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Three Years Later

Fourteen year old Toushirou Kurosaki was sitting at his father's desk in the office that the Squad Five Captain shared with his vice-captain, Shiro's mother Rukia, and the third seat officer of Squad Five was working on the paperwork that by all rights Ichigo should be doing. Rukia was sitting at her own desk on the other side of the office, likewise working on paperwork. Neither spoke as they attempted to catch up on the mountain of paperwork that had accumulated.

"Mama, we wanna go to Soul Society."

Rukia glanced up from her paperwork as her three year old son walked through the open door into her office. The little boy was followed moments later by his twin and the little girl added, "We wanna go and play with Ayana."

Rukia stared down at the huge stack of paperwork that Ichigo had left her with when he'd gone off chasing Hollow and sighed. She wanted to make her children happy but this had to be done. Putting it off would only cause it to pile up even more and the Squad Five vice-captain wasn't sure that she could handle that possible outcome. She was already fighting the urge to kill the father of her children. "I'm sorry babies but. . ."

Tears appeared in both sets of big eyes, one violet and one brown, but before the twins had the chance to let go the water works Shiro spoke up from his spot at Ichigo's desk. "I'll take them to visit their friend, if that's okay with you Mom."

"Please?" both children begged, their gazes shifting back and forth between their mother and their older brother.

Rukia weighed the benefits of having Shiro's help with the paperwork against the odds of getting anything accomplished with two upset toddlers in the house and then she nodded. "Alright. But Kaien, Masaki you make sure that you listen to your brother."

"Okay," the twins chorused happily.

"Thanks Shiro-chan," Rukia said as her eldest son got to his feet.

"Not a problem," Shiro said, as he straightened up the stack of paperwork that he'd finished. "I still maintain that Dad should be doing this anyway."

"He should," Rukia said, nodding her head in agreement as she gazed over at her eldest son. "But ever since you became third seat he's been slacking off."

Shiro raised one eyebrow.

"Slacking off more," Rukia quickly amended.

Shiro laughed and offered his hands to his siblings. Kaien immedietely seized his brother's right hand while Masaki grabbed his left. "Come on guys. Field trip."


Rukia smiled as she watched her children depart. It still amazed her how good Shiro was with the little ones and Kaien and Masaki absolutely adored their big brother. "Life is good," Rukia said with a sigh, picking up her pen and resuming her paperwork. "Even if Ichigo is to lazy to do his own paperwork."

Shiro led the way down to the basement that housed the Senkaimon however before he opened the portal that led to Soul Society he turned to his siblings and gazed down at them, a serious expression in his blue-green eyes. "Now before we go what's the first rule when you go somewhere with Nii-san?"

Kaien spoke first, "No matter what happens. . ."

Masaki piped up, "Don't tell Mom and Dad."

"Exactly," Shiro said with a smile.

The broad smile still on his face Shiro stepped through the Senkaimon, his two younger siblings in tow. When the three Kurosaki children arrived in the Seireitei Shiro began to lead the way toward Hinamori's house however Kaien and Masaki both pulled on his hands, effectively pulling him to a stop.

"Nii-san," Masaki said in her soft voice, gazing up at her brother with her big, violet eyes.

"What is it Masaki?" Shiro asked as he paused and gazed down at his two younger siblings.

"Let's go to Squad Ten," Masaki said, pulling on her brother's hand and gazing in the direction of the Squad Ten barracks.

"But I thought that you guys wanted to go see Ayana?" Shiro said.

"We can go there next," Kaien said, quickly joining his twin's side. The two children often tag-teamed their older brother and Shiro was by no means surprised that they were doing it to him now. The fact that it usually worked more than likely encouraged this tactic. "Let's go see Ran-san," the little boy persisted.

Shiro sighed but after a few moments of contemplation he nodded his head. All things considered it was a tame request and Shiro decided that it wouldn't hurt for the three of them to stop by the Squad Ten barracks. "Fine," he said. "A quick visit to Squad Ten and then we're going straight to Hinamori's house. You got that?"

"Okay Nii-san," both twins said simultaneously.

So Shiro led the way across the Seireitei and when the trio arrived at the Squad Ten barracks they ran into the vice-captain, Kin Soma. Kin offered the Kurosaki siblings a wide smile. "Well if it isn't the Kurosaki triplets." Kin often called them that because more often than not they could be found together. "And what brings you three to Squad Ten?"

"The twins wanted to visit Ran-san," Shiro replied, his gaze going briefly to the two small children who were walking by his side before returning to the Squad Ten vice-captain.

"Feel free," Kin said, smiling at the three children. "But I think the captain's asleep."

Upon hearing this news Shiro glanced down and saw that both Kaien and Masaki were smiling. Instantly he knew what the twins had been hoping for when they requested the trip to Squad Ten. "That's okay," he said to Kin, a smirk on his face. "I know how to solve that problem."

Nodding Kin offered Shiro a knowing smile and then went on about her business.

Shiro led the way to Matsumoto's office, with the twins trailing along behind him, and when they reached the office, he slid the door open. Sure enough when they entered the office the kids found Matsumoto sitting at her desk, sound asleep.

"Wake her up Nii-san," Kaien said, gazing up at his big brother with a hopeful expression in his big, brown eyes.

Although he knew that he should discourage the twins' desire to torment the Captain of Squad Ten, truth be told Shiro never tired of this game and without hesitation he walked across the office and snapped, "Matsumoto!"

Jarred from a deep sleep the Squad Ten Captain jumped to her feet and stood at attention, her spine ramrod straight. "Yes Captain!"

Both twins burst into uncontrollable laughter and even Shiro had to smirk as he gazed over at Matsumoto and saw her shocked expression turn to one of annoyance.

"Toushirou!" Matsumoto snapped, her narrow-eyed gaze focused on the boy who had once again turned into the bane of her existence.

"Sorry Ran-san but I couldn't resist," Shiro said in his own defense. "And it just never gets old."

"Speak for yourself," Matsumoto muttered under her breath.

"Besides," Shiro continued, virtually ignoring Matsumoto's comment. "The twins put me up to it."

Matsumoto gazed down at the two children who stood a few feet away from Shiro and saw that both twins had angelic expressions on their faces. She wasn't entirely sure that she believed what Shiro had told her although she wasn't convinced by the innocent looks either. Those children of Ichigo's were always up to something.

"You know I've been thinking about something for awhile," Shiro said, breaking the silence that had descended upon the group.

"What's that Shiro?" Matsumoto asked, inwardly wondering whether or not she really wanted to know. With Shiro's mind this could be anything and she found that she was somewhat worried about what the kid was about to confide with her.

"Mom and Dad must have a morbid sense of humor."

Matsumoto was confused by this statement. "And why do you think that Toushirou?"

"Well," Shiro said. "My siblings and I are all named after dead people. And I actually used to BE the person that I was named after. Don't you think that's a little messed up?"

"Maybe just a little," Matsumoto admitted. "But your parents did it to honor their friends, Captain Hitsugaya included, and a member of their family."

"I guess," Shiro said, shrugging his shoulders. "I still think it's weird."

"Nii-san," came two little voices, breaking into the conversation.

Shiro gazed down into the upturned faces of his siblings. "What is it guys?"

"Let's go see Ayana," Masaki said.

Shiro sighed. Now that they'd caused a little trouble at Squad Ten they were content to continue the journey to visit their friend. "Fine. Tell Ran-san bye and let's go."

The twins turned toward the Squad Ten Captain. "Bye Ran-san," they said in one voice.

"Bye," Matsumoto said, waving to the trio as they turned to leave her office.

After leaving the Squad Ten barracks Shiro led the way across the Seireitei to the small house that Momo Hinamori shared with her husband Shuhei Hisagi and their young daughter Ayana. Ayana was a month younger than the twins and the three children were the best of friends. As they approached the house however they saw that Hinamori and her daughter were leaving, hand in hand.

"Hey Momo," Shiro called out as he and his siblings closed the distance that separated them.

Hinamori glanced up and smiled as her gaze fell upon Shiro and his siblings. "Hey Shiro-chan. What are you guys doing?"

"Mom was trying to do paperwork but the twins wanted to visit Ayana," Shiro explained. "So I volunteered to bring them. Did we interrupt something?"

"I was just on my way to the Academy to take care of a couple of things," Hinamori said.

"Aww," Kaien and Masaki whined in unison.

"Hey," Shiro said, noticing that Ayana's facial expression perfectly mimiced the disappointed look of his siblings. "Why don't I watch Ayana while you run your errands? That way the kids can play together and you'll be free to do whatever you need to do."

Hinamori smiled at the young white-haired boy. "That would be wonderful. Are you sure you don't mind Shiro-chan?"

Shiro shrugged. "I've already got two of them, what's one more? Go ahead, we'll be hanging around here somewhere."

Hinamori nodded and leaned down to give her daughter a kiss on the forehead. "I'll see you later sweetie. Now you be good for Shiro okay?"

"Yes ma'am," Ayana said in her soft edged voice.

Hinamori nodded and walked away, leaving Shiro standing near the front porch with the three children gazing up at him.

"So," Shiro said as his gaze shifted from Hinamori's back and down to the three small children who were crowding around him. "Now what?"

"Tell us a story Nii-san," Ayana piped up, grabbing Shiro by the hand. "Please. . ."

"A story huh?" Shiro said, smiling at the fact that Hinamori's small daughter called him big brother. She'd been addressing him that way for as long as she'd been able to talk and he thought it was cute and was pretty sure that Hinamori had put her up to it. "What do you think Kaien, Masaki, do you guys wanna hear a story?"

"Yea!" the twins exclaimed in unison.

"Alright then," Shiro said with a smile, leading the way over to a large shade tree that was situated a short distance away from the house. "A story it shall be then." The young boy's thoughts flashed back to a similar experience during his own childhood and immediately knew which story he would tell the children. "Okay," he said as he and the kids settled down in the grass. "Once upon a time, in a land far, far away. . ."

"You mean the living world?" Masaki piped up without missing a beat.

Shiro smiled at his little sister. "Exactly."

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