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"Please Casey! Come with me please!" Casey whimpered as she felt her resolve fade. Emily, Casey's friend, had been continuously begging her to come with her to this party that a girl at school was throwing.

"Em, you're the only one I know… I'll be so bored." Casey had just moved to London recently.

"Not true. You know Kendra, Sheldon, Trevor, Derek." Casey exploded with a loud HA.

"Derek Venturi? I talked to him once and it was when I fell down the stairs and he called me klutzilla, which resulted in the rest of the school calling me that oh so wonderful name."

"See! He already has a pet name for you!" Casey rolled her eyes. "Please, please, please, please, please, please…" Emily repeated.

"OKAY I'll go…. But I won't enjoy it!" Emily squealed and hugged her friend before running out of Casey's room to get her party makeover kit.

"What did I get myself into…"

"Hey! Emily you made it! And this is…." A blonde bubbly beautiful girl said. Amy was head cheerleader and in 3 of Casey's classes.

"Casey McDonald. We have bio, calculus, and chem. together." Amy shifted uncomfortably. Casey saw this and new that she had no idea who she was.

"Right… so uh Emily! You are all free to crash here… most people are encase you know… we have too much to drink." Amy laughed flipping her ponytail before walking off.

"We aren't staying…" Casey started.

"Well your sleeping over at my house and I plan to be drinking so I think you are." Emily winked before pulling me off in a random direction.

"Hey Sam!" Sam turned around quickly and his eyes fell on Casey.

"Hey Em, Casey right?" Casey flushed slightly before nodding.


"That was some fall you took last week; you okay?"

"Yea, nothing that some ice couldn't cure."

"Hey look who it is! Klutzilla! Now I know, that there's a lot of staircases around here but I'm sure that you can avoid them all." Derek smirked at Casey as he whipped his hair casually to the side.

"Well, look what the cat dragged in." Casey whispered bitterly as Emily elbowed her in the side.

"Fox Case, two of them actually." He said slyly as he pointed to Amy and redhead she was standing with. Casey and Derek had a staring match for a moment while Sam broke the silence.

"So ladies, how bout Derek and I get you something to drink what's your pleasure?" Sam asked casually avoiding the growing tension.

"Rum and coke, one shot. Thanks Sam. Case what about you?" Emily asked. Casey was frozen slightly. Casey didn't drink, or know how or what to drink.

"Surprise me." she said lamely trying to cover up her lameness with a smile. Sam nodded before nudging Derek to follow.

"So… Casey McDonald…" Sam muttered to Derek as he poured the shot of rum in a cup. "Okay D, what's up? She's a new girl and you haven't once hit on her." Derek shrugged Mixing together two beverages.

"I don't know. She's not my type."

"Uh D, hot is your type. And if you don't see it, you must be blind because she is…"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence." Derek said while he mixed 8 different liquids into his cup before following Sam over to the couch where the girls were.

Derek handed his cup to Casey before taking a seat on the chair in front of her.

"Sam, want to dance?"

"Sure, D, watch our drinks." Sam said getting up

"What is it?" she asked sniffing the liquid. Derek smirked taking a swig of his drink.

"Rum and cherry cola. It's called a Casey Special." Though Derek said he wasn't into Casey it was just like him to try to get the girl into him, whether he meant to or not.

Casey scoffed before looking at Derek's cup.

"And what is that?"

Derek smirked before holding it out to her.

"Sex on ice." Casey laughed lightly but eyed the cup.

"Go on, try it. its not going to kill you." Casey reached out and grabbed the glass bringing it to her lips. As soon as she went to swallow she started to cough. Derek chuckled but moved to the couch beside her patting her on the back as she tried to breath again.

"My God what is that?" she forced out pushing the cup back at Derek he took it and leaned back.

"Vodka, Light rum, Razzmatazz, Melon liqueur, Strawberry schnapps, Strawberries, Sugar, Cheri Beri Pucker, ice obviously." He paused for a second taking in Casey's expression. Her nose was wrinkled as she looked at her glass.

"I promise it's not as strong. I didn't take you for a drinker."

"Your right, the most I drank was a sip of champagne during holidays with family." She took a sip of her drink and could really taste the alcohol but the cherry cola made it bearable to drink.

"So what you're an aspiring bartender or something?"

"Well I need a job to put me through collage. What's better then spending all night around drunk hotties."

"That's disgusting." Casey scoffed but couldn't keep the smile off her face.

"Drunken hotties would disagree." As if on cue, Kendra, a drunken mess jumped on top of Derek nearly knocking Casey's glass from her hand as she straddled Derek's waist.

"Derbear! My Sexy Shmexy Spexy Derbear!" she giggled throwing her face down on his neck.

"Kendra! How's it going?" He said almost nervously as he tried to pull his neck from Kendra's lips.

"Derry I missssssed you sooooo much. How bout we have some-" Kendra paused as she turned her drunken eyes to Casey. "Klutzilla! How bout you be a nice little grade grubber and get out of here huh?" Derek's eyes flashed to Casey's face as he saw her face contort with a million different emotions.

"No problem." She said as she chugged back her large glass and threw it down on the table.

"Casey," Derek called as he watched her head up the stairs swaying a little on her way up.

"Now, where were we?" Kendra asked as she moved to put her hands under Derek's shirt. Derek pushed Kendra off and she fell to the couch in passed out mode as Derek rushed up the stairs.

Derek threw open a bunch of doors interrupting a bunch of make out sessions before knocking on the bathroom door.

"Occupied!" a strangled voice came from inside and Derek sighed.

"Case let me in."

"No." Derek rolled his eyes before grabbing hold of a girl who was walking passed.

"Hey, I need this, thanks." He smirked pulling a bobby pin free from the girl's hair. She smiled back at him with foggy eyes before a guy came along and dragged her down the hall. Straightening the bobby pin he inserted it in the doorknob to unlock it.

"Now, I don't take no for an answer too often." He stated flicking the bobby pin onto the counter. Casey was sitting on the bathtub's edge with toilet paper crumpled in her hands.

"You okay?" he asked surprising even himself. Derek didn't do tears, hell he didn't even talk about feelings… but for some reason he today he felt like he was going to have to and not complain about it.

"No I'm not okay. Derek I haven't been here for a month and you managed to turn me into some social pariah with that whole Klutzilla thing. You've pretty much ruined my life with your clever pet names for me!"

"Pet names huh? As in endearing qualities?" Derek tried to lighten the mood as Casey charged past him to get a can of shaving cream.

"Case, it was just a joke, Calm down."

"Calm down? Calm down? I hate it when people tell me to calm down! It makes me very tense.

"Fine, But I warn you, prepare to be shampooed."

"Please. Your aim may be good on ice, but your out of your element now." Derek squeezed down on the bottle propelling shampoo into Casey's face. She step towards him shooting shaving cream at him as she slipped and her arms instinctively reached out clutching onto Derek's shirt. She could hear a faint ripping noise as Derek fell with her to the ground. Derek rolled over squirting more shampoo at her. She squirmed out from under him and before he could react she flipped them so she was on top straddling his waist. She squirted all of her shaving cream on his face until the bottle was Empty. Derek had his face to the side trying to spit away the shaving cream as he squirted aimlessly at her. She in cased his wrists in her hands and put them to his sides so she could pin them with her knees.

"Okay! I give! You win!" he sputtered. Casey's face that was flushed with excitement slowly relaxed and she started laughing. Derek tried to look up at her but shaving crème was all over his. Casey started to whip the cream from his eyes as she laughed harder.

"Y-you l-look so f-f-funny!" she rolled off of him and collapsed on her stomach right beside him. Derek started to laugh too as he reached over and whipped some shampoo off of Casey's cheek.

"Your one to talk!" their laughter died down just as a knock was at the door.

"Occupied use the one down stairs!" Derek shouted.

"But D! I really got to go!"


"Okay, okay!" when the foot steps went away Casey continued into a fit of laughter.

"It's official, you've driven me crazy!"

"Well it wasn't a far drive." Casey laughed again and Derek rolled his eyes.

"I can't believe you laughed at that, I got it from my little brother. I must have driven you crazy sorry."

"It's okay, just no more Klutzilla, or grade grubber, or Polly preppy pant's, or Spacey."

"Spacey? Honestly that is awesome." Derek laughed as Casey glared at him.

"Okay how about, no name calling where people can overhear… cause honestly I don't think I could go on without my 'pet names'" Derek laughed. Casey lifted her head.

"And what makes you think your ever going to see me where people can't over hear." Derek smirked; but not the smirk he usually used on the girls at school, it was the smirk that he used on Sam and Emily. Not womanizer Derek, just Derek.

"Call it a hunch. How bout we start over. Hi, I'm Derek Venturi. Super awesome, sexy, hockey player who would love a new girl friend." Derek stuck his hand outwards. Casey raised her eyebrow and Derek rolled his eyes. "I mean I new friend that's a girl." Casey pursed her lips for a moment before taking his hand in hers.

"Casey McDonald. Double your super awesome, but slightly awkward, keener, dancer who would love a guy best friend."