Crimson Love

AU Dragonball Z Fanfic based on Fyrefly-san's AU fanfic "Baka Shoujo" [By the way…Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuu!! Happy 16, Fyrefly-san!] - I got permission to write this! Arigatou, Fyrefly-san! Anyway, this explores what could have happened between Chapter 6: Birth of a Radish and Chapter 7: Forever and Always of "Baka Shoujo." Focuses a lot on Toma and an original character, but there's quite a bit of Baddacu/Umeko fluff. Yay!

* Author's Notes | Dedication | Disclaimer | Terminology *

Author's Notes: I guess this is my oddball birthday present to Fyrefly-san. *shrugs and grins* See, after reading "Baka Shoujo" for the fifth time in school (I printed the whole thing out), I felt an urge to write a fanfic for the fanfic. (That sounded weird.) Which means…more Baddacu/Umeko! More Toma, just because I wanted to write about Baddacu's best friend! Original character! (Fuuko - who is, incidentally, based after Fuu from Magic Knight Rayearth. She's one of the FEW - and I stress 'few' here - original characters I introduce to the gorgeous AU DBZ-verse Fyrefly-san has created in all her wondrous genius. I'm not flattering. I'm telling the truth. *&.^*) Blatant hatred of General Usulo! (BWAHAHA!!! Oh, sorry. Too early in the fanfic for me to go psycho.)


Dedication: Fyrefly-san, duh. *rolls eyes* *grins* She rocks! If you want to read this, then you absolutely must read her AU fanfics! They are probably some of the best I have ever read, alongside basically anything Hidden Angel-san writes and this one really good K/CC and B/V AU I can't recall the name of. Darn. *.*


Disclaimer: Dragonball Z and all characters canon to the series are © Toriyama Akira-san, Toei, Bandai, FUNimation, Shoeisha, Viz Entertainment, Cloverway, Warner Bros., et cetera.
Umeko, Toma, General Usulo, Ukargou, Queen Banya, the majority of events described/altered, and basically anything and everything to do with the Yasu-jin race and their planet Yasu-sei are © to Fyrefly-san.
Fuuko, Caia, Ling, Jiiyu, Karaka, this fanfic, and the Liya-jin race and their planet Liya-sei are © to myself, referred to on-line as PallaPlease (for the majority of my fanfics), Purple Mongoose/PallaPlease (crossovers, serious fanfics, controversial fanfics), and Takichan/PallaPlease (Digimon Season 03 fanfics).



-ou = king [example: Bejita-ou]
-ouji = prince [example: Bejita-ouji]
-sama = for God [example: Kami-sama]
-chama = suffix meaning 'lady' [example: Umeko-chama]
-san = term of respect for man/woman older than oneself [example: Radditsu-san]
-kun = term for a boy equal in age or younger than oneself [example: Kakorroto-kun]
-chan = term for a girl equal in age or younger than oneself/term of endearment for a boy [example: Fuuko-chan; Toma-chan]
Otousan = father
'Tousan = Dad
Okaasan = mother
'Kaasan = Mom
Oneesan = elder brother
'Neesan = big bro [basically]
Oniisan = younger brother
'Niisan = little bro [basically]
Ojousan = elder sister [??]
'Jousan = big sis [??]
Oniichan = younger sister
'Niichan = little sis
musume = daughter

Other Suffix Terms:
-sei = planet
-jin = species
-go = language

kuso = shit, asshole [can also be written as k'so]
shimatta = damn it
kisama = f*ers [used once in fanfic…forgive me, God!]
baka = stupid, idiot, moron [your basic adolescent lower-then-normal-intelligence nickname]

Other Basic Words:
arigatou gazaimasu = polite thank-you
arigatou = thanks
gomen nasai = polite apology
gomen = sorry
daijobu = are you all right?
daijobu ka = I'm fine
aishiteru = INCREDIBLY sincere way of saying "I love you"; not used lightly
wo ai ni = Chinese "I love you"
nani = what?
sayonara = good-bye
ja ne, ja mata = see you later

Bejita-sai, Saiya-jin = an aggressive empire built on a strong system of honor, followed by loyalty and strength; scientifically advanced warlike species with an empire constructed of other planets who are protected by the empire and give the Saiya-jin 5% of their profits each year
Yasu [-sei, -jin] = peaceful planet built on a system of democracy and immense trust; artistically the most advanced species/planet, the Yasu-jin are a very naïve, very artistic species whose planet is 'owned' by Baddacu and governed by the sensitive Umeko [in CRIMSON LOVE, the Yasu-jin are also caretakers of Chikyuu-jin girl who was the only survivor of a failed deep-space Chikyuu mission; rescued from burning wreckage by the Yasu-jin]
Liya [-sei, -jin] = technologically advanced planet built on a system of logic and inter-marriages; arguably one of the richest planets in the universe, Liya-sei is both respected and regarded with disgust by the Saiya-jin: the planet of Liya has the majority of brilliant inventors, but is morally corrupted [affairs, incest, and murder are all considered part of life] {Additional information: Jiiyu and Karaka, parents of Toma, engaged in an act of infidelity and incest with each other on Liya-sei after being influenced by the culture - both were already bonded with Liya-jin, and Karaka was Jiiyu's sister. Lost honor and social standing on Bejita-sei. Toma was raised by Ukargou, father of Baddacu.}
Chikyuu [-sei, -jin] = can you say 'Earth?' I knew you could… *laughs*