after all. There is bound to be trouble and violence when it comes to you. I Ryuu, boss of the dragons accept him as my summoner. I am leaving now. My wife is probably going to kill me now for leaving her like that" said Ryuu as he left in a black fire.

"I guess I can make an exception. This may prove interesssting. I Manda bossss of the ssnakesss accept him. You better make sssure he is sssstrong enough to carry around my contract with pride" said Manda as he left in smoke.

"I Jaini boss of the Salamanders accept him as my summoner. Tell him to hurry up and read up on that contract so he can summon some really strong allies" said Jaini as she left in a swirl of dirt and sand.

"I Syee boss of the serpents accept him as my summoner. Remember to tell that we are different from snakes. We rip, shred, and bite so later" said Syee as she left in a swirl of mud.

"I Oai boss of the crocodiles accept him as my summoner. I will have to explain the two rules to you so you can tell him since the others left without saying anything. If anyone signs their name on the contract without your permission and summons us two things will happen. One the signature will fall off and if they keep at it, it will stay until you remove but if they try to summon us before you can remove it the summon will immediately kill her or his summoner who signed it not you so don't worry. But that doesn't mean he can be careless with our contract because if he is we will kill him regardless of him being your container. Good bye" finished Oai as he left in a swirl of water. Kurama had then decided to give control back to Naruto.

"So you seen and heard what's going on. Oh and I gave you the knowledge on how to summon different sizes and the type of animal" said Kurama

"Alright, since I have this contract I am heading back home to entertain some guests" said Naruto

"Fine but since I gave you all those things like summoning and finding the contract you have to do 3 things for me" said a smirking Kyuubi

"What?" asked Naruto

"TAKE OFF THAT DAMN STUPIDEY MASK! NO MORE ACTING LIKE A FOOL!" she yelled making him clutch his head in pain

"Fine you don't have to yell and what are the other two" said Naruto as he started to walk home.

"I will tell you them later" responded Kurama while laughing at all the deeds she can make him do.

'I think I am fucked for life' thought Naruto

"HEY it won't be that bad. I think, well at least for me. You on the other hand I don't know" said Kurama

'Crap' thought Naruto

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