"Case. Case. Casey!" Derek cried following after her as she walked downtown. She was surprisingly fast on her stilettos and Derek found himself jogging to try and catch up to her. He hurried his pace as he saw a group of guys mingling by the mouth of a nearby Alley way. He had a feeling Casey didn't see them since she seemed to be concentrating on her feet and that scared him

"Hey Baby; Where are you going so sexy and alone." One of the men said pushing himself off of the side wall. Casey stopped dead in her tracks. It was too dark to see the faces clearly.

"Do I know you?" she asked turning to she was facing the group. She didn't mean it in a rude 'why are you talking to me' way, she thought the voices sounded familiar.

"Why don't you come over here and find out?" one of the guy's stepped out of the alley and right up to Casey. He reached out quickly to grab her waist and she stumbled into him, squealing. Derek was sprinting now with his fist drawn back ready to slam forward. Instead, he found his fist opening and just pushing the guy back with all his strength while his arm wrapped around Casey pushing her behind him. This was new. Derek would usually go in fist's flailing without a thought, now he found himself thinking about every angle, weighing every option in order to make sure Casey was safe. He crouched slightly feet staggered ready to pounce. There were 3 guys in total, but Derek was sure he could distract them enough so Casey could run.

"Back off." Derek growled glowering at the guys. Casey's mind stopped thinking about the kiss long enough to hear how protective Derek's voice was. Suddenly, she felt more frightened. What if Derek tried to fight off these guy's three against one wasn't good odds. She feared for him and it made her tremble.

"What? Not sharing? Not even if we asked nicely?" the other two chuckled and Derek coiled to spring. Casey looked at the other men whose hands seemed to be reaching for their pockets and she let out a scream.

"No!" she cried finding her feet taking her to in between Derek and the danger. "Derek please just let's just go."

"Yea Derek, go!" one mocked. Casey pushed hard on his chest back out onto the sidewalk.

"You know you are familiar, See you around Case." One said his voice sending chills through Casey. Anger flared up in Derek.

"Dream on buddy. She's mine and if I ever catch your eyes on her if we happen to cross paths so help me God that will be the last time you set eyes on ANYTHING!" Derek snarled viciously his face twisting to a menacing scowl. The only reason he didn't rush over and attack them right then and there was Casey's arms wrapped around his waist holding him to her now. She didn't want him to fight, she couldn't stand the possibility of him getting hurt.

The other's chuckled while Derek turned pulling Casey down the sidewalk. She was silent as her heart slowed its pace. Her mind was swimming. Derek Venturi, her best friend and womanizer, had kissed her. And not just any type of kiss, it was one of those mind numbing, knees buckling, heart racing, disembodiment type kisses, and she liked it. That was wrong. She was with Sam, she had just cheated on Sam, and on top of that her guilt wasn't even on her mind anymore. The kiss wasn't even on her mind; it was the fact that Derek called her his, even in the heat of the moment, him taking possession over her made her heart pump and throat tighten.

"Derek?" she asked looking up at him he didn't answer, he didn't even look at her. Instead he kept his hand wrapped just above her elbow, and towed her to the car. He opened it and pushed her in pressing down the lock before walking over to his own seat. His insides were seething. He wanted to rip apart those guy's almost as much as he wanted to rip apart Sam, and he couldn't make himself calm down. "Derek!" Casey pleaded while he stuck the key in the ignition.

"What?" he screamed turning towards her. She forced herself not to shrink back at the harsh tone he used. Instead, she lifted her jaw and narrowed her eyes at him.

"Calm down, please."

"Oh sure, when you want my attention I have no choice but when I'm the one calling you, your free to be a drama queen." Casey ignored his words and just waited for him to rethink what he said. It took him less time than usual. He groaned and leaned forward letting his forehead rest on the steering wheel. He took slow shaky breaths until he could speak, even though his voice still shook.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't be angry with you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He repeated. He was more than just sorry for his anger now. When he was chasing after Casey, he was scared that he had lost her again. That she was going to be furious with him and cut her out of his life. His fears were confirmed when he said sorry a fourth time. If this was before, Casey would have reached out and comforted him, but she hadn't moved.

Casey was too scared to reach out and hold his hand, or pat his back. She didn't know if that would be cheating either, She didn't want to feel guilty or dirty anymore, but as she watched him, apologising, which he seldom did, it made her physically hurt. She had every right to feel guilty, she deserved it, but Derek didn't deserve this.

Casey leaned over and wrapped her arms around his waist, letting her head fall on his shoulder.

"It's okay," she tried to comfort him, "It's alright." Derek shook his head.

"You don't understand; I wanted to kill them."

"I know." She soothed. Derek sat up and her arms dropped from around him but she was still leaning towards him.

"No you don't. I could see me killing them; Case, they could have done anything to you. Can you even grasp how much…. If they had…." Casey reached for his head and pulled it to the crevis between her neck and shoulder. Her hands stroked his hair until he could get control of himself. She had never seen him like this and that frightened her. She didn't know how many different sides of Derek she could see all at once.

"If anything ever happened to you Case…" he said slowly making sure he said it right. "I wouldn't be able to control myself." He pulled away quickly after that sitting up as if moving fast would make it seem like he never had the emotional breakdown.

"Derek…" Casey said not knowing exactly where she was going with that. Her hands were still around him; One hand on her shoulder, the other around his neck. They were still so close. They felt the same pull as before in the concert and they moved in. this kiss wasn't like the last; this one was rough and passionate. Her arms contracted securing his face to hers while he pushed himself to lean over her seat one hand was on the middle console holding him up while his other looped around her middle arching her back while he pried his lips from hers to kiss down her jaw line and neck.

It felt like fire to Casey. She could feel her toes try to curl in her shoes and her breath grew stressed and small sounds escaped; she found herself wanting his lips against hers again. She could imagine his hand's roaming up the hem of her dress and letting his fingers trace the lace of her undergarments. She imagined his finger's as fire too until he placed his hand on her neck while he went back to her lips like she wanted, but his hand was like ice against her throat and it made her shiver. Shiver. That was familiar to her for a moment before it all rushed back to her, the shiver she always got when Sam kissed her. It was more like ice than fire with him.

"Mm Derek…" she murmured, and the sound of his name made him go wild. He kissed her with everything he had his mouth caressing hers perfectly while he tried to keep his body from wanting to be on hers. Casey started to shake her head.

"Mm Sam." She got out while she went to push on his chest. Derek froze with his lips against hers before pulling back.

"This is so wrong!" she growled. She wanted to throw herself in front of a car. She wasn't a cheater, she hated it, and yet here she is.

"Sam? Casey how is this wrong?" Derek tried to reason.

"It's not fair to Sam!"

"Screw Sam!" Derek urged putting his hands on Casey's shoulders.

"No, he's my boyfriend, I, I love him Derek, you said you would support me!" Casey was crying now, torn between a million emotions, all bad.

"What if I said I loved you huh?" Casey looked up at him, her tears halted.

"Well do you?" she said a little harsher than she intended. Derek froze not knowing why he said that of all things. Did he love her? He had no idea at the moment, he was feeling so many things, but all of them had to do with Casey, but he had never been in love, how was he supposed to know that? "That's what I thought." Her voice was bleak as she turned in her seat and put on her seatbelt. "Take me home Derek."


"Take. Me. Home. I will walk if I have to." Derek sighed turning the ignition. He had just screwed up again, but this time, he wasn't going to give up. He had to have had a fighting chance if he was able to distract her for this long. He wasn't sure if it was love, but he sure as hell wanted to find out.