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Gaara walked threw the halls wondering why he actually decided to enroll in this college. He supposed he did so because it was one of the best school in Japan, but he didn't see what was so great at all. Sure, he made some good friends, but he also met up with Sasuke, that wasn't good at all. He tried putting all of that in the past; the gods must really have a grudge against him for something he did or didn't do.

He noticed a picture hanging on the wall of the art hall and starred at it for a second. It was of a humming bird flying around a garden filled with flowers painted in water colors. There were beautiful purple flowers and beautiful blue ones. Gaara then looked to see who the artist was and there in the bottom, in a golden plate was the name of the artist; Haku Momochi.

So this is what Haku's work looks like, not bad, but still not the best. Haku could do better. Gaara thought as he walked past it looking at other paintings from other student; students whom still roamed the school grounds and others whom have long been gone, also others that have become quit famous for their work.

Gaara paused in front of an abstract painting. This painting, it symbolized confusion, or at least that's what the platinum plate under it. He looked at it, it didn't show confusion. He saw many things but not confusion. He looked back down at the platinum plate and saw that that painting was one fo the oldest ones they had there, it was made by someone called Ginta Tearro, whom was born in 1872.

The guy must have died long ago; thought Garaa and passed it with hardship as he felt some kind of invisible force pull him back. He suddenly felt a shock run threw his body and now he was seeing things. He saw a girl with long blond curly hair in a red dress; a boy with blond hair in a hat wearing glasses walking over to her with a smile; cars ;blood; lots of blood. Then he saw the boy he had seen seconds before killing himself and then more blood appeared before everything returned to normal and he fell to his knees.

"What in the world was that?" Gaara gasped out as he clenched his shirt as he took in short and quick breaths.

"You can see it too can't you?" Came a boys voice. Gaara whipped his head to see a boy with dark brown hair tied up in a ponytail standing in front of the painting.

"What do you mean?" Gaara asked

"You saw what the artist went threw didn't you?" The boy asked and Gaara bit his lip and nodded. The boy looked over lazily and looked at Gaara up and down.

"You better be careful, the artist is grieving for a new body, and he'll take the body of one who's heart is clouded in pain." The boy said as he turned

"Who are you?' Gaara asked and the boy paused and looked back.

"Shikamaru Nara." Shikamaru stated as he began to walk once more.

Gaara looked at the retreating back of Shikamarus until he was out of sight. He then stood up and leaned on the wall for support. He opened his eyes and noticed that everything was becoming a blur.

'Damn it, I need to get home or at least to the nurses office.' Gaara thought and began to stagger his way down the hall before he finally gave in to the darkness and fell unconscious. His body fell to the floor, his body was laying there like a limp doll. His pale skin becoming a bit paler if possible, and his hair was resting on his back beautifully.

Sasuke walked threw the halls and noticed a boy in the distance, he was on the floor. 'What an idiot. Who'd sleep on the floor?' Sasuke thought as he made his way tot he boy. The fist thing he saw as he walked was red hair and he quickly ran over to the boy.

"It's him." He mused out-loud and turned the boy over to see that his face was a bit red. He placed his palm on his forehead and it was indeed hot. The boy was burning up.

'Damn it! I need to get him to the nurses office and quick! But I don't think I can carry him.' Sasuke thought as he looked around for some help. He saw none and sighed, he was going to have to carry the boy. Mustering all his strength, he lifted up with all his strength almost sending the red head flying back.

He found that the boy was very light, as light as a feather and it made him worry about the boys health. Was he eating right? It wasn't normal for a grown boy like him to weight so little, but it did make it easier to carry.

He made it to the nurses office and the nurse quickly laid him down and told Sasuke to wait outside. Sasue did what he was told and waited outside.

"Oh my, what are we going to do with you? You seem to have a very bad health problem." The nurse sighed aloud. Gaara cracked his eyes opened a bit and the nurse gave him a smile. "Awake I see." She said and Gaara weakly let his eyes roam the room.

"Where am I?' Gaara asked weakly.

"The nurses office. You seem to have a very high fever. Tell me Mr. Sabaku, what medicines are you taking currently?' The nurse asked and Gaara tried to think if he was taking any medicine.

"None at the moment." Gaara said and the nurse gave a nod.

"Well that's good. Anyway, the boy that carried you here is waiting outside, would you like me to tell him to come in?' She asked and Gaara gave her a weird look.

"Who?' He asked

"A boy named Sasuke uchiha."She said and Gaara frowned. Oh great, the person who rescues him just had to be Sasuke didn't it? Come on, couldnt the gods tell him why they hated him so? He would gladly fix it!!

"Whatever." He said and the nurse nodded. She left instantly and seconds later Sasuke walked in with a stoic look.

"You ok?' He asked and Gaara gave a small nod.

"Thanks." Gaara said and Sasuke smiled.

"N o problem, so are you going to tell me your name now? Or do I have to ask the other students?" Sasuek asked and Gaara glared at him.

Gaara sighed and propped himself on his elbows. "Im Gaara, SabakuNo Gaara." Gaara said and Sasuke pondered his thoughts, that name seemed so familiar.

"Nice to meet you Gaara, Im Sasuke Uchiha." Sauske said.

"Yeah I know." Gaara said and Sasuke shrugged.

"Typical, everyone knows of the Uchihas corporation." Sasuke spat angrily. Gaara gave a wry smile as he remembered the old days, and how Sauske used to bad mouth his family and business all the time; and how he would always be there for him.

"Hey, you ok? You seem like you light-years away." Sasuke said and Gaara chuckled.

"No, just thinking about my past." Gaara said and Sasuke nodded understanding how that was like.

"So tell me Gaara, how was your past? Kakashi-sensei says that you seem broken in a way." Sauske said and Gaara wanted to strangle his sensei for having such a keen eye.

"My past was normal you could say, a couple of twists here and there as well as tears but that's normal." Gaara said truthfully though hiding the part that they knew each other.

"Yeah, I bet you know about my past from the rumors right?' Sasuek said and Gaara nodded. He did know what happened in Sasukes past because he told him, not because of the rumors.

"Yes, I'm truly sorry that you weren't able to become the successor of the company because of the stupid ceremony they did to Itachi." Gaara said and Sasuke looked at him with his eyes narrowed.

"Where did you hear that? That's definitely not in the rumors." Sauske said and garaa thought 'busted' for a split second.

"Oh, My brother heard it from a friend of his that was a friend of your brothers." Gaara said and sighed to himself as he saw Sasuke nod after a second.

'Well, he believed me at least. But why doesn't he remember me? It hasn't been THAT long." Gaara thought as he glanced at Sasuke.

"So Sasuke, where were you born?" Gaara asked and Sasuke blinked a few times; no one ever asked him that.

"I was born here, though I don't seem to remember a few years of my life, it's as if they just vanished from my memory. Itachi says that I had some sort of accident and I just forgot." Sasuke frowned. Why was he being so open to Gaara? And why did he have this feeling to both make-out with the boy and beat him up? Gaara hadn't done anything bad to him.

"Oh, what years don't you remember?" Gaara asked as he gathered the courage to ask. Sasuke thought for a second and shrugged.

"When I was 11 threw 13." Sasuke said and Gaaras world shattered for the second time of his life. Sasuke; His Sasuke didn't remember when they met or dated? Now Gaara understood why Sasuke didn't recognize him; but now the only question is, what made him forget all those years? Who or what was the cause of it?

"Im so sorry!" Gaara said and Sasuke gave a wry smile.

"Hey, it's not your fault so you have nothing to apologize for. But if you feel that bad for asking, how about you come with me for lunch?" Sasuke said and Gaara smiled.

"Sure, my treat." Gaara said and they both shook hands on it.

"Hey Gaara." Sasuke said as they walked threw the school halls. Gaara looked at him awaiting for him to continue and Sasuke sighed taking a breath. "Why did you act the way you did the other day when I asked your name?" Sauske asked.

"Hmm...well, I really don't know myself. I guess I was in a bad mode." Gaara lied. Sasuke of course didn't believe him but let it slide; for now.

It was around lunch time and almost everyone in the school was outside eating or out of the campus. "Where would you like to eat Sasuke?" Gaara asked and Sasuke shrugged. Gaara thought back to when they were dating and he grinned when he remembered the ravens favorite food.

"Follow me, I think you'll love the food here." Gaara said and dragged Sasuke over to a restaurant that served a different variety of foods.

Sasuek looked in threw menu and his eyes shined. "They have my favorite." Sasuke said and Gaara smiled.

"I knew they would." Gaara said and Sasuke grinned.

"It's amazing how much you know me." Sasuek said and they ordered their food. Each one talking about what they liked most. Once the food arrived they began to eat and chat quietly.

"Where were you born Gaara?" Sasuke asked and Gaara froze. Should he tell him the truth or lie?

"I was born here, not here exactly but near here." Gaara said and Sasuke nodded. It was the truth, he was born in Konoha but not in that part of it.

"I see, but your name." Sasuke said

"My father was from Suna, me and my older brother were born here while my sister was born in Suna. We lived here for twelve years, and then we moved back." Gaara said.

"I see, how old are you?' Sasuke asked and Gaara raised an eyebrow.

"Why do you want to know?' Gaara asked and Sasuke turned a light pink. Gaara laughed and shook his head. "Im 21." He responded with a smirk. "Just one year younger than you." He said and Sasuke nodded.

"So you even know my age, are you a stalker?' Sasuke teased.

"But of course!" Gaara said jokingly and they both burst out laughing. The rest of the meal went in silence. Once they checked the time they rushed back to school and Sasuke decided to walk Gaara to his class, though Gaara had refused.

"Gaaaaarrrra!!" Came Narutos high pitched voice. Gaara turned his head and smiled at his blond friend.

"Hey Naruto. Gaara said and Narutos smile faded as he saw Sasuke standing next to Gaara, hands in his pockets.

"What the hell is the Uchiha bastard doing here?" Naruto shouted angrily as he pointed to Sasuke.

"Naruto, don't call him that." Gaara growled and Naruto shrugged.

"Gomen Gaara, but really, what is HE dong here, with you?" Naruto asked glaring at Sasuke whom huffed and turned his head.

"He's walking me to class." Gaara stated in a matter-a-fact voice.

"Whaaaaaatttt?!" Naruto shouted and Gaara along with Sasuke knew for sure that the whole campus had heard his scream; perhaps people miles away had heard it.

"Shut up dobe." Sasuke hissed and Naruto glared at him.

"Sasuke, how about I walk you to class instead of the other way around?" Gaara asks and Sasuke nods after a second.

Naruto gaps. Gaara was ditching him for Sasuke? Sasuke teme? The Uchiha has definitely brainwashed his friend, or so he believed.

"Bye Naruto, see you later." Gaara says as he waved and smiled at Naruto whom stayed starring at his friends retreating back with wide eyes.

"Sorry Sasuke, for Narutos behavior." Gaara says with a small smile.

"It wasn't your fault he was born an Idiot." Sasuke said with a smirk as he walked. They reached his classroom and they said their good byes for the day.

Gaara walked towards his next class and saw his friends, Haku Hinata, Kabuto, Orochimaru, and Shino. They all greeted him with a smile.

"Hey Gaara, you have the pictures?" Kabuto asked and Gaara blinked, starring at them blankly.

"I can't believe I forgot I had them..." He mumbled and they laughed, making him turn a light shade of red.

"At least you have them." Haku smiled as Gaara sat down next to Hinata.

"Well, lets see them." Everyone placed a few pictures of themselves when they were younger on the table letting everyone take a look.

There were two pictures of each person on the table. Haku had placed one of when he was little making a snow angel, and the other of him smiling at his mother whom was sowing. Kabuto placed one of him when he was following his father like a little duckling as his father held bottles of strange chemicals, the other of him blinking shocked as his face was covered in black and gray dust, his hair sticking up in all directions, he held one empty bottle on one as it hovered over another one that was now empty and dusty. His cousin in the background laughing. Orochimaru had one of him when he was little playing with e harmless snake, or rather, snakes; and the other of him dressed as a snake for Halloween. Gaara had one when he was little playing in a sandbox with his little teddy bear sitting next to him. And another of when his cousin Sasori and friend Deidara were over. Gaara was sitting in the middle with a sweatdrop as Deidara grinned to his right making a piece sign and Sasori was glaring at Deidara for acting stupid. Hinata had one of when she was little in a play dressed as Alice, and another of when she was holding her baby sister Hanabi in her arms as the baby cried, her smiling happily. Shino brought in one with him when he was younger, amazingly he had the same shirt, only smaller, that he had now. Covering most of his face. Anyhow, he was sitting with his legs spread on the ground as butterflies flew around him, he was in a butterfly museum. He looked transfixed. The other was of him starring at a 6 foot dragonfly with 10 foot long wings some people had found and placed in a museum.

"Aww, look at you Oro." Kabuto said. "You look adorable." He finished making Orochimaru turn his head blushing.

"Kabuto, had a couple of bad run ins with experimenting?" Haku teased and Kabuto started laughing along with the others. His was definitely the funniest one there. Poor Kabuto.

"Hinata looks so cute dressed like that. And there she looks so happy." They pointed to the pictures of Hinata.

"And look at Gaara. How cute. Gaara, who are those people?" Hinata asked pointing to the other two. Gaara was about to respond when he was interrupted.

"Ew, what a large bug." A girl said looking into their little circle. They looked up to see none other than Ino Yamanaka.

"Ino, this has nothing to do with you." Kabuto frowned.

"Hmph." Ino walked off and sat down, giving them glares every now and then.

"What's her problem?" Gaara asked

" Ino has always been like that." Hinata admitted looking down.

"I see...interesting..." Gaara said, knowing that something was up. He knew what it was, he had been in a situation a bit like this a long time ago and had seen it many times, she had a crush on Shino. Gaara smirked, this was going to be interesting.

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