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-------Chapter 1: An encounter of the past-----------------

Sasuke sighed as he turned to face a little happy Gaara. Sasukes dark eyes hardened and Gaara looked at him confused.

"Gaara, I breaking up with you." Sasuke said shocking Gaara. "I don't want to see your face near me again, good bye." Sasuke said and left, the wind blowing passed them as Gaara stood there watching the retreating back of his now ex-lover.

Gaara felt tears form on the edge of his eyes and he began to cry. He felt to his knees and began to sob. Did he do something wrong? Was he to clingy? Why?

Now 9 years later Gaara is 21 and lives alone in his own house. He now just moved t a place called Konoha and is attending University there. He majors in Art and his attitude towards people is totally different than it used to be.

"Class settle down, Id like to introduce a new student." The teacher said and every looked towards the front where the teacher stood. Next to him was a boy with shocking red hair, he had shoulder length layered red hair but in the back it was long and tied into a neck low ponytail. He had black rings around his emerald eyes; a kanji word meaning love on the left side of his forehead. He had a silver earing on each ear and he wore a white almost invisible long sleeved shirt, some tight black pants and some sneakers. He also had a silver necklace with a silver leaf hanging from it and a silver ring on his left ring finger. He carried a black backpack slung over his shoulder with a small racoon toy chained to it.

"Class this is Gaara NoSabaku." The teacher continued.

"Its very nice to meet all of you, I hope to get along with all of you well." Gaara said with a sweet smile making most of the girls blush and even some boys.

"That's good Mister Sabaku, now why don't you take a seat." The teacher said and Gaara nodded and he sat in an empty seat in the center of the class.

It was lunch time and most of the kids drove out to go eat along with their friends. Those that were left behind would sit with their remaining friends and chat away.

Gaara sat alone in a small wooden gazebo eating an apple. White birds flew to be near him and he would smile every once in a while and give them some of his crumbled up crackers he had gotten for them. They would nip and pick the food that was given to them oh so generously.

"So glad you could come." Gaara said as he felt furry little paws on his shoulders. He looked to his side to see his fury white cat that had black paws and a small little diamond shaped black spot on his forehead. The cat meowed and crawled down to his lap where Gaara began to pet her so gently making her almost fall asleep.

"Hey you! You're the new student right?" A blond boy asked as he came up to Gaara. Gaar blinked and nodded making the boy grin.

"Im Naruto Uzumai! Would you like me to show you around?" Naruto asked and Gaara smiled.

"Alright, Im Gaara NoSabaku; nice to meet you Naruto." Gaara said and Naruto grinned even wider.

"Same here!" He responded and Gaara quickly carried his pet cat Quira away from his lap and placed he on the bench. Naruto began to show him around campus, Gaara memorizing everything he was taught and they parted when the bell rang.

Naruto went in another direction sense he majored in engineering. Naruto wanted to be an engineer when he grew up, but Gaara couldn't see that in the hyper blond. Gaara went over to the art room to meet is new teacher and new classmates.

"Ah, you must be Gaara NoSabaku, I'm Kakashi Hatake." A silvered haired man named Kakashi said. "Im ill be your teacher for this class." He said and Gaara nodded.

"Nice to meet you Hatake-sensei" Gaaras aid and Kaakshi shrugged

"Please call me Kakashi-sensei." Kakashi replied and Gaara chuckled but nodded and left to sit in an empty chair.

"Class, your assignment today is to paint," Kakashi was cut off by some groaning and he coughed to silence them. "To paint on these canvas, you can paint anything you want as long as its decent." Kakashi said and They all nodded. Gaara stood up and grabbed a canvas along with his backpack and placed the canvas where it belonged. He then pulled out his paints from his backpack along with all the necessary resources and closed his eyes. What was he going to paint? His cat sleeping on the window with birds in the background? No, he had already done that one before. Aha!

He opened his eyes and smiled. He took his paintbrush and dabbed it on the white one with a small drop of light blue and began to paint. The student around him were quite impressed along with the teacher and they began to look back and forth from their paintings to his and would shrug.

A black spiky haired boy walked threw the halls and heard some commotion in one of the classrooms near by, so he went to check it out. He peeked into what he could identify to be the art room and saw most of the student murmuring to others and both pointing and looking at a red haired boy painting. The black haired boy looked over at the painting and he felt entranced by the painting.

An angel stood out in the canvas, she had long silver almost white hair flowing behind her as she sang. Birds along with flowers surrounding her, her white wings were spread beautifully behind her as she had her eyes closed as if searching fro something with her voice, her angelic voice.

The black haired boy looked tat he artist and thought to himself that he wasn't that bad looking, quite the beauty he was almost like the angel in his painting. The artist held a beautiful smile as he painted, each stroke of his brush was gentle and full of love. His eyes filled with hope and when he did make a small mistake he would just tilt his head and make something out of his error; it was like something he hadn't seen in his whole life. He was attracted to the boy, who was he?

Gaara finished his painting just before class ended and looked around to notice everyone staring at both him and his painting. The teacher, Kakashi Hatake walked over to him with a smile.

"Mister Sabaku, you are a wonderful artist! How long have you been painting?" Kakashi asked. Gaara pondered his memories and nodded as he found the wanted year.

"I started painting when I was 17." Gaara answered and Kakashi looked at the painting.

"It's very beautiful, your painting. You should enter the art contest that will be coming up I three weeks." Kakashi said and the bell rang. Gaara was about to leave with his painting when Kakashi stopped him by placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Why don't you leave it here to dry, Id like to show the Principal." Kakashi said and Gaara nodded.

"Sure." He said a h placed his painting back, his signature already on the far right on the bottom, it was signed with a very thin paintbrush colored a light purple. Kakashi shook his head as he saw the boy leave. Looking back at the drawing he noticed something that you could only notice if seeing it up close, the angel had small almost invisible tears formed in the corner of her eyes. Kakashi was amazed, truly amazed by the art in front of him hat he lost track of time and before he knew it students were coming in to his class. He quickly covered the painting with a white sheet and sat in his chair, the angel still stuck to his memory.

"Hey Gaara!" Naruto called out as he saw his new friend walking down the halls. Gaara turned to see the blond walking along side a brown haired boy.

"Hello Naruto." Gaara nodded and looked at the boy next to his friend.

"Kiba Inuzuka at your service." The boy said with a fanged grin and saluting teasingly, Gaara smiled and extended his hand. Kiba took it and they shook hands for a small second.

"Nice to meet you Kiba., Gaara NoSabaku." Gaara explained and Kiba nodded.

"Yeah I know, you sure left an impression in the art room. Kids were talking about the new kid Gaara and his painting." Kiba said shrugging his shoulder. Gaara chuckled at his comment.

"All I did was paint like the teacher told us to do, nothing more nothing less." Gaara said.

"I guess..." Kiba said

"Hey! Sense we have a couple of minutes left lets go see your painting!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Naruto, Kakashi-sensei has a class now remember." Kiba said and Naruto said 'oh' and laughed nervously.

"I better get going Naruto, My class is on the other side of campus." Gaara said and Naruto nodded "See you two later". Gaara said as he walked away leaving Kiba and Naruto alone in the halls.

"You sure found yourself a cool friend Naruto." Kiba said and Naruto nodded. " he doesn't seem like the type to talk to people like us, he looks like they type to hang out with..." Kiba stopped as he looked for the rest of his words.

"Like he would hang out with the artsy people or more mature. Like Haku, Hinata dn the rest of their group ya know." Naruto finished and Kiba nodded.

They both left silently to their own classes and all the while thinking about their new freind Gaara and his behavior, also why he would hang out with them.

"Gaara correct?' Came a feminine voice. Gaara looked to his side to see a boy that looked very much like a female smiling at him; he nodded and sat down in his seat.

"Im Haku Momochi, its very nice to meet you." Haku said and Gaara raised an elegant brow at this. "Would you like to sit with me and my friends today?' Haku asked and Gaara shrugged his shoulders.

"Sure, why not." Gaaar responded. He stood up and followed Haku to the back of the class where there sat a couple of artsy people.

"Guys this is Gaara NoSabaku" Haku said and everyone smiled at him or nodded.

"Im Hinata Hyuga." A girl with short dark purple hair said sweetly.

"Shino Aburame." A guy with dark brown hair spiked up said. He wore black circled shade and a high collared shirt.

"Kabuto Yakushi." A silver haired man with glasses dressed in purple said as he adjusted his glasses.

"Orochimaru Senin." A very pale boy with long silky black hair and hazel eyes said with a smirk.

"Very nice to meet all of you." Gaara said as he sat down next to Haku. they began tot talk about classic arts and such, which truly appealed to Gaara and he was very interested in what each and everyone of them had to say.

"Excuse me Kakashi-sensei," Said a black haired boy, the same black haired boy who had seen the artist with red hair. "Mya I speak to you outside?" The boy asked. Kakashi excused himself from his class as they painted and walked over to the hall.

"What is it you want Sasuke?" Kakashi asked with a sigh.

"Could you tell me the name of the boy who was here earlier? He had red hair and was painting an angel." Sasuke said. Kakashi smirked at what he was hearing.

"What Sasuke? Have a crush on the new kid?' Kakashi teased making Sasuke glare at him. "Whatever, anyway Im not allow to discuss who students are with other student unless I was given permission by the student." Kkashi said confusing Sasuke.

"New rule by the principal." Kakashi stated making Sasuke scowl under his breath. Sasuke began to think for a second and looked back up at the teacher.

"Then could you at least tell me what class he's in now?" Sasuke asked and Kakashi shook his head with a sigh.

"Persistent aren't you?" He said "Let me go check." Kakashi continued and walked over to his computer where he checked the list of students. He then walked back out and looked at Sasuke.

"Just promise me you wont hurt this kid, he seems broken enough already Sasuke" Kakashi said and Sasuke looked up at him with a blanc expression.

"I wont..." Sasuke responded.

"He's in..." Kaakshi explained to him where the red haired boy was and Sasuke walked over there, he didn't care that he was cutting class sense he was already passing with the highest score in his class. He walked over to the classroom and peered threw the door to see the red head sitting and chatting with the artsy group. He was nodding and smiling as were the others. Sasuke noticed how Orochimaru was looking at the red head and scowled.

He walked in to the class getting everyone's attention except for the artsy group which never actually cared about him being rich or an Uchiha, they only cared about art and class which to them an Uchiha could never have. Sasuke walked up to the back, the teacher not caring what happened at the moment and stopped to look at the talking kid. They noticed him standing right in-front of them and they all looked up.