"Goukakyuu no Jutsu" – jutsus being announced

"Brat" – demon speech

'What an idiot' – thoughts

"Dobe" – speech

"Son of a -" back-round voice

Last Time

"Let this meeting begin" announced the Raikage as everyone started off with their discussions which could possibly end in the wrong way which would be…..



"We all know why we are here so let's get straight done to business. Raikage, Tsuchikage both of your Jinchuuriki have caused a wreck in one of my populated villages. You both will pay for the damages you all caused" glared the Kusakage

"I will not pay for anything. It's Iwa who should pay they started this whole thing by not controlling their Jinchuuriki. My Jinchuuriki have perfect control over themselves and their Bujii" yelled Raikage

"Don't blame this on me. Your ninja attacked my Jinchuuriki for no reason!" yelled back the Tsuchikage

"What was that!" he yelled

"Enough" interrupted the Hokage "This is getting nowhere"

"Stay out of this leaf scum" glared the Tsuchikage

"There is no need to call names now everyone calm down" spoke up the Mizukage Mei

"Women you better stay out of this unless you want to pay for my damages" glared the Kusakage

"What was that" she glared

"Kukukukuu, this is so amusing" chuckled the Otokage as the Kazekage and Hokage glared at him

"What is so funny Orchimaru" said the Hokage eyes full of hate

"They are all practically at each other's throat" he laughed as the Raikage slammed his hand on the table standing up.

"I had enough! Iwa you shall pay for the damages" yelled the Raikage

"Or what?" he questioned

"Or it's war if one of you don't pay" glared the Kusakage as the Tsuchikage sign before glaring with the upmost hate at the Raikage. After all war has been started in the pass for lesser things.

"Then it's war. Iwa officially declares war on Kumo!" he yelled

"And Kumo declares war on Iwa right back" glared the Raikage as gasp went all around and wars were declared as everyone looked at it in shock

"Kusa declares war on Kumo and Iwa!"

"Oto declares war on Konoha! With this I will finally kill you Sarutobi-sensei"

"Konoha declares war on Oto! I will fix my mistake with you. I will protect Konoha with all my might"

"Suna declares war on Oto"

"Uzu declares war on Oto and Iwa"

"Iwa declares war on Kusa and Konoha" finished the Tsuchikage as everyone now stood up

"This meeting is over. Prepare yourself for your end!" warned the Tsuchikage as he and his guards Shunshin off as everyone followed his lead going back to their own villages preparing for war.

With the Hokage

"Jiraiya go to Naruto's group and tell them to bring the daughter back to Konoha ASAP" warned Sandaime as Jiraiya nodded and jumped off

'It's as I fear. The 4th great Shinobi war now begins' thought the Sandaime

With Naruto

Naruto's group was jumping from tree to tree nearing their destination when they came out into a clearing to see a women dressed in a kimono having light blonde hair having multiple samurai's next to her. Naruto had set Matsuri down as he walked up them still having Sora on his back.

"I can assume you are the daimyo's daughter right?" said Naruto as the women nodded

"I'll take it from here" he said as the samurai's nodded having him sign a scroll before leaving

"I'm Kazama Naruto shall we get going…" "It's Kayo" she said as Naruto nodded but then sent a shadow clone to grab Matsuri as he grabbed Kayo when an explosion was made next to them. When the smoke cleared it showed Jiraiya and Gamabunta.

"What's the meaning of this?" asked Naruto

"There has been a change of plans. You are to bring your group and the daimyo's daughter back to Konoha" said Jiraiya

"On what reasons?" asked Naruto

"War" he responded as Naruto narrowed his eyes

"I see" he said releasing Kayo and cutting his thumb. He made a few hand seals and slammed it on the ground summoning three large yellow dragons.

"Alright everyone were flying back as fast as possible" he said walking to Matsuri and helped her up a dragon along with Kayo

"You don't have to worry about following off. The dragons scales will keep you in place" he said as he finished putting Anko, Tayuya, and Sakura up and climbing on himself

"See you at Konoha" said Naruto as the dragons lifted into the air

"Hey what about me!" yelled Jiraiya

"You are not my problem. You're a sannin" responded Naruto as the dragons toke off in great speed towards Konoha. As they were flying Naruto spotted a monkey in the middle of a clear field looking at them before it threw a scroll at him from the ground. Reaching out quickly he grabbed the scroll as the monkey went up in smoke as soon as it saw him have the scroll. Naruto had then unrolled the scroll to read it as Anko spoke up.

"What is it?"

"It's a change in plans. I need to run a SS rank mission right now" he said putting the scroll away and whispering something into the dragon's ear.

"I'll meet you at the compound" he said jumping off the dragon summoning a black dragon which he flew away on

"Damn that brat. Always taking things out on his own" growled Anko

With Naruto

Naruto had his dragon land on a clearing before he formed hand seals and summoned using only Kyuubi's charka an enormous dragon that was bigger than the boss dragon but had a large carriage on its back. Next he summoned Ryuu along with hundreds of different dragons.

"Why have you summoned us?" asked Ryuu

"War has been declared on a short notice and we have many nins outside Konoha doing missions in danger. I was asked by the Sandaime to go and get them before they are killed without knowing about the war" said Naruto as Ryuu thought on it

"Alright we will do it" he said motioning Naruto to get on which he did quickly taking off to the skies followed by the large carrier dragon and the other dragons.

"Don't worry. All you Konoha nins have a unique part in your scent so we can find you all easy" said Ryuu as all the dragons toke a deep sniff and went their own directions along with Ryuu as the carrier dragon just maintain its course.

Naruto saw from on top Ryuu a black dragon swoop down unleashing a flame killing some Oto nins attacking a group of Konoha nins as another dragon grabbed the Konoha nins from behind and toke off into the skies towards the carrier dragon. All over he saw dragons pick up Konoha nins who flew towards the carrier dragon. Most of them were panicking which he found highly amusing. After a couple of hours of doing this he was certain that he had everyone flew back to Konoha were he would receive his next set of instructions. Having Ryuu fly closer to the carrier dragon he turned to face the people in it as he began addressing them on what's going on.

A few hours later

Naruto, the Konoha nins, and the dragons appeared from the sky to see a small Oto army advancing on Konoha.

"Oh no you don't, I just started to head back and I don't want to deal with your crap" glared Naruto forming Kage Bunshins making them appear all over the dragons back. Placing his arms out two started to form a Rasen Shuriken in each while the others formed a regular Rasengan. Red charka soon leaked into them causing them to turn red and enlarge in size.

"Let's go Ryuu" said Naruto as Ryuu did a quick spin went for a nose dive with its wings folded in followed by all the other dragon's that had clones on them. When Naruto got a certain distance from the army he threw both of the Rasen Shuriken as Ryuu pulled up while the other dragons flew to his attitude and let the Naruto's jump off as they yelled

"Demi Gargantuan Rasengan Barrage!" as they slammed their Rasengan at all parts of the army. The Rasen Shuriken hit first decimating the nins and land all over making the nins flee to other directions but were pickings for the other Naruto's. When the massive explosion died down Ryuu had flew down to a closer level and unleashed pure hot blue flames from his mouth as the dragons followed his lead unleashing different elements from their mouth like lighting, regular fire, high pressured water, ice, wind, and even magma.

After a few passes Naruto saw the Oto army in full retreat. Not wanting to cause an extreme forest fire he had the dragons go over the area in a few passes so he could spray water take care of the fires before going back to Konoha. The carrier dragon landed on a training area letting all the nins onboard come out while Ryuu landed on top of a cliff right above of the Hokage's faces. Once cleanup was done the dragons dismissed themselves.

Naruto had jumped to the Hokage tower completely exhausted and opened the window to step in to see a few people in the Hokage Office before they looked at him. Stumbling a little Yurika had ran to his side helping him sit down.

"Good work Naruto. I saw what you did with the army and was impressed. I will put you down for another S-rank mission completed" smiled Sandaime only to see Naruto knocked out sleeping

"Well let's get on to other things. Since Naruto had saved all of our forces and decimated the Oto forces we have a large advantage right now. Once we get everything accounted for we will begin are plans for the war. We are going to have to spread are forces evenly and get the right amount of supplies needed for this war. We also going to have to make sure our alliances are secure. I know Suna, Uzu, and Taki are. I can already tell it's going to be a long war so we must prepare for it. Notify all forces and personal. We are at war" spoke the Sandaime before dismissing everybody except for Danzou as Yurika escorted Naruto home

"Danzou. I already know you still have your Root forces so I'm going to say this once. Put them to work and my Iwa and Oto fear us" glared Sandaime at Danzou's shocked face.

"Hai. Sandaime-sama" he finally answered in a bow smirking at the Sandaime who finally grew a back bone and all it toke was for a war to happen.

Next Day Morning

Naruto woke up to see that he was in his room sleeping in his bed with Anko next to him. Rubbing his eyes a bit as he sat up he started to remember everything that happened the day before but one thing stood out. The elemental nations were at war with each other. He didn't even know what side Konoha was on either. Sliding out of his bed to see he was in his pj's he quickly washed up as much as he could without bothering his wounds too much. Walking down the stairs he saw Yurika in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone in the compound including Matsuri and Tayuya which were all sitting at the table.

"So do you mind giving me a rundown on everything that is going on?" he questioned as Yurika started serving everyone but it was Anko who explained walking down the stairs in one of his t-shirts.

"Well no one has made an attack yet but moves are already being made. Kumo made a neutral agreement with Konoha, Taki, Suna, and Uzu. They did this in order to cross our borders so they can set up to fight Iwa. Oto forces are preparing to attack both Taki and us with Iwa doing the same. Word has also been passed around that Sora no Kuni has declared war on us in revenge from the last war. Ame has sent out word to all villages that their land will not be used to stage another war. Any force that does it is considered a declaration of war" finished Anko as she sat down next to Naruto to begin eating.

"What have we started doing so far?" questioned Naruto

"Well the Sandaime started to redo the whole academy making loads of changes while starting to send more forces to forward bases. Tsunade is changing up the hospital as she has been giving more funds to prepare for the war. I hear they are building a bigger one too" spoke out Kurenai

"What about our forces strength?"

"Well the Sandaime is holding out on the draft because we still have a good size force and strong allies, but the use of in-field promotions are authorized for the commanders on the battle" spoke Yurika

"What about me?"

"Well the Sandaime told me that you are on hold. Like it or not you are considered a weapon of mass destruction and should be held off until the right moment. You will probably be sent off to fight another jinchurkin. So just train for now as I'm on hold with you along with Sakura. Actually all genin squads are" spoke Anko

"(sign) I can't fault him for that" started Naruto before looking at Tayuya with a raised eye brow.

"Aren't you supposed to be gone? I thought you were leaving the minute you got that seal removed" he questioned making her blush a bit

"Well I haven't given you my information and I'm not going out there with a war going on. I'm still weak from the sealing and on top of that with Orchimaru knowing I'm a traitor. I'll be easily killed. You wouldn't send out a defenseless woman in that cruel world would you?" she questioned trying to plead to his soft side. Too bad that soft side is guarded like a fortress

"I would" he started getting a wide eye from her. "If you were someone from Konoha that I disliked but from the looks Anko and Sora are giving me there would be hell to pay if I didn't let you stay" he finished as from the corner of his eyes he could see Anko and Sora glaring at him.

"You can give your information to Anko as I'm sure she would love it. I have to train for this war" he spoke going back to his meal so he can hurry up to head back into training.

Backyard training field

Getting straight into his workout he started practicing taijutsu moves on a wooden post. Off to the side you could see clones going over other techniques he knows or starting to learn a new one. He was so focused into his workout that he didn't even realize a clone walking Sakura into the training field.

Sakura had been lead into the compound to continue her training with Naruto by a clone to find him already training in the field with a few clones scattered around. It was this time were she had a good chance to look him up and down to admire his body. She looked his form which was black pants with a tight white muscle shirt that was wet from a bit of sweat. It allowed her to see his ripped muscles along with the seals on his body and across his left arm.

'Dear Kami, I never thought he would be this built and…hot. Training near him like that is going to be almost impossible' she thought as Naruto finally noticed her on the clearing.

"Sakura, glad you are here. We need to up your training for the coming war. I'm going to have you remove your weights to put on gravity seals. So strip to your draws so I can place seals on you" he spoke as a clone walked up to Naruto holding a bucket of paint. Sakura was blushing deeper than her shirt.

"You want me to what!" shouted Sakura

"Stop making it such a big deal. We are going into war so there is no time to be shy. Plus I already saw Anko and Tayuya with their tops off and did nothing. You will still have your undergarments on so calm down" he finished as Sakura toke a deep breathe to think it over for a minute

'Well he did see them naked and it's Naruto after all' thought Sakura before she released a sign and started to remove all her clothes except her undergarments.

"Ok lay down on the ground, I will start placing seals on your front first" ordered Naruto as Sakura did as he said so he could get started.

Half an hour later Naruto was finished placing seals all over her body and allowed her to stand up. Forming a ram sign the seals glowed bright blue before disappearing on her body. He formed a few more seals making them appear again in a flash before disappearing. Immediately Sakura felt the difference of the gravity around her was a lot heavier.

"You are now 2x the amount of gravity on Earth. As you get faster I will start to increase the weight but I'm not going past 3x until your body matures more. You are still young and growing so going past that level and stunt your growth. You are not an Uzumaki, Senju, and a jinchurkin and that's the only reason why I can go past 3x right now. When you reach 3x I will tell you how to control your gravity seals so for now try to put on your clothes. When you can do that start running around the field" ordered Naruto walking away as Sakura struggled to grab her clothes.

'This is impossible. I can barely move with this on and from what I can tell he probably has a gravity seal on himself as well. I never even heard of this. How many secrets does Naruto have? The jinchurkin, his family, his creation in removing blindness, his swords skills, and his amazing skill in seals. I'm sure there is even more as well'

Ame (Danzou is dead and Ame did not attend the meeting)

In a secret room a group of some of the most dangerous people in the nations has assembled together for a discussion.

"So I heard what's going on with the nations now. What is your plan now leader-sama?" smirked a blue skin man with sharp teeth as he chuckled a bit.

"Kisame be quiet. Because of the war that's starting everything has now change. The major villages are now going to war with each other and the smaller villages are now using this as a cover to go to war with the other smaller villages or even bigger ones for pity things. More land, power, revenge, or even a higher stance as a bigger village. Doing so make us goal a lot harder. They have their full attention on the jinchurkin when we were betting on the nations not caring" spoke the leader

"So what do you plan on doing now Pain?" questioned a man with Sharingan eyes

"We will hold off on most of our activities a leave the jinchurkin alone. When the nations wear themselves out we will join in the war. It's just that this means our goal is going to take longer is all. You are all dismissed" spoke Pain walking away with a female following him.


"Konan, I have a special mission for you. It seems the Kyuubi jinchurkin is getting stronger and I feel this war will only make him even stronger. I want you to spy on him and keep track of him and his progress. I will give you full excess to all of Akatsuki assets and members" he finished as the woman nodded